80s Classic Remake With a Twist: Tetris Blitz Review

  The type of game that keeps you entertained for hours. EA’s Tetris Blitz takes an already addictive game and adds a  fun new twist. I played for an hour without even realizing where the time had gone. Swipe controls make it faster and easier for mobile game players to enjoy this 80s classic.

A two minute time frame to snatch as many points as possible. Similar to Bejeweled, you gain points per line that you complete. Power-ups can be bought with coins you receive based on your overall score or they can be purchased. The more power ups you use the higher your score will be. Some cool power ups include a cascade of Tetris blocks, known as minos that drop to fill in gaps or one that swipes all minos to the one side of the screen.


By forming lines you fill up a frenzy bar at the bottom of your screen. Once you fill the bar you go into Frenzy mode which is like a bonus round where cascades of blocks form huge combos and lines are worth double the points. This is where you will get the most points for your overall score.

Like most iOS games it often feels like a money grab. You have to pay gold coins every 2 minute game, to buy power-ups and upgrades, to spin a wheel to win random prizes alongside with many ads and prompts to share with your friends on Facebook. With one single game mode that ends so fast, the price for coins even after even being given many during the game doesn’t quite seem fair and you do run out quickly.

If you can soldier through the obvious need to snatch at your wallet you will find that the game is very entertaining and includes great graphics along with new renditions of the original themes. Not  exactly the classic game itself, Tetris Blitz offers a fun, on-the-go, easy to play mini game for anyone who loves a good round of Tetris.

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