A Successful Leap Ahead – Galaxy of Pen and Paper 
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No GravatarKnights of Pen and Paper was one of the most ridiculous and awesome games I have ever played. It was a brilliant spin on RPG games and I honestly could not get enough of it. The game has now received a sci-fi themed successor called Galaxy of Pen and Paper and I can honestly say that it more than lives up to its predecessor.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper is, like Knights, a parody of RPGs and Tabletop RPGS in particular while still showing off why they are awesome. There is an increased character variety in this game and more options become available gradually. As well, the game has much more interaction when it comes to the story. These boil down to choices and while they don’t do much for the outcome ( besides jokes here and there), they do make a difference for your character. Choosing a character is much more detailed in this game and that is a great touch. The narrative in general just feels more developed and the world itself more vivid. And this is all done with minimalist graphics to boot!.

The combat in the game has more variety and there are a lot more options for what you can imagine doing. Even going to different areas feels more improved, and restoring health is handled much better. As for the story itself? Galaxy of Pen and Paper continues its predecessor’s charm and has the same witty dialogue and writing. The story is funny and yet isn’t meant to be anything spectacular, instead just paying tribute through parody to the gaming conventions that we love.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper  is an incredible game, with great music and a fun atmosphere. If you want a game that will just be a fun time and not give you issues, then this is the game for you. I must highly recommend it.







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