Anime Alert! One Piece Heading To Toonami
By Garrett Green On 28 Mar, 2013 At 06:58 AM | Categorized As Animation, Previews, ROG News, Television | With 0 Comments

No GravatarAdult Swim just announced through their commercial bumps that the anime One Piece is will soon be airing on Toonami. The bump was pretty vague as to when it will air just offering “soon” as a time table. I for one am pretty happy One Piece will find its way back on American television, and presumably uncut. One Piece is constantly one of Japan’s top rated anime and manga. The first attempt to dub One Piece was done by 4Kids and many would agree that it was pretty awful. Since then, Funimation has re-dubbed it and has even gotten the creator’s approval on the main cast’s voice actors.

Funimation’s latest DVD release of the show is at episode 252 and Japan is currently on episode 588. rumor has it that when One Piece begins to air, it may not start from the very beginning. One Piece did get to episode 167 back when Funimation originally aired it edited when Toonami was still geared towards a younger audience. Chances are it could pick up from there airing uncut but as of now there is no official word. One Piece will air “soon” so catch it when it does. Only Toonami


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