Angel and Faith #23 (Steve Morris Cover) Review
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As you know, I’m a huge Angel fan. Angel & Faith #23 (Steve Morris cover) starts off in the midst of battle, with our heroes each taking on their roles as warriors and back-up squad. The addition of Nadira to the battle felt a little contrived, as we’ve seen her type of character multiple times in the Buffyverse; I just didn’t see a purpose to her being there.

The art was great as usual, and Rebekah Isaacs does a great job of capturing emotion and energy in each panel. I could have used a few more splashy fight moves, but that’s nitpicking. Overall, this is a great series and I’m loving it.



Preventing Pearl, Nash, and Whistler from releasing their magical virus proves difficult for Angel and Faith. The duo is outmatched! Enter Nadira—could this hate-filled Slayer lend a helpful hand, or will she use this opportunity to end Angel for good?


Christos Gage
Rebekah Isaacs
Dan Jackson
Cover Artist:
Steve Morris

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