Anime Swashbuckling on Switch: One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe!
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One Piece is a celebrated anime and my all time favorite, so naturally, I had to play this game for Switch. While it was previously available on 3DS, PlayStation 3 and XBox360, it is finally here for Switch. This game is an awesome game that gives you a solid story and sets you on an adventure with the Straw Hat Crew.

There is a new but old villain in town, named Patrick Redfield, a former great pirate who once stood on par with Roger and Whitebeard. This man is back and that means nothing good for our favorite rubber pirate and his crew. The heroes are due for a little downtime when they find Trans Town. Little do they know, they are in for quite an adventure.

With Luffy leading the charge they find this town needs help, and then it happens. The crew vanishes in a weird scene. Luffy and his game only friend Pato, head off on a journey. Heading to familiar places like Punk Hazard and some other classic venues they find the crew. The game continues to tell a story of the crew working to take down Redfield. Heading to other iconic lands and facing all sorts of baddies from the past. Using the crew you can fight them with whoever you want.

Watching Franky, Robin, and Chopper take on foes they never faced is a treat. This game has some welcome fanservice, which adds to the appeal. Will Luffy and his crew defeat the deadly pirate with his wicked ability or fall flat?

Alongside the normal story is a coliseum mode. As this game came out in the throes of the Dressrosa Arc, its time to enter the Doflamingo hosted Corrida Coliseum. Use whatever characters you’d like from the crew or even use other characters, like Jinbe, Ace, and even Admiral Fujitora. In a challenging round based tournament. Lose a match and drop down to the beginning. Once you lose you start over, and have to work back to the top.

The last great thing about this game is that you get all the DLC. So you can fit your characters in different costumes, that while they are just for show add some customization. It is just a cool little feature to make your playthrough fun.

One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe is a solid game. It’s Musou styled gameplay is quick and easy to pick up. You can grind, and gather items, which make the town grow. Learn secret words to gain new attacks. Relive some amazing fights and use whatever characters you might want. Head out on the Grand Line and help Luffy take down one of his greatest foes he’s ever faced. You can get One Piece Unlimited World Red on Switch right now!

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