2012:The Year of Big Movies: R.O.G X T.E.N Part 1
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We here at Real Otaku Gamer and The Epic Network love movies. And 2011 had a flood of good movies. This year had more movies than any other year, filled with sleeper hits films like Super 8, and blockbusters giants like Transformers and Captain America. It looks like we’re set to have one of the best years in film this coming 2012, no matter what genre of films you like, there is something for everyone.

The Dark Knight Rises
This is the final film by Christopher Nolan for the Batman Series and it looks to go out with a bang.

Disney’s John Carter
Based upon a Series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs Jon Conner is Disney’s new action movie


MIB-3 (Men In Black 3)
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back togetehr again in the sequel 10 years in the making.


Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengenace
Johnny Blaze is back to stop hell on earth from the most unlikely person of all, and maybe he’ll have to save himself in the process.


21 Jump Street
The Comedy that looks to shake things up from the original, kevin bacon is out and in comes Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube to pull of the biggest and most dangerous undercover high school drug bust in history.


Journey 2
The Rock has replaced Brendan Fraizer in the Sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth, this should interesting to see.


Red Tails
The story of The Tuskegee Air-men told thru the lens of George Lucas (the Create of Star Wars) starting Cuba Gooding Jr, Red-man, Neyo, Terrance Howard and more.


Underworld Awakening
Selene is back to save both Vampires and Lycans from destruction by the human hands.


GI-Joe Retaliation
Corba Commander wasn’t kidding around when he said he’ll be back, but that won’t stop the Joes, as the Rock, the RZA, and someone very special joins the cast.


The Hobbit
Remeber the Lord of The Rings Trilogy? Remeber the hero Frodo Baggins and his uncle Bilbo? Will Here you have it the prequel to the epic LOTR trilogy is comming Decemeber 14th 2012.


Wrath of the Titans
The Sqeuel to the ill-recieved 2010 Clash of the titans reboot is on the way in march, Perseus has to save Zesus from Hades Ares and the Titans.


The Expendables 2
Bruce is back and he wants Sly 2 pay what he owes, so now the crew is back to work, This sequel brings together some of the toughest badasses in action movie history. So much testosterone in one movie might make theaters explode.


A film that maybe will be slept on with Guy Pearce and a slew of new talent. Think of it as Prison Break meets R34, which meets die hard.


A while ago, studios bought the rights to classic board game properties like Battleship, Monopoly, and a few others back when the first Transformers movie was announced. Hasbro and Universal Studios bring us the 1st pick from that line-up. And oh yeah, Hi Rihanna


Catch Part Two of the movie goodness over at TheEpicnetwork.com

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