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No GravatarAfter a wonderful sitar performance, we are greeted with a familiar sight. A certain explorer, a friend of Nathan Drake. Chloe’s first game as the main character Uncharted the Lost Legacy. This game is certainly going to follow the great game play of the Uncharted series while sitting Drake out.

Next, Guerilla brings us footage of its new DLC for Horizon: Frozen Wilds. Looks like Alloy is looking for more answers in the artic Banuk lands. What new foes will she face, what new gear and weapons will she gain, what will she ultimately learn?

Sam Witwer’s biker is out to find a friend in the latest trailer for, We see the games zombies, and how he fights. We even see a Zombie Bear about to attack. Days Gone certainly looks like a game to watch.

With dinosaurs and hunting, what else could it be but Monster Hunter World? A true Monster Hunter game on PS4, and it looks absolutely amazing. The detail is stunning. Just a true masterpiece playing before your eyes.

Blue Point Studio is up with a remaster of a classic PlayStation Game with Shadow of the Colossus, a game that was truly beyond it’s time when it released. It looks even better than before and will certainly be good to play for new and old fans.

Ultron introduces the next game, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite. With so many characters from both sides, it is quite fun as usual. Though some of the characters might look a little odd, it will sate any fighting game fan’s need to brawl.

It’s back to World War II in the first time, in Call of Duty, for quite a long time. The game is clearly something that shows how far the genre has come since the first game. No longer in the future but in the past where things meant so much more, and everything was far more real. Call of Duty WWII is certain to be something special for fan’s of the series.

It’s now time to delve into the World of PSVR. Skyrim VR is bringing the classic game to the headset and of course it looks amazing.

A futuristic game appears next called Starchild.

A 50’s style VR Game appears next, and looks frightening in the inpatient. With older music and wicked doctors, this game is sure to bring the frights right to you.

Monster of the Deep brings on more bro time with Noctis and his friends. Fishing in Final Fantasy XV certainly was a big thing and now a full VR fishing experience will certainly be even cooler.

It’s time for more war in the next PSVR game. Bravo Team will be sure to scratch the shooter VR itch.

Polyarc has created a stunning game, filled with beautiul scenery and a strange animal world. The hero is a mouse, out on a quest. The player is magical orb, that helps the hero out. Of course being a a mouse in Moss, you will face some reptilian foes.

With more PS4 goodness on the way, Kratos makes an appearance. His son is troubled just like he is. Off on a nordic adventure this father son pair will face all manner of creature. Kratos teaches his son as they go and clearly is just as vicious as he has ever been. With surprising characters and help from the World Serpent, God of War looks like it will deliver.

Detroit is next and the heroes are off to free the cyber people. In a crazy world these cyber humans are going to free themselves and stand up to the humans. It’s time for the Android uprising, and it will be up to you to make a success.

Choosing how you play is part of he game. Your actions will change and affect the world. Will you do this by force or through pacifism.

Destiny 2 is next with a fantastic trailer. Plus, Playstation exclusive gear, weapons, and other goodies, are sure to make the PS4 the best place to play Destiny 2.

Last but certainly not least is a defining game for the greatest Wall Crawler Spiderman. Truly become the hero as you travel through New York City and take out all sorts of bad guys. Though the game play only shows off the Demons and the wicked Kingpin.

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A game was released for the Nintendo Switch which hopes to take you on an adventure. This is one game you may have overlooked but it is certainly charming for an indie game. In this game which has the vibe of an old school collect em all, you play as a young explorer out to see the world. Seeing that you can play as either a boy or a girl is a plus as it still seems many games aren’t doing this.

This game has you collecting explorer medals which really is a lot like finding something like stars in Mario games. You choose the level and jump in, and there are obviously other medals to collect but you should probably just stick to your objective the game gives you. This game is clearly lovingly designed and the characters do look rather nice. As you traverse this wide world in your ship that looks like a whale, you fly around to different locales. There quite a few of them, from a desert, to a seaside area, and much more. Your character collects medals and defeats enemies, and you do never know what you might come across.

This game is also cool because unlike a lot of games on the Switch, it also has its own achievement system. I know personally getting achievements of any kind make me feel good. This game does that and that in and of itself is a plus. While this game may not be the best, it certainly may be something some people would enjoy. I could certainly see younger kids enjoying this, or someone who just wants to play a game as a female character for once.

Poi Explorer’s Edition is out now on the Nintendo  Switch. So, if it looks good, download it go on a solid indie platforming adventure!


Disclaimer: A review code was provided

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Super Mario Odyssey is clearly the culmination of all that Mario is and ever has been. A series where you control a pudgy gent, just trying to rescue his lady from a monster. This game is also about traveling a world and seeing all that it has to offer. Combining these two ideas makes for quite an interesting experience. In a crazy way, this game has become just a source of unbridled fun, something that games don’t always bring to the table. With Odyssey, you have so much game to play, but it just is truly a fun time all the way through.

In Super Mario Odyssey, you are paired up with a magical cap named Cappy. Cappy is by far the best sidekick Mario has had in a while. He is ready to help out at any turn, and knows what style is. That’s not to say the Lumas of Galaxy or Fludd from Sunshine were bad but Cappy is just too cool. The fact that he can inhabit any hat in the world is truly something interesting.

The worlds in this game are also just too great and need to be seen to be believed. They are numerous, and each hide their own secrets and challenges. You may not find them all on your first go through, and that is okay. This game is certainly one to be picked up time and time again, as you work your way through the moons. I will say that some of the moons are quite easy to find. But, I’m sure that is partly because Nintendo knew people would want to speedrun this game.

The music in this game is also so good, and you really get a feeling for every world just from the music. Like all Mario games the music is great. With the inclusion of lyrics into a few songs, it really brings the game up to 11. Jump Up Superstar is an instant classic that will probably be in my head forever. That is a great thing, as only great music really sticks with you for all time. I just find it really cool that Mario games have progressed so much that a voiced song really fits in the world. Pauline is literally singing a song in a game where very few characters actually speak. Mario has alway said little, and Peach may say a sentence but here is a fully sung song. It just goes to show where thoughts and ideas can change over time.

I also found it interesting how many costumes there were in the game. Here you have Mario on a world journey, wearing quite a hodgepodge of costumes. The coolest aspect about this though is that the costumes weren’t just random. They were all worn by our mustachioed hero in the past. True homages to the classic antics this hero has enjoyed. Plus, there is a certain nostalgic world, that will make many people smile, especially when they see what costume it brings.

Snapshot mode is also just a treat and can be used all the time. You can really just go crazy with this mode and that is great. With the continued push of games to doing more, photo modes are becoming even more prevalent. It is crazy what Nintendo put into this mode. Mario is by far one of the most emotional characters, and you can really see it. Taking pictures is fun, because you can even make the pictures your phone background or wallpaper which cool. It’s just another fun touch.

Lastly, this game really is great because I can see it as a game perfect for new gamers. If you want a kid to love Nintendo, plop them in front of this game. It’s amazing to me that there will be new gamers whose first game is this. While I’m glad my first game was Super Mario and the 6 Golden Coins, I may just be a little jealous of kids whose first game is Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey is an amazing game and one that I will certainly always think of. I am curious how Nintendo will top such an undertaking but with what this game is I’m sure it’ll happen some day. Super Mario Odyssey for me will always be up there for being one of the most fun games I have ever played. Something that while it keeps me playing to collect, really keeps me there because of how fun it is. Here’s hoping many more people buy this game and have some solid fun. If you haven’t gotten the game yet, you seriously are missing out. This game really is just the embodiment of all Mario is and a truely fun experience. So, if you haven’t gotten it yet, Jump up Superstar, and do the Odyssey, The Super Mario Odyssey, that is!

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It’s crazy to think that a Pokemon game has arrived less then year after is predecessor. With such little time, you might even think the game wouldn’t change so much. You’d think that but you’d be wrong. Pokemon Ultra Sun is a return to the glorious Alola region, and one that I have been hyped for as soon as I beat Pokemon Sun. I knew there had to be more that this region had to offer and of course Ultra Sun proved that to me.

In Pokemon Ultra Sun, you start a new journey in Alola, though there are quite a few differences. While much of the game is the same there some things that change that really do make this game better. The characters are certainly more fleshed out and that is always good. Your protagonist might still have lifeless eyes, but the story is definitely more touching. There is just something about this rejuvanated region that just feels right.

Being the last main series game on the 3DS Family of Systems, Gamefreak has really stepped up its game. While Pokemon Switch is next, this game certainly wasn’t a weak game. The challenges in the game are truly present, and I found myself losing at places I didn’t lose before. New Pokemon add to you team creation, and that is a good thing. Now, they aren’t new Pokemon really but they are new to the region, and therefore new. These Pokemon will make creating a team that much more different as new type pairings are now available. You can find a Zorua early on which adds a handy dark type, even a Noibat which adds an early dragon. These types add to the customization of your team and what more could you ask for.

The story itself is different too, especially with the introudction of the Ultra  Recon Squad. These kookie weirdos comes from another dimmension and have a mission of their own. Now, I don’t want to spoil anything but they have certain pokemon that are quite cool. Especially with a new legendary form for a solid Alolan Legendary. These characters appear in scenes and really do shake things up.

Hau, your rival is also significantly stronger. Where before you just saw him as someone who is just out for fun, in this there is a clear shift.As the story progresses he gets bolder, still wants to have fun, but knows you are what will make battles better. The ending is also different and you other characters like  Guzma, Gladion, and Lusamine in different lights.

There is also the new addition of the Battle Agency. Three trainers come together to win battle after battle. Don sunglasses and get into the arena with rented Pokemon. With over 1000 Pokemon to choose from, you never know what will come next. Plus you get to fight trainers from past games as you still can do in the classic Battle Tree. This mode is just a lot of fun, and meeting more players gives you a larger roster to choose from, which is cool. When starting a challenge you neve know what you can expect as everyone will get 3 different Pokemon to choose from.

There are a few new Pokemon who you can also capture. They are all legendaries, so honestly I knew they wouldn’t be on my team. But it is still nice to see new Pokemon. I’m sure they will appear in a movie as they really do have a lot of emotion. That is a good thing. It is always interesting seeing what Pokemon they come up with even if there are only a few.

Now, you can also ride through Ultra Space on either Solgaleo or Lunala. These two Pokemon fly through these amazing portals and along the way you can catch any legendary from past games, even shiny Pokemon may appear. Mantine Surfing is another fun addition and you can even earn a special Pikachu, which in and of itself is a nostalgic nod. The greatest addition to the game has to be Team Rainbow Rocket. Out of nowhere Giovanni returns with all of the past team leaders. I won’t spoil anything, but this story is great and the battle music tittilated me beyond words.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are the last games to grace the 3DS. While yes, it is sad, it is also amazing to see how far these games have come. To see these games looking so good, you can only imagine what the next games could look like. Playing this game will certainly hold me over as there really is just so much to do. With all of the activities, this game is looking to be the best game yet. With the future now looking ever brighter, if Pokemon Switch is better I may be a little surprised. Here’s hoping we get a robust new region, with more nostalgia, as we head into a new generation happy to have played through Alola but ready for more Pokemon than ever before!

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In Letter Quest Remastered which is out now for Nintendo Switch, its time to actually use your words. This game may seem rudimentary but it is full of charm and fun. You simply need to create words with letters given, and that will give you attacks. These attacks are important because without them, you will never make it out alive. This game has you complete words to make it out of different areas and to defeat monster after monster.

The words can often be weak simply because of the letters given to you. Usually you are one letter away from a truly great word and that can be troubling. But, use all you can and you should make it out alive.This game has plenty of achievements to unlock, some which may take you some time simply because the letters are always random. The challenges of course can often be very easy, but of course do get harder and that is something that makes achieving them feel all the more special. You aren’t sure what the next challenge will be until its there and that is certainly part of the fun.

There is alot of game to play, with harder monsters appearing as you continue. Though you can replay levels to gain money which you can use to buy upgrades. To me, this game would be perfect for a kid learning, because it tends to be just the right amount of game and work. There is also an endless mode for those interested. This is of course a simple endless fight, where you must see how far you get. Spell as many words as you can without dying to see how far you really can go.

All in all this game is certainly worth its price and it just might teach you a thing or two. Very often we don’t exercise these powers in our daily lives after school, and sometimes you just want to work on your vocabulary. Plus, if you do have young kids, you can play and they can learn words and definitions! This game may not be the greatest but it does something that not many do. It really makes words a force to be reckoned with and in my book that makes this game worth while. Plus, it really is well designed and there are some decent characters. If you like playing as the grim reaper and are fond of words, Letter Quest Remastered, may just be for you!


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Tallowmere is a dungeon crawler, that let’s face it, is deadly. It sets you up with heading through a dungeon that is randomly generated, giving you know way to prepare for it. There are traps and monsters and everything just wants you dead. There is a lot of room for replayability though, as this game is just something that makes you want to come back for more.In a day and age where roguelike games make me want to scream, there is something about Tallowmere that sits well with me. While yes, I am terrible at it, it is just so nicely done in its pixelated style that I can’t help but marvel at it. Its simple yet, the characters and enemies are designed well, and that means it is just nice to look at.

As you play the game you collect coins which you can use to buy new things. You will need to buy all you can to survive in this dungeon. This dungeon will test your mettle everytime you play it, as when you die of course you start over. But, there is one nice thing the game gives you. At the start of the dungeon, you will meet Lady Tallowmere, a gracious healer, who  will heal your wounds. There are countless teleporters that will carry you to the entrance and back again. This makes the dungeon crawling much easier knowing if you are close to death, you can be saved.

Tallowmere is a game that really makes you work, and sometimes you really do want that. While it isn’t a game for everyone, anyone, who likes roguelike games will probably enjoy it. I think that it is interesting to see a game that wants you to last as long as you can also gives you reason to continue playing.There are shops to buy spells and items to last longer in the dungeon. You can even find  a certain item for more power. The trippiest thing however, is that you can sacrifice kittens for more health. The caveat is that with each kitten you sacrfice you change leader boards. In a game where time is key, changing leaderboards changes how you play. It makes you rethink if you actually want to sacrifce a kitten. Stay on the same board or move to the next. You will have different times for each board or you should and that is a cool thing.

Tallowmere is a great game and as a cheap one, it certainly is worth looking into. While, no, not everyone will like it, those that will, should give it a go. Tallowmere is out now on the Nintendo Switch, and as deadly as it is, you may just keep playing it.


Disclaimer: A review key was provided

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Battle Chef Brigade is an amazing game that is being pushed by Adult Swim Games. This amazing game is simply one of those games that comes along and just mixes genres so well, while also looking so good. Seeing this game for the first time, I couldn’t help but adore this amazing game. It just has this amazing look to it that really, makes me smile. In Battle Chef Brigade, you play as either Mina Han, a human, or Thrash an orc like fellow. Both characters have their own motivations, and are both very deep in their own regard. Both also want to join the Battle Chef Brigade and join up with a tournament along with the other competitors.

The Battle Chef Brigade is a group that helps to heal the world by taking down monsters, and cooking. There are tournaments every few years that ensure the Brigade will continue to have members. It is really interesting seeing these characters appear in the story as they really are all so unique. Every character has their own motivations for joining and you can really see that they all really do want this just as much as the next. The characters are also super different, and I really enjoy seeing them come into the game. These characters are truly their own, and that is something special. From the stoic and intelligent Kirin, to the David Bowie-esque Ziggy, these characters all steal the show with their own ways of doing things.

The game itself is just such a blast, and for me that is interesting as I’m not always such a fan of match 3 style games. Though, this game really turns it up a notch by making it about cooking. For me, cooking is something that is quite fun, so  I really enjoy cooking by matching. This puzzle system isn’t the only thing that makes this game unique though.  Of course to cook, you will certainly need ingredients to make and what is the way to get them, fighting monsters.

Fighting monsters in this game is done in a beautifully done way as you run and jump your way to get ingredients. There are different monsters to take down, from little birds called Cheepchi, all the way up to huge dragons. This makes for ingredient hunting to be different depending on what you need to gather. All of these ingredients also will help you cook, by giving you new pieces to match and that is a good thing.

The true marriage of puzzle and monster hunting comes together in cooking battles. In these battles which the character must win seven of to win a seat in the Brigade things heat up. There are different types of cooking that need to be done, and different elements of wind, water, and fire need to be present in differing degrees to win. In these contests you will face all sorts of opponents, and some will not shy away from sabotage. Everyone wants to win, and some really don’t care how they do so. As you cook, and match, you will be forced to kill monstes to increase your chance of winning. You will have to gather certain ingredients that each dish must have. The judges will judge your dish for completion of their wishes and it gets nervewracking as they deliberate. But, serve them what they want, and they will be happy, that is all a chef really needs, right?

Battle Chef Brigade has a robust set of other trials to enjoy, in jobs within the game. Some will have you solving puzzles which really do get increasingly harder. There are also quests for ingredients which can be tedious. Endless puzzles are also par for the course, and you will find yourself freaking out as four customers come in at once. This game in its crazy way of using puzzles, makes you feel like you really are working in a restaurant and that is a special thing.

After completing the story or for more difference, you are welcome to try the other modes. Within this game there are two other modes, one simply being an endless kitchen puzzler. In this you must match the dishes to the patrons through having the right layout. This gets stressful as of course in this you can have up to four puzzles going at once. With both easy and hard modes, this will certainly test your mettle. There are also challenges that will test your platforming and monster hunting. Both of these game modes don’t affect the story so using them may teach you a thing or two to win the true game.

There also surprisngly daily challenges which you need to connect to the internet to attempt. In this mode you choose either Thrash the Orc, or Mina the human, and are thrust into battles where everything you have been taught comes to play. You play against others on a leaderboard, and hope to get the best food rating. This is crazy as the scores are actually quite high in this mode, and I honestly haven’t attained something over 350 yet so to see 600+ is unnerving. But, this is simply just another way to lengthen the game and I think its amazing. You will always have a new challenge and that is always a good thing.

Battle Chef Brigade is truly a special game. One that you will certainly enjoy if you like hand drawn anime styled games. There truly is something about this game that makes it truly shimmer and shine like a jewel. If this game looks at all interesting, I highly suggest buying it. Play it, enjoy it, make dishes and watch a magic story unfold. The artwork is amazing and the characters are all their own. Buy it today and start cooking, you know you’d want to be in this Brigade!



Disclaimer: A review key was provided

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No GravatarOctodad is a weird and hilarious game about a proverbial Wolf in Sheep’s clothing but in whole different way. In this zany game, the player controls an Octopus, who is dressed in a suit, and is somehow married to an average human woman.

This woman for some reason has no idea that this cephalpod is not a human. That is where the game really lives. You play as this strange character and are forced to go through life, trying to make sure no one notices that you are not a human.

How, no one can tell a yellow octopus isn’t a human is beyond me, but it is a funny premise. This game is truly a marriage of a bizzare type of stealth plus living in a normal world.

While, this game has in fact been on other systems, there is something about the Switch that just works. Playing on the Switch, you have to controllers and thus really feel like you are controlling the character.

It is certainly far more intuitive then say using a keyboard or like a Playstation controller. If you are feeling up to a little couch co-op you can even play with a friend. This adds another layer as you can really see how hard it is to not have all the control of the character. This was actually, probably the most fun I’ve had with the game. I played a few levels with my sister and not playing much with her anymore, it was a challenge, but also was just the epitome of fun. 

The game itself is rather challenging as you need to work to avoid a certain chef who is out to eat you. He is the only one who seems to know right off the bat that you are an octopus and thus is your biggest demon.

The game slowly continues to bring you into more dangerous circumstances. The more people see you, wander about with less skill, the more they will begin to wonder. This will of course lead the chef to find you quicker. Though really, it does push you into dangerous territory a little quicker than I thought was reasonable.

Every moment, you can mess things up. Picking up items is hard because you don’t have hands. You aren’t able to just pick things up, you need to be able to do things right. When moving you walk by slowly lifting and dropping your legs. This is also awkward and can add difficulty to the game.

Octodad, is a game all about humor, and you can always find something to laugh about while playing it. You might learn how to beat the levels quicker, but there is certainly something in this game that just makes it too fun to put down. Try playing it with someone who hasn’t played it and let them figure it out. This is one of those games, that might make some people throw a controller, and others make others wonder at video games. It is a game that laughs at its own premise, and with that notion makes you laugh too. Just imagine seeing an Octopus in a suit trying to pick up a christmas tree! This game lends itself to the players imagination even when not playing, and that is magical.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is out now on Steam and Switch along with other systems. Come try out this weird and wacky game, if being an octopus in a suit doesn’t persuade you, than I don’t know what will.

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Nintendo has released their financial information again detailing how they see the company working for the past six months. Nintendo is always very good about releasing this and letting anyone who wishes to see it, the ability to. Within this document, you find out all of the positives and negatives of sales.

Nintendo has had an amazing year and it is clear they know this. This document shows off the selling power of Nintendo’s amazing systems and games, with honestly more good news than bad.

The mobile market is doing quite well for them, as freemium games are really working. They have chosen great titles and with the coming introduction of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, there will even be more room for growth.

The 3DS market has continued to grow and will do so as long as the system is alive. With an already robust line up of games, the continued increasing selection will keep it going. There will be many more games released for the system for the next two years and that is clearly a good thing.

Nintendo is also aware of the consumers need to buy the NES and SNES classic systems and is restarting production in 2018! This should allow other people who didn’t get the system to be able to purchase it.

The Switch is selling amazingly and now that the first Holiday season is upon them, Nintendo is ramping up production. The system has sold a lot but this Holiday will see the chance for the most sales.

There will be Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in December which is guaranteed to sell systems. Plus Breath of the Wild is getting its final DLC pack as well the amiibo of the four champions. With Super Mario Odyssey in play, Nintendo hopes to sell even more systems.

The last big thing is that now over 300 companies are making games for the Nintendo Switch and that is amazing. Just earlier this year the number was around 70.

It is clear that Nintendo is happy with how things are playing out and will continue to work to make next year even better!

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Grimoire Manastorm which is in Early Access on Steam is a solid First Person Shooter. This game isn’t like its gun-wielding brothers though, as you are armed with magic in this game. In this well-made game, you traverse different areas working to complete objectives. You may have to face zombies or other foes for a certain amount of time. There are different types of magic folk, who will give you different types of magic, and thus it is important to figure out which is best for you.

There are quite a few different types of magic to unload on your foes. Each mage has a different set of magical skills to deal damage and help you win. There is neutral magic, water magic, nature magic, fire magic, electric magic, and earth magic. Of course, each of these different types plays differently. But there was certainly a good amount of work put into making sure they each play differently. While yes, you are often just shooting magic balls, there are effects and other things that can happen. As a player, it is your duty to find which one you like most and play as that type. It really all comes down to preference honestly, as at the end of the day if you don’t like a certain element you probably won’t work to enhance them.

Manastorm offers plenty of single-player challenge which will hone your skills for online battle. It is always good to figure out the commands which can always be brought up with the press of the H key. This will allow you to really get good at Grimoire. Once you are trained up, you may want to venture out into the online multiplayer. Which as of right now may not be the most robust. As the game is still being worked on, it won’t have as many players who are actively playing. But, you are sure to face a few online foes.

Grimoire Manastorm is a good game for those who like FPS style games. It is refreshing running around in an old English styled area throwing Fire Balls or bolts of lightning at all manner of beings. Plus, it is fun dueling when you do come across real people.

Grimoire Manastorm is a solid game that will certainly continue to get better. When the game is finished completely and it is fully online, there will certainly be more reason to play it. From what I have played there is definitely a good game in the making and one that if you can, you should definitely play. Grimoire Manastorm while not totally done, is out on Steam. Pick your element, and go in battle, you’ve got magic on your side, what is the worst that could happen?