Assassins Creed Brotherhood Multi-player Beta Impressions
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Assassins Creed is back and in a big way, Desmond/Ezio is getting the band back together, and by the band I mean the Assassins Guild. Abstergo is not happy, and they are running a simulation with there own agents to track down and kill the guild. Enter the multi-player beta. Abstergo trains you in a simulation and then lets you lose on your friends. The beta returns a lot of the controls of  the Assassins Creed II  single player. Although it takes out a lot of features from the final game’s single and multi-player, such as the fighting mechanics, kill tools and Leonardo’s gadgets and mods. You are given a target and have a limited time to kill him before some one else gets to him, and watch your own back because the game may pick you as the target.
There are a lot of the new traps and hiding places are great and add a new pace to the game that I look forward to in the full game. There are a wealth of characters to choose from and then as your level up, there are perks to add to your character such as a hologram disguises and add weapons in the full game. The Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer will be a winner if all the locked features are added, items and perks can be unlocked in the game for the multi-player and vice versa, there are more game types, and there is good DLC to continue to build on the experience Assassins Creed Brotherhood  seems to be a force to be reckoned near the holiday season.
Assassins Creed Brotherhood will be released on November 16 2010, on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC by Ubisoft.

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