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No GravatarFirstlook 2013 DestinyThe month October is very special for Dutch gamers because every year we get to visit the “Firstlook” convention. Firstlook 2013 focused on Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen systems and gave visitors a chance to experience a ton of new games. I was there to report the convention on behalf of Real Otaku Gamer so check out this Firstlook 2013 impression.

The Convention floor

Firstlook is meant for the consumer and this is getting clearer every year. There are many fun activities, awesome prizes, free goodies, cool games and ofcourse lovely ladies.

Dutch retailer Game Mania attended the convention with their usual yellow schoolbus, where visitors were able to play Tear Away on the PS Vita. Game Mania also handed out a load of goodiebags and this sent many visitors home with a huge smile on their faces. Another very popular stand was Activision’s Destiny statue, where fans could get their picture taken. It was pretty impressive, although the Titanfall mech at Gamescom was way more epic. Visitors could also collect a special set of Destiny promo cards that will grant access to a special item when Destiny launches next year.

League of Legends fans had the opportunity to meet cosplayers, watch a live tournament on a big screen and socialize with other LoL fans. There were a couple of merchandise booths on the convention floor too and they mainly sold tshirts, retro games and game merchandise. Prices were kind of high so I wouldn’t recommend spending your hard earned cash at Firstlook. Stick with the online webshops.

Microsoft’s Xbox One booth had such a long line that I just couldn’t get myself to stand in line for hours to play a couple of games that I’ve already played at Gamescom. The people that were patient enough got to play Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct. I did feel bad that I didn’t get to try out Killer Instinct, but I surely will in the near future!

FPS fans got to experience the digital warzone that is known as Battlefield 4 on dozens of computers that EA brought to Firstlook 2013. Many headsots and stray bullets later the deed was done and we had a lot of fun. Battlefield 4 is shaping up to be an awesome game and I’m looking forward to how the full version will play. EA also brought two lovely ladies that glady took pictures with geeks of all shapes, sizes, gender or appearance. Who wouldn’t like that?!

Lovely Ladies

In my humble opinion every game (or comicbook) convention needs lovely ladies and EA wasn’t the only publisher that rallied a couple of the most gorgeous Dutch models to represent their products and services. Logitech brought a huge disco-container where visitors could show off their dancing skills to a couple of enthousiastic booth babes. Ubisoft stole the show with six pretty ladies that gave multiple Just Dance demonstrations and also gave away awesome Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag prices, like a pocketwatch, posters, coinbags and more! It was a great weekend and I will certainly visit Firstlook again next year. If you ever visit the Netherlands in October, definitely go check it out!

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No GravatarTitans

Is the prototype RX-178 Mk-II worth your money?

Witness this shiney blue Gundam.

As a huge Gundam fan I’ve been building Gundam model kits for ages, it’s actually my favorite hobby. I discovered Bandai’s Real Grade line of modelkits during my stay in Tokyo, but didn’t really bother to pick one of the kits up. My mission was obtaining Master Grade and Perfect Grade modelkits that were absent in my collection. After two years I’ve decided to pick up a couple of RG’s and put them to the test. This is part 2 of my RG  line reviews and It’s focused on the RX-178 Mk-II Titans.

The RX-178 Gundam Mk-II is an upgrade of the famous RX-78-2 Gundam that served in the One Year War.

Building a Titan

As with the Zaku II, I had a great time building this model. The advanced ms frame looks even better and I really didn’t even want to add any external armor. The frame features all sorts of sliding and bending mechanisms that we all love so much and make the RG line a perfect choice for beginning modelers that need an affordable alternative to a Master Grade or Perfect Grade kit.

The next step is snapping on all the different armor parts that come with the RX-178. I chose to build my blue Titan as  Unit 3. What I really dislike about the RX-178’s armor  is the fact that it isn’t colored in so much different colors as the Zaku II is. Adding the markings and some black and/or gray panel lining while really bring out the details on this kit. Without the extra two steps  it looks a bit bland if you ask me.

The RX-178 Mk-II Titans version is armed with a Bazooka, Machine Gun retractable shield and two Beam Sabers. The shield is the most impressive. It just looks great in different poses and the gold foil stickers really bring out the details of the shield.


RG Gimmicks

I was really skeptic about this new grade of Bandai modelkits before building the RG Zaku II,

The RX-178 comes with a set of tubing to give your modelkit an authentic mechanized look. The RX-178 also has a cockpit hatch that can be openend and feautures a little pilot seat, a gimmick that is usually reserved for MG and PG kits. Unfortunately Real Grade kits do not include a seated pilot figere, even though it would be really easy to customize the standing pilot figure that comes with all RG kits. As with the Zaku II and RG kits in general, get ready for lots of decals. The RX-178 Gundam Mk-II Titans version comes with a whopping 148 decals to add loads of detail to your already wonderful modelkit.

Thanks to the advanced ms frame, articulation is magnificent on the Real Grade models. Want your RX-178 to hold his bazooka over his shoulder? No problem!  The RX-178’s shield is articulated and can slide in and out to give it much more motion and pose ability. The shield can be pegged into either arm so that really increases the playability.

The one thing I don’t like about this kit are his vernier thrusters. They feel loose and at least one always falls of after the lightest touch. For some reason every RG model has a problem with a specific part that doesn’t always want to stay on. For the rest this kit is actually really sturdy and well designed.



I am slowly but surely falling in love with this line. The details, decals and colors are amazing on the Real Grade kits and I can’t wait to build more. If you like Zaku II’s you could also try out Char’s red version of the Zaku II. It has a couple of subtle differences and costs the same. Even though the RG models are a bit small compared to MG’s, they look great when you display them on a nice looking action base. What are you waiting for!? Go order one now and see for yourself.

Part 2 of my RG Excitement Embodied line reviews will focus on the Federation’s RX-178-2 Titans version, stay tuned!

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No GravatarRG_ZAKU_II box

Is the Real Grade line really “Excitement Embodied”?

Let’s take a look at the granddad of all Mobile Suits.

As a huge Gundam fan I’ve been building Gundam model-kits for ages, it’s actually my favorite hobby. I discovered Bandai’s Real Grade line of model-kits during my stay in Tokyo, but didn’t really bother to pick one of the kits up. My mission was obtaining Master Grade and Perfect Grade model-kits that were absent in my collection. After two years I’ve decided to pick up a couple of RG’s and put them to the test. This is part 1 of my RG Excitement Embodied line review and It’s focused on Zeon’s Zaku II.

The Zaku II is basically the granddad of all mobile suits within the Gundam Universe. It’s reliable, pretty powerful when well equipped and it looks very bad ass if you ask me.

Building the Zaku II

I had a great time building this 1/144 scale model. As with all RG’s you begin with building the advanced ms frame. These frames are very detailed and are basically assembled on the plastic runner. The frame features all sorts of sliding and bending mechanisms that make the RG line a perfect choice for beginning modelers that need an affordable alternative to a Master Grade or Perfect Grade kit.

The next step is snapping on all the different armor parts that come with the Zaku II. I chose to build my Zaku II as a commander type, because I’ve always been a huge fan of the head-antenna on Zaku II’s. What I really love about the armor is the fact that it’s colored in so much different colors. (I lowered the saturation in some of the pictures I made, they don’t do the actual colors justice.) This really brings out subtle details. There must be at least three shades of green on the RG Zaku II kit and lots of panel lines.

Last but not least are the weapons. The Zaku II comes packed with a Bazooka, Machine Gun and Heat Axe, enough to destroy a platoon of unsuspecting Federation GM’s on patrol.


RG Gimmicks

The Real Grade line is based on the smaller 1/144 scale size model kits and I personally stay far away from these abomination’s. even though I must admit that many 1/144 kits from the Gundam Unicorn HG line are pretty impressive in size and details. I do prefer the rich details on a MG or PG. However…

The Zaku II has a cool movable head camera that can turn the direction your models head is facing and that’s pretty neat for such a small size kit. The Zaku II also has a hinged cockpit hatch and a little pilot seat, a feature that is usually reserved for MG and PG kits. Get ready for lots of decals, because Bandai seems to go all out lately. There are decals for the Zeon space fleet and Earth invasion fleet, different rank markings, some awesome foil stickers and all of the little caution decals that we all know and love. Some of the decals do peel off easily, usually around corners. You can trim the decals a bit to fit better. Luckily, in most cases it isn’t even necessary.

Thanks to the advanced ms frame, articulation is magnificent on the Real Grade models. Want your Zaku II to hold his bazooka over his shoulder? No problem! Even the Zaku II shield is articulated and can slide in and out to give it much more motion and pose ability. The one thing I don’t like about this kit are his feet. They do a bit of a bad job in letting your Zaku II stand up straight,they also feel a bit loose. I would recommend an action base and display the Zaku II in flying poses, you will be able to enjoy the model much more. For some reason every RG model has a problem with a specific part that doesn’t always want to stay on. On the Zaku II it’s the front skirt armor. Lift up one of the legs and you’ll launch the front skirt armor in the air. Something that can be pretty annoying, especially when you’re trying to set the Zaku II in a cool action pose.


I am slowly but surely falling in love with this line. The details, decals and colors are amazing on the Real Grade kits and I can’t wait to build more. If you like Zaku II’s you could also try out Char’s red version of the Zaku II. It has a couple of subtle differences and costs the same. Even though the RG models are a bit small compared to MG’s, they look great when you display them on a nice looking action base. What are you waiting for!? Go order one now and see for yourself.




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No GravatarI have been collecting certain Transformer toys for the last 25 years and I’ve always regretted not obtaining the G1 Soundwave toy from the 80’s. Luckily Takara decided that Soundwave needed a Masterpiece mold and MP-13 was born. After months of waiting my new and improved modern Soundwave was finally delivered at my doorstep. Is it really a Masterpiece or has Takara ruined my childhood memories forever? Let’s find out!

Soundwave’s Articulation

61SFKC+SxPL._AA1100_-noscaleFirst of all, Soundwave’s head is on a ball-joint and can turn 360 degrees, the head also moves up and down so this is great for posing. His shoulders can also turn a full 360 degrees with nothing getting in the way of the motion. Soundwave’s elbow has a double joint so you can finally pose him pressing his own eject button! (As a huge geek I can appreciate subtle little features like this enormously.) The hands on the MP13 are okay, even though I prefer fully articulated fingers. My Soundwave’s left hand index finger un-hinges sometimes, so I have to be very careful not to break it and that’s truly a pain. Soundwave’s torso rotates too, a whopping full 360 degrees.

Last but not least, the legs! What horror has Takara bestowed upon us? Soundwave’s legs bend forward and are able to turn 90 degrees at the hip. The thighs turn 360 degrees and connects to the knee with a heavy ratchet joint. Not being able to ben the legs backwards is terrible if you ask me. Luckily you can still get some cool poses out of Soundwave but don’t expect any Figma or Revoltech poseability! The feet can move up and down a bit and an ankle-joint let’s you slightly bend the feet in and out to stabilize the pose you’ve chosen to set Soundwave in. Overall the MP-13 has great poseability even if there are some minor flaws.


Soundwave’s transformation is very simple and really reminds me of his 80’s counterpart. The way parts r_Masterpiece-Soundwave-playerslide in and out make Soundwave a very clean Transformer. You will not find any unneccessary kibble on this Bot, it’s really perfect. His alt mode looks really good and will fit nicely among your army of Decepticons.

Paint Applications

The color scheme on Soundwave is gorgeous. His dark blue tone looks great and when you inspect it closer you will see shiney metallic blue flakes in his paintjob. Very nice Takara! His chest has a nice gold trim and there are numerous spots on the toy that use silver and gold to bring out the smaller details. Soundwave’s eject button and record/ play/ stop/ forward/ reverse buttons are all fully chromed and it looks very nice indeed!

Accessories and Gimmicks

311420 Transformers Masterpiece LaserbeakSoundwave comes with a plethora of accessories. You get a Megatron gun, a rocket launcher, a rifle, some sort of scanning device that can be stored on Soundwave’s back or attached to his wrist, an energon cube and last but not least cassette Laserbeak, Soundwave’s unfriendly little robot condor.

It is very cool that Soundwave’s rocket launcher can be flipped back and hidden in his backpack, this is also possible with his rifle and this weapon pegs into the other side of the backpack. Great storage solution and it looks really good too. Soundwave can hold up to three cassettes in his chest, so you could have Rumble, Laserbeak and Ravage in there at all times. Another very cool feature is cross-line compatibility. I accidentally found out Henkei/ Classics Ravage will fit in your MP-13 Soundwave, as well as all the G1 cassettes.


If you like Transformers toys and collect Masterpiece Transformers, go get MP13 Soundwave as soon as possible. It won’t be long for this toy to become a real expensive collector’s item and you will have to pay insane ebay or retail prices. It happened to MP-08 Grimlock and Takara MP-07 Thundercracker too. The toy is great even though the legs need a bit more poseability, the transformation is fun and not extremely hard or annoying at all, the paintjob is excellent and Soundwave comes with numerous cool accessories. The fact Henkei/ Classics Ravage and the G1 cassettes are compatible with this toy make it even better! Soundwave is a bit pricey ($189.95 at the majority of retailers), but clearly worth your cash. Go order one now before you regret it for the rest of your life!

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No GravatarI love Transformers and a couple of my favorite Autobot’s have always been the heroic duo Red Alert and Sideswipe. (Alert & Lambor in Japan.) The only one I have in my collection is actually the Henkei Sideswipe and a Kre-o Red Alert, pretty pathetic I know! Will these heroic Masterpiece Autobot’s blow me away or end up on the Junkion planet. Let’s find out! 

The articulation in these figures is great and I am very happy with the pose ability. The only downfall on this toy are basically it’s legs. They do not bend backwards at the hip/thigh joint. The legs do bend forward on a heavy ratchet joint that scares the heck out of me every time I bend it. It’s so unbelievably tight, it will surely brake if you apply to much pressure. Soundwave’s arms are great and finally let him press his own eject button to launch up to 3 little Decepticon cassette warriors.

If you like changing your Transformers poses on a frequent basis you will not be disappointed with this gorgeous Masterpiece Transformer.

HEAD: 360 degrees
SHOULDERS: 360 degrees, in and out
ARMS: double jointed elbow, 360 degrees movement in upper arm, 360 degrees movement in wrists
TORSO: 360 degrees movement
LEGS: ratchet joint in knee, ankle joint that moves in and out
FEET: ankle joint for in and out movement

Red Alert and Sideswipe’s transformations are identical and not hard at all. It’s lovely to see how Takara manages to turn a convincing model of the Lamborghini Countach into a Heroic Autobot with ease. The parts line up nicely and give the toy a very sleek look. It is very well engineered too and surely one of my favorite MP transformations to date.

Paint Application
Here comes the great Takara fail. Sideswipe’s paintjob is really terrible. On my toy the roof and right doorpanel are a whole different shade of red compared to the rest of the car. I find this really unexeptable for a toy in this price range. It also comes across as cheap or knockoff. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been fixed by know, because fans have been complaining for months. Takara’s solution: let’s just release a yellow version and hope no one will notice that the paintjob on Lambor sucks.

Red Alert’s paintjob is lightyears ahead of Sideswipe’s. The red and white colorscheme really pop out and stays true to his G1 granddad. With the use of some third party stickers you can even recreate the fire chief look from the original toy. But to be honest, this toy does not need any additional stickers, it looks great straight out of the box! It also pretty awesome that Red Alert has his red head design, never really liked the black version.

TAK11477-620xAccessoires and Gimmicks
Both Autobots are packed with a rocketlauncher and lasergun, but both also come with an additional unique accessoire. Red Alert has this clear blue electrical malfunction spark that can be connected to his head. Sideswipe has two pile drivers that can be attached to his wrists. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Red Alert and Sideswipe arent exactly the same mold. Red Alert has some more hood detail, a different head sculpt, a siren and different looking shoulders. Many fans don’t even realize this, but it’s true.

Out of the two heroic Autobots I like Red Alert the most. Both figures have the same poseability and transformation, but huge differences in their paint applications. Sideswipe’s paint application is a disaster! It’s actually so bad that I really don’t want to display it in it’s alt mode. That’s why Sideswipe’s probably staying in robot mode forever.

If you don’t have the cash for both and need to pick one? Go for Red Alert, this is surely the better figure out of the too. But if you’re a crazy collector and life long Transformers fan like me, go pick them up both! They will look great in your Masterpiece collection, you will not be disappointed.

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2012 is almost over and I must say that gamers around the world were treated with a plethora of amazing video games this year. My personal favorites include titles as Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, He-Man The Most Powerful Game in the Universe and last but certainly not least, Gearbox Software’s explosive and fun Borderlands 2. Last weekend at the VGA’s The Walking Dead surpriseingly walked out of the building with the prestigious Game of the Year edition. Something I still can’t really grasp. How can a game that wins “Best Shooter”, “Best Multiplayer Game”, “Best Human Male Performance – … as Handsome Jack and “Character of the Year – CL4P TP” not even be nominated for “Game of the Year”? Borderlands 2 is my 2012 GotY and let me explain to you why!

A tale of fun.
An aspect that I find important in most games is a well written story. Most shooter fans don’t even bother playing campaigns and jump right into the multiplayer. (Call of Duty anyone?) Borderlands 2 might not have the greatest story ever written for a videogame but it’s fun. Gearbox Software focuses on the originality of characters, clever and often hilarious dialogues and a large diverse environment where the story takes place. I’ve never found it a choir to replay the story twice with all five classes to obtain the best possible loot. The game just kept pulling me in and left me aching for more…videogames must be addictive.

Run, Kill and Loot stuff!
The gameplay in Borderlands 2 is simplistic, but again very fun! You have the main story missions and heaps of side missions guaranteeing hours upon hours of gaming pleasure. There are even rare random enemy spawns that yield some of the strongest gear in the game. This leads me to weapons and gear, there are lterally bazillions of different guns to find on the hostile planet of Pandora. Farming the weapons is very time consuming and often based on shear luck, but the rewards are truly magnificent. The loot game really starts at level 50 because that’s where all the good stuff is found. One of the best aspects of Borderlands 2 is the ability to play up to four player co-op online and offline. Running trough the game with a couple of friends is loads of fun and very well executed. To be honest, I haven’t had this much co-op fun since Gears of War 3. Therefor “Best Multiplayer Game” is a well deserved VGA award if you ask me.

Another great thing about the gameplay is the fact that Gearbox Software releases new content on a regular basis. some might argue that dlc is released way too fast, but for most hardcore gamers more content equals more replay value. First, most of us (the ones wise enough to place a preorder) were rewarded with a free fifth character class, Gaige the Mechromancer who was very well received by the community. Soon after that Gearbox treated us with the hilarious Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty downloadable content that offered even more loot, fun and new invincible raid bosses. What more could a Vault Hunter ask for? How about an explosive second campaign dlc named Mister Torque’s Campaign of Carnage? All I know is that Gearbox Software delivers! There are still two unreleased dlc’s and the current level cap has not been increased yet though. Gearbox also stated that another new class is also a possibility for an additional non-campaign related dlc. Who knows what the master minds at Gearbox have in store for us next. It will potentially only get better!

Nonconventional graphics.
In an era where next-gen graphics are becoming more important bythe minute Borderlands 2 isn’t anything special. But if you look at it from an “outside of the box” perspective you must realize that the Borderlands series would be just another fps if it didn’t have it’s original layered textures graphical style. (It isn’t cell shading remember, Gearbox Software PR doesn’t like it when the press calls it that.) In the end it will surely come down to personal taste, but I like my Borderlands games just as they are!

Great dialogues and charisma.
Like I mentioned earlier Borderlands 2 has some awesome characters. The main bad guy, or good guy if you would see things from his perspective is the masked Handsome Jack. Jack, a character most players will love to hate is only one of the many characters with great dialogues and charisma. Tiny Tina being one of my absolute favorites. A game without interesting characters and dialogues to relate to is boring. Gearbox really did an excellent job here and were ofcourse handsomely rewarded. (pun intended)

Gearbox Software cares.
Another thing I love about Borderlands 2 is the huge community. You can visit the official Gearbox Software forums to meet thousands of fans that share stories, tips, builds and more. Most players I’ve met were very friendly, helpful and social. Not like some of the elitest jerks that play games as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 to name but a few. Another cool thing about Gearbox Software is that they use social media to reward the community with in-game goodies known as Golden Keys. These keys open a special golden loot chest in the floating city of Santuary The chest rewards players with rare and often very powerful weapons. Gearbox cares about the fans and they show it plenty.

I have been playing Borderlands 2 since it’s European release on September 19th and have clocked hundreds of hours on al five classes that are all level 50 characters equipped with some of the most powerful endgame gear that is currently available. It’s still addictive, fun and I just can’t get enough of it. Let’s just hope that Borderlands 3 is twice as good as it’s predecessor and goes home with the Game of the Year title at the 2015 VGA’s.

So to conclude my rant, why is Borderlands 2 my Game of the Year? (short version)

– fun story
– awesome characters
– great dialogues
– great music
– great sound effects
– bazillions of guns
– non-conventional graphical style in a generic market
– great replay value
– great downloadable content
– great community
– great support
– excellent game, period!

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No GravatarLevel 5’s highly anticipated Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch DEMO is available and does a great job of hyping up the gorgeous game even more.

Namco Bandai were kind enough to supply fans with a cool behind the scenes video at Level 5’s Headquarters in Fukuoka, Japan. You will get to see Level 5’s motion capturing studio, meet some members of the development team and get a small tour of the building. You can check the video out here.

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No GravatarA couple of weeks ago I was totally blown away by the awesome hack & slash game on iPad, He-Man The most Powerful Game in the Universe. After beating Beastman, Merman, Hordak, Skeletor and more nasty fiends I’ve completed the game and unlocked everything there was. What was I to do next? Don’t worry He-Man fans!

The lads and ladies at Chillingo had an awesome surprise this week with a special update for He-Man’s manly videogame. Princess Adora has joined the ranks and is ready to kick villain butt as the voluptuous She-Ra. Princess Adora was abducted as a child and brainwashed to become one of Hordak’s many henchmen. Good thing she chose the light instead of the darkness.

You can watch the announcement trailer here.

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No GravatarKre-o has been around since 2011 and is really popular because of the cute little  Kreon’s that come with certain sets. They are based on Generation 1 designs and quite the collectors item. One of the better sets is the movie based Optimus Prime that can be built into a huge truck or awesome Autobot Warrior.

At first I wasn’t really convinced by the mediocre designs of our beloved Bots and Cons, I felt Habro really failed to capture that G1 goodness properly. Another disturbing fact is that Kre-o Transformers don’t Transform. But after picking up a couple of sets recently I have delved into my inner child and can conclude that Kreo Transformers has potential. All you need is a little creativity and lots of parts.

Behold a custom Optimus Prime I was able to build using some instructions I found floating around on the internet. The rest is either original or customised stuff. Enjoy the gallery and feel free to post links to your own creations in the comments below.

Gallery is empty!





Instructions on how to build your own G1 inspired Optimus Prime can be found here:





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Transformers have always been a part of my life. I grew up watching the 80’s Generation 1 cartoon, collecting many different Prime’s and other bots in the coarse of many years. Every year seemed to have new Transformers products, but never any succesfull Transformers videogame. Highmoon Studios surprised the world with their take on an untold Cybertronian story. Transformers War for Cybertron finally gave fans a chance to experience true Transformers gameplay in a setting none had used before.

Will Highmoon Studios sequel Transformers Fall of Cybertron prove to be more than meets the eye? Let’s find out!

The Exodus.

In Transformers Fall of Cybertron all is lost. The Autobots are mass-evacuating the planet because their world is dying. Most energon reserves are dried out and Megatron is destroying every vessel that is trying to leave Cybertron without his permission. Only one spaceship remains to carry Optimus and his remaining soldiers accross the stars. The Autobot’s last hope is finding enough energon to fuel the collossal ship known as the Ark and escape the clutches of the maniacal Decepticon leader Megatron.

Transform and roll out!

Transformers Fall of Cybertron isn’t your standard shooter. Using your character specific abilities and alternate modes is the key to succes and creates a highspeed adrenaline pumping rollercoaster ride. Players will experience the campaign story through the eyes of numerous Bots and Cons. You will have to infiltrate a Decepticon facility using Ciffjumper’s newest stealth upgrade, grapple around levels with Jazz, commanding the huge Metroplex as Optimus Prime and more awesome stuff. The campaign feels much more structered this time around and character’s really feel unique because of their special abilities.

During your adventure you will come across many hidden audiologs that contain additional information about the last days on Cybertron and even offer you some tips if you can read between the lines. Secret blueprints are also scattered around the campaign and unlock new weapons, assault and utility tech. I recommend obtaining them all to give your weapons and tech an enormous boost in ammo, recoil and special abilities. It will also come in very handy when you tackle the Hard difficulty of Fall of Cybertron. The energon shards you collect throughout the game are used as currency and needed to buy upgrades, tech and perks. Most perks you unlock are permanent and can be used by all characters in the campaign. Just walk up to a Teletraan 1 terminal to log in and check out what you can buy or upgrade. The coolest part of the campaign are the many subtle references to the G1 cartoon and animated movie. Keep a look out because there are many easter eggs hidden in the campaign.

More than meets the eye.

Some people complained that War for Cybertron did not really offer any diversity from a graphical point of view. Highmoon Studios made sure that Fall of Cybertron did not suffer the same criticism. Fall of Cybertron looks gorgeous! The surroundings are grand and diverse, even though Cybertron consists mainly out of metal. The huge setpieces are a sight to behold and the Cybertronian forms of many of your favorite Bots and Cons are detailed and stylish. Stomping around as a space T-rex never looked this good!

You’ve got the touch!

The music in Transformers Fall of Cybertron is loud and pretty epic! Picture yourself ramming Decepticreeps in truck form while being rushed by a movie quality soundtrack. It surely adds to the adrenaline pumping rollercoaster ride that is Fall of Cybertron.

Peter Cullen is back to voice Optimus and let’s be honest, the man will never be replaceable. He’s an icon that made Transformers what it is today. Overall the voice acting is excellent. I loved the way Jazz and Cliffjumper sounded, it was like watching an episode from the G1 cartoon. Their banter give the characters some real chemistry and even more important: personality. I do have one complaint. Bumblebee doesn’t have a voice. I always hated that in the movies and it saddens me that Hasbro forced Highmoon Studios to incorporate this in their game.

The soundeffects in Fall of Cybertron are also loud and abundant. You will recognize the original transforming sound and stuff blows up convincingly. The scraping of metal, firing large overpowered weapons and huge explosions are all there.

Let’s roll out! Or is there more stuff to do?

Finishing the campaign on the Normal difficulty setting will take about 12 hours. But what is left to do after you’ve escaped Cybertron? I mentioned before that you can find a bunch of secret audiologs and special blueprints for weapons. It will take a while, but the rewards will be essential for completing the campaign on Hard. During the campaign I also found many hidden easter eggs that will definetly give most Transformers fans some serious botgasms! Play a mini-game in Megafun’s arcade, relive your short reign as Decepticon Emperor, watch tv in Grimlock’s chamber and many more. Highmoon Studios did a real good job.

Even though there is no co-op campaign mode in Fall of Cybertron, players can still enjoy co-op with the Escalation mode. You will have to face 15 waves of merciless adversaries to complete Escalation.

The multiplayer is bigger, better and faster. The different modes are Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Capture the Flag and Headhunter. With Headhunter being the coolest addition in my opinion. The objective is to collect as many heads of fallen enemies and turn these in for points. Prepare yourself for some chaotic robot warfare that never stops being fun. As you can see, players will have enough to do this time around.

The new customization options for the multiplayer are really impressive and Highmoon Studios made sure you can really build your own unique Cybertronian warrior. There are a total of four classes available: Infiltrator, Destroyer, Titan and Scientist. All parts in the customization mode are interchangeable and let me tell you there are a lot of parts! Fancy an Optimus Prime with a Soundwave head? It’s all possible in Fall of Cybertron. The day one DLC adds Wheeljack, Zeta Prime, Perceptor, Blast-off and Ultra Magnus to an already impressive lineup and lets players use their parts to create an even cooler bot. The next DLC will add Dinobots Grimlock, Swoop, Slug and Snarl to the multiplayer and will surely cause a Dinobot overkill next week. I can’t wait to fly around the map as Swoop, one of my favorite Dinobots. The third DLC will grant players an awesome G1 Optimus Prime skin that can be used in the campaign and multiplayer modes of the game. You also get a G2 Bruticus skin, the Insecticons and some more good stuff.

Even though I am not a fan of paid DLC I will surely end up picking up all the DLC. Curse Primus for my fanboyism!

Till all are one!

What can I say? Fall of Cybertron has improved since it’s predecessor in every way. The campaign is awesome and coated in epicness and really lets players experience the hardships the Autobots had to endure before blasting off into the sea of stars. The character specific missions work really good and give characters a genuine personality. Cliffjumper the Infiltrator, Optimus the Commander, Starscream the Traitor, etc. Get ready for a thrilling story about the last days on Cybertron.

The Autobots and Decepticons look detailed and are very recognizble, Cybertron is a metal work of art and transformations are fluid and fast. I can’t wait what Highmoon Studios will come up with next.

Peter Cullen’s voice is one of the things that will give you multiple botgasms and is essential to relate to the original character. The other voice acting is also done very well and I loved listening to the numerous dialogues between Cliffjumper and Jazz. Explosions are loud and scraping metal is heard everywhere. The sounds in Fall of Cybertron are as solid as a rock.

Fall of Cybertron has lots of replay value. There are audiologs to collect for the people that do not want to miss a single piece of Transformers lore, Blueprints to add new weapons and upgrades, co-op Escalation and a rich multiplayer experience. The game will keep a Transformers fan hooked for months and I can’t believe non-Transformers fans will be able to resist this wonderful game either.

I really recommend picking up Transformers Fall of Cybertron. Let’s be serious, who doesn’t want to command a colossal city size Transformer or bloodthirsty space T-rex? I know I sure do! Till all are one!

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