Alex + Ada Issues #1 & #2 Review
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Alex + Ada is a new series that has two issues out at the moment.  The third issue will be coming out this month on January 15, 2014.  Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn came together for this new series and Image Comics is the publisher.

Alex + Ada is the story of a lonely guy that seems to be stuck in this rut in life.  The guy is Alex.  His grandmother buys him an android, that he names Ada.  He seems to be intrigued by the prospect of spending time with Ada, but in these two issues, it hasn’t gone far beyond that.

My primary issue with this series is how similar its premise is to Chobits (an anime and manga series).  With these first two issues, I cannot help but think “been there, done that.”  I’ll hold out to see where this series goes since you shouldn’t judge a comic book series by one or two issues, but I’m cautious at the moment.

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