2 Games,1 Developer Means 2-D Goodness: Being and Bluebones’ Curse
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No GravatarThere’s just nothing like the classic platformer. Immediately upon playing the two games I’m reviewing today I began feeling very nostalgic and wishing for the days when SNES was the hottest thing on the market and simple 2D video games gave the player a feeling that he held the powers of the universe in his hands.  I was talking with a good friend yesterday about the gamer’s focus on frame rate and polish, and thought also about the buzz of achievements and DLC. Granted, including these things in a review makes for an excellent read which will undoubtedly have you running out to plunk your money down on the next hot title. I do feel that they can sometimes take the long way around answering the simple question, “Was this game fun?” As a self-proclaimed noob gamer extraordinaire my goal today is to present to you two games and answer that simple question.

Being is a 2D platformer where a tiny little red guy referred to as Being meets up with his enemy and finds that Zargon has captured his friends and stolen magical star pieces in hopes using them to rule the galaxy. It is your job, as Being, to seek out these scattered star pieces and stop Zargon. This game has a very appealing look and concept that took me back to Super Mario and Link to the Past. It has moving platforms, obstacles and coin collecting. Jumping over enemies to avoid their deadly touch is your weapon of choice. The earliest levels are quite casual and become increasingly more difficult just as you would expect in this type game. The background music is very fitting and sets the mood perfectly for gameplay. I found this one to be a charming little game which satisfied my need for a great pick up and play to fill some free time.

The next game, Bluebones Curse features a pirate who was convinced to steal a ring and thus suffered the wrath of some angry witches. Left as nothing but a skeleton of his former self, it is up to Bluebones to seek out the lost gold of Davey Jones in order to be granted his heart’s desire. This 2D platformer offers a different spin on level design. The dark color scheme and messages scribbled on the walls by former adventurers signify the desperate situation poor Bluebones has found himself in. Filled with fire and spike traps, the levels are challenging and fun. Add Bluebones’ amusing comments along the way and you’ve got one sweet game.

If you’re looking for a walk down memory lane with an old friend, the platformer, you don’t need to look much further than Being and Bluebones Curse. Both are excellent examples of this genre and provide a lot of fun. These titles can be purchased in the Indie Games section of Xbox Live and hey, at 80 Microsoft points each you can buy them with about as much concern for your missing cash as dropping a quarter in a Pacman machine.

Follow the developer of both these great games at @Chounard on twitter.

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