All-New X-Factor #2 Review
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X-Factor is one of my new must-read series out of the All-New Marvel NOW! reboots. I love how this ragtag team is shaping up, along with the introduction of some other shady mutants who are new to me. I’m impressed by how genuine Polaris, Quicksilver, and Gambit are. They know who they are and they aren’t ashamed to be themselves. Just like in the last issue where Gambit has to pickpocket people so he doesn’t get rusty. This is a welcome change from all the million concurrent Wolverine series where he’s always struggling with his current role as a teacher and his past as a killer. With X-Factor, they don’t stray far from who they are.

In the last issue, Gambit, Polaris, and Quicksilver had just invaded an A.I.M. laboratory to save mutants that were being experimented on. In this issue, we continue the fight against Dr. Hoffman. Gambit and Quicksilver fight their way through the lab, while Polaris saves the injured Fatale from torture. We find out that Fatale, along with Reaper and Abyss, had been transported to another dimension after Quicksilver had turned them into walking time bombs. This new dimension froze time and prevented the three of them from detonating.

Dr. Hoffman transported them out to his lab in order to siphon off their explosive energy. Fatale can’t imagine why he would want to do that, but on their way out she and Polaris run into the newly formed Dr. Hoffman. He’s used the power to turn himself into a giant full of energy. He questions the mutants on why they didn’t think of the transformations for themselves. Gambit and Quicksilver team up to take him down with just a simple playing card. In the end, Dr. Hoffman isn’t really good at maintaining all that energy, especially while unconscious. Even though Quicksilver saved their lives, Abyss, Reaver, and Fatale are sill not ready to forgive him for what happened in the past.

I enjoyed this issue just as much as the last one, so I give it an A. We got to see more action in this issue and everyone’s individual fighting style. I got a taste of how they will work together in future issues. I’m still waiting to see why Serval Industries hired them in the first place and why they think Mutants’ lives are worth protecting. I’m completely excited about the next issue, since the cover has Gambit covered in kittens.

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