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No GravatarIn a game series that was once held to be a great one, Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga has now been re-released for the 3DS. The Mario and Luigi series is still an amazing series even though after the trilogy and Dream Team, the game has lessened in quality. Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga’s remake is certainly a beautiful one. There is so much effort put into making this game better than it ever was before. It is remarkable what a new team can do, with new tools to make a game better.

This remake is something that shows all games can be made great again if elbow grease is put into making it fresh. While it still holds all of the greatness from its Gameboy Advance version it is so polished now. The characters seem all the more vivid, and the story all the better. The combat flows like it always did, and you want to continue playing.

Superstar Saga introduces us to a whole new area to explore in the Bean Bean Kingdom. With a wicked foe stealing Peach’s voice, of course, the Mario Bros are off to save the day. It is interesting seeing them play as an RPG, especially when you remember back to the first time this game was released. It was such a revolutionary game to play back then, and it still is so charming.

It is still fun unleashing Bros Attacks, and now with some quality of life touches, it will make it easier for new players to enjoy. You can try out the moves before unleashing them, and that is also helpful. This game just wants you to enjoy it, and allowing you to save anywhere is also a help. 

This game is just as great as it was all those years ago, and if you haven’t played I highly suggest you do. With zany characters, and a new playstyle for Mario and Luigi, it is certainly one new fans of the series will also enjoy. The battles are fun, and you feel good, playing the game, and destroying enemies with your button presses.

There is also a brand new mode which I think is a lot of fun. It’s Bowser’s Minions Mode. This new mode has you controlling a goomba who may not have all his ducks in a row. But, this lucky goomba is going to lead an army to find his hero and leader Bowser. It’s funny seeing a Goomba as the main character as obviously Goomba’s are never seen as the hero. 

This game is a different style than the main game, as it has its own playstyle. In this game, you adjust your army of Bowser’s Minions and send them out. The team with at least one minion alive at the end wins. There are different enemy types that will change the game based on how they attack. There is a triangle, so ranged beats aerial, and aerial beats the ones on the ground, etc. It is really a fun little game, that runs alongside the main game and that is a cool thing. Will this little Goomba save the day, its all up to you in Bowser’s Minions!

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga+ Bowser’s Minions is a game that anyone who is a Mario fan should find enjoyment in playing. This game was really recreated with such love, and detail that it really makes for a great experience.  I’m sure the plan is to recreate the other two following games Partners in Time and Bowser’s Inside Story and have the trilogy up to the snuff of the later games.

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions is out now on the 3DS Family of Systems. Head out there and rescue Peach, and if you want to Bowser, as you enjoy a classic Mario game alongside something brand new!

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Geneshift, which is out now for Steam is an insane shooter, that take place inside an office building. You run and gun in a rather strategic place in an Isometric 2D environment and are forced to really think about what you are going to do. The enemies will learn you are there and will shoot at you with infinite bullets. This game isn’t a simple one, as the enemies really do just start shooting, and with tight hallways to maneuver, one wrong move and you will be sent back to the last checkpoint.

Another interesting thing about the game and in my opinion far harder than the shooting aspect is driving. The game literally begins with a driving portion and it is not fun. Trying to get through a small hall with a truck is no easy feat.  Not to mention the fact that as soon as you get to the bottom, the other guard in the building is instantly shot. You have to also jump over this gap, and figuring out how to accelerate over it with a keyboard was certainly a new experience for me.

Geneshift is a quick and troublesome shooter, that really does make you think. You need to conserve ammo as not all of the enemies drop it, and if they do it is only 10 pieces. This game will test your mettle again and again, and make you angry in parts I’m sure. It really is a fun game however, even though it is often a game that lead me to want to quit. Geneshift is also one of those interesting games that you can play online with other people. There is a whole mode dedicated to playing online. Once you beat the solo story you can head online to face foes and team up with them too. Online is totally brutal and really not worth playing unless you are sure that you can handle it.

With many different game modes playing multiplayer should add even more replayability to this game. It really is interesting seeing what games actually use multiplayer and this one certainly deserves it. Try to last against people who are better at the game than you and see how long it takes you to ragequit!

Geneshift is available now on Steam. If you have the will, you will certainly be able to find out what is going on in this building. All you gotta do, is move slowly and conserve ammo and you will do alright.

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The Nintendo Switch continues to become better and better with every update, and this one was no exception. The Nintendo Switch got a few upgrades and helped itself in a few good ways with this update.

The biggest change has to revolve around the fact that you can now record 30 seconds of video. The cool thing is all it takes is to push down the camera button and voila, the last 30 seconds of gameplay are saved. You can then actually edit them, and post them right to twitter or facebook. It’s a great feature if you ever find yourself doing something amazing in game. Though right now the only games to support it are Breath of the Wild, Splatoon, Arms, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It is said that more games will have the feature so I’m guessing both Fire Emblem Warriors and Super Mario Odyssey will have it too.

There are also amazing new profile images in the form of Super Mario Odyssey characters, and Breath of the Wild characters. Two games with such great personality that its no wonder they will have more images. The Mario Odyssey images will certainly show off your interest in the game which releases in about a week. The Breath of the Wild images finally include the Champions who will no doubt show off your love of particular hero or heroine and that is a good thing.

You can now seamlessly transfer profiles between Switch’s which some people may need to do. With a few quick button presses you can send your profile to another switch and have all your progress sent over too!

The last part is that you can pre purchase games, which is another decent thing to have. This will of course, like the 3DS allow you to mostly download the game, and then on launch day, after a quick download, the game will be ready to enjoy, which is great.

Along with a few other adjustments this update really is showing that Nintendo is continuously working to make the Switch even better. Are you excited to have video recording even if it’s just 30 seconds? What new icon are you choosing for your profile? Sound off in the comments and enjoy this new update for the Nintendo Switch!



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No GravatarSplasher a colorful indie game out now for Steam is a quickly paced side-scroller, that will test your mettle at every turn. Using different types of ink and water, you will traverse trap filled areas to get to the end and rescue workers. This game is not for light-hearted as it is a no-nonsense platformer that will continuously work to undermine your success. Splasher is a fast game and one that will always keep you on your toes.

In Splasher it is your duty to get out of this scientific hell house, as you dodge all sorts of traps. The area is filled with machines that will make your progress difficult by forcing you to time your jumps right. If you get hit, you get sent back to checkpoints at least. In this game, there is only one way to get through it and that is without a scratch. It is intensely rigorous and will have you really planning every action.

The different things to help you really do assist in your playthrough. Bounce Ink, of course, makes you bounce which can be helpful but obviously could lead to trouble. Stick Ink allows you to run up walls but will go away if water is sprayed on it, which happens a lot. Water can move all sorts of things and that helps you move forward. While the world of the game might be trying to kill you, it is also aiding you of course.

Splasher is certainly a well-designed game, in that you can see how much work went into it. The art style is fun and cheery and you wouldn’t assume it would be hard, but it is. Though I’m also not a platformer master, I felt that it was a little too fast in the beginning. It has decent music and you want the character to succeed.

There are also other reasons to play this game and that is the integration of speed running and time trials. This game is a fast game and if you are a speed runner you will most likely love this game. Time Trials make sense in a game as fast as this, and they make you really feel the need to learn the areas to really maximize your times. One wrong move and you’ll have to start over. Speed running is also obviously a thing as this game really is just that fast. You’ll probably clear this game in a few hours, and feel like you want to play it again, and see how fast you can clear it.

Splasher is certainly a game worth playing or at least trying out. It is currently available on Steam and if you enjoy platformers it may just be right up your alley. So head out into the laboratory, and dodge, jump, and run your way to victory in Splasher!

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Arcade Beat Em Ups are things you rarely get to play in this day and age. What was once the norm is now lost to the sands of time, except in places that still have arcades. In an attempt at reviving this game style, Wako Studios has done it with Samurai Riot. Playing this game, I felt like I was standing at an arcade cabinet playing through a brutal game, where quarters would start vanishing the longer I played. A tried and true Side-Scroller that will send you back to a time, where you didn’t always have your own systems to play, a simpler yet more troublesome time.

This game might take on the guise of an arcade cabinet but it is actually far deeper. You have two characters Sukune and Tsurumaru who both play quite differently. Sukune has a magic kitsune and fights barehanded, so clearly, she isn’t always so strong against all the armed opponents. Tsurumaru has a katana and grenades, which makes him the stronger choice. You also get to select different styles which affect your strength, lives, and other aspects. Play the game enough, and you can unlock and level up the styles.

There are eight different levels with actual story intertwining them all together. You even get to make choices which change how things play out. The coolest thing about this game though is that there is in fact co-op. While it is only local, it still allows for a fun experience. You can both play as a character and work together to complete the game. It adds another layer and makes it feel even more like you are in an arcade playing together.

It would be interesting to see online multiplayer implemented in the future. But local co-op really is just the best. As you progress you can even disagree with the choices made and fight it out. This game is a fluid story that can certainly change depending on your choices, and with 8 different endings, there is so much fun to be had. This game certainly isn’t a one and done game, as if you grew up on this style of game, you will be yearning for more.

Samurai Riot is certainly a nostalgia-driven game, but it has amazing artwork and a compelling story. The characters each play differently and you need to work fast to take down waves of opponents. This game is brutal and unforgiving in the best types of ways, and if you enjoyed arcade games in your youth, it is one to try out at least. Plus, you can play for hours and only buy it once, no quarters required!

Samurai Riot is available on Steam right now. Put away your quarters, and travel back in time, save Japan, and have fun like you used to when you were a kid!

A code was provided by the publisher.


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No GravatarNever would I have thought that I would enjoy a golf game, but here I am invested in a golf game. Golf Story is a wonderful game, from what I have played so far. The game has a great story and much exploring to do. Following a young boy who just wants to golf, you will meet a cast of characters, some you’ll hate and some you might adore.

The main character is a lovely chap, who just wants to be a pro golfer. He puts it off for years but eventually gets out there. He might have it rough, even though at a young age he was a pro, or he could have been. Playing with his father, he helps you learn how to play the game and at the same time warms your heart.

The game is simple yet you will certainly make mistakes. It might seem easy and depending on where the ball is, just like in real life, it can be. But watch out, there will be traps and other things to mess you up. One wrong swing can have you lose a 9 hole game and make you play it all over again!

There is a pretty nice map to walk around on, that shows off the different areas you can visit. Each of these areas, of course, houses quests, story, and challenges. You will always have to be on your watch and make sure you equip the right gear. That’s right this game has the equipment and using the right or wrong equipment can change the course of your game.

Challenges are given by people and passing them is tantamount. Fail a challenge and see the words Too Bad appear on your screen. Of course, this makes you want to complete the challenge all the more. This game gives you money and experience which of course level up your game. Get money and you can buy new equipment as well pay certain characters.

The experience system opens up a whole nother layer of gameplay in that it affects how your character plays. Leveling up certain attributes will, in fact, lower other ones. There is a distinct give and take, and while it might seem simplest to just level them up evenly, it may work against you, in the longer term. This game is certainly one where you need to invest your points wisely not unlike other RPG’s. 

The game itself is also so lovingly created. It is truly a game made with love, and you can see that so clearly. The first game from a company with this much heart shows how much they want to succeed. It is just so beautiful to see a world crafted with such creativity in the style that this game is crafted in.

Golf Story is certainly a game that you should play, a solid Golf based RPG, something, unlike anything I’ve seen before. The writing is witty, and the characters are great. You’ll want to play it and see what happens next as it really is just that type of game. Golf Story is available now on the Nintendo Switch and I wholeheartedly think it is worth anyone’s time. This is one of those weird games that while it may not seem appealing it will change your mind. So tee up for some fun in Golf Story!

Purchased for the purpose of review

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Thimbleweed Park is truly a game unlike any I’ve ever played before. A true mystery game that takes on the majesty that is point and clicks adventure, but allows you to bring it on the go with you. This game has amazing voice acting all the way through, and really goes the extra mile to tell you a magnificent story.

Thimbleweed Park is set in the 80’s mostly but there are some bits of time travel. I won’t spoil the game for you, but it does get quite crazy. You control a few different characters first be two agents Ray and Reyes. They are looking for a murderer and it is up to the three of you to solve it. Along the way, you will learn about the other weirdos in this town and even control a few of them. There are some super annoying characters that actually are the same person because it isn’t so easy making so many characters. But, in hindsight, it was actually quite humorous.

The story is rife with exploration and so many different things to pick up. You cannot be sure what you might or might not need. So if you can pick it up, do so. This game will give you so many items that you will have quite a stuffed inventory but it’s interesting seeing how the characters react to certain items.

This game offers up a decent mystery and you may find yourself stuck. Don’t worry though, there is an automated tip line in-game. Just find a phone and call the given number and bam, you can get help on just about anything in the game. There are moments where it won’t work, and that just means you are already doing the right things.

Thimbleweed Park is clearly a game that the creators put a lot of time and effort into. It is one of those labor of love games, that you play and you smile. As a Kickstarter game, it also is just so cool to see that so many people wanted this game to exist. With the creators of the game being backed by so many no wonder they truly put their heart and souls into this game.

If you need a great mystery to solve then this is certainly a game for you. When I played this game I was in the throes of practicing for a production of Sherlock Holmes the Hound of the Baskerville, and this game just fit right into my mental state. This game is truly something worth playing. The voice acting is top notch, the game is well done and reminiscent of classic games, and it will have you yearning to find out how this all ends. So, head down Thimbleweed Park and help the “federinos”, they need your help, there’s a murderer on the loose!

A Code was given by developers.

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Pokemon Silver brought me to my favorite region, and let return to Kanto as well. In an era now long since passed it is good to find myself playing this amazing game. This is actually the first time I’ve played it, in English, as the first time I played through it, it was a Japanese import. I had received it as a gift and the gifter had decided it would be cool to get an imported copy of both gold and silver. I needed a guide to play through the game, as obviously at the age of 8 I had no idea how to read Japanese.

Through playing that game though I developed a love of this region. Crystal followed after I had logged so many hours in my Japanese imports. I discovered my favorite Pokemon in Johto, and that Pokemon is Feraligatr. I also discovered a few other mainstays to a Johto team of mine, and that is always a good thing.

Coming back to Johto brings me back to a time now lost. A time where you couldn’t just wirelessly trade for Pokemon. You needed to have your friend nearby, literally next to you. My friends were around a lot as  8-year old which certainly is a good thing. Pokemon Silver was one of those amazing games that you wanted to play knowing friends were playing it as well. I logged hours upon hours in these old games even after my younger sister deleted my save files.

Johto will always be a stand out region to me because it brought us back to Kanto, the only time a game has done that. Two regions in one game, now that was revolutionary. I remember seeing Kanto for the first time in the game. Having just beat all the gyms it was time to head to the Elite Four. Surfing along I hop off Feraligatr and bam a man comes up to me, tells me I’m in Kanto. My young mind was blown, I was ecstatic.

Johto also has the distinction of having the first dark type Pokemon which in of itself is so cool. Pokemon that could stand up to the power of the wicked psychic types. Those psychic types really were so strong, it is actually a little shocking. I’ll always hope for a dark type gym, but of course in Japan, they are considered just a little too evil.

Pokemon Silver is just such a great game, with amazing music, great new Pokemon, and so many things to do and explore. Having 16 gym badges is also such a blast as you literally have double the fun. Battling Kanto Gym Leaders is also fun, along with facing Red and Blue again. I was a little disappointed that you couldn’t face your old team like in Twitch Plays Pokemon. That really would have been a great touch.

While it might have been weird playing a Japanese import I will always look back on that time with happiness. Playing Pokemon Silver will always have an effect on me, and I hope one day we get a next-gen remake of this game. I will always be down to jump back into this game, and relive the story, and remember what it was like, being 8. Playing a brand new Pokemon game before other kids, not understanding the game and using a guide, but loving it all the same.

Pokemon Silver will always be one of those comfort games, and I’m glad for it. I shocked myself this time playing the game through in only 15 hours, and to me that is extraordinary. So, thank you to my team of Feraligatr, Girafarig, Ampharos, Togetic, Donphan, and the Shiny Gyarados, you were all amazing. Pokemon Silver is available now on the Eshop, and if you’ve never experienced it I wholeheartedly think you should!

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Piczle Lines DX is a new game for Nintendo Switch and a pretty interesting puzzle game. This game relies on the player to make lines and create pictures. With a story that is rather simple, it might seem like a simple game. But the puzzles do in fact get harder as you go along. One wrong move and you have to start the puzzle all over again.

Solving puzzles takes only a drag of a line, through the right number of spaces. But don’t move too quickly, as you may just make a mistake and then you will have to start it all over. The puzzles do actually get bigger fairly early on, and then you have to deal with filling an even bigger space.

This game is certainly playable by just about anyone because it is rather easy to play. It lends itself to being a game you can pick up and play at any time, you might be in the mood for a puzzle. The game itself is cute and well designed for what it is.

This game won’t be for everyone, but for those who like puzzle games and cute main characters, this may be the game for you.

Piczle Lines DX is available for Nintendo Switch!

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A Hat in Time is an amazing and cute game that fans have been waiting a long time for. I am certainly part of that club, and boy howdy did I like this game. A Hat in Time is an ode to classic Gamecube Era games and is a fun collect em all staring a fantastic little girl. Hat Kid is an embodiment in my opinion anyway, of the pure happiness that comes from these types of games. A go-getter type, Hat Kid does what she needs to complete missions and show the world she can do anything.

The game begins on her ship as she heads home. Soon her ships energy source, or hourglasses, are loosed upon an unsuspecting world. Hat Kid is forced to travel down and find them, taking on weirdos, and traveling to new lands. Each land is its own place and the characters are all wacky and zanier than in the last one.

You fight insane bosses who will take all of your cunnings to defeat. Help out weird locals with strange needs like filming a movie or fulfilling a soul-stealing contract. These quests are the only way to get hourglasses so do them all!

The worlds themselves have great music and are filled to the brim with strange things to discover. You never know what you’ll find and that is part of the fun. You’ll traverse each place and will feel full of joy as you uncover things and complete weird tasks. Nothing is too hard for our amazing hero.

You’ll meet so many weird characters, but the most interesting character is Mustache girl. A strange girl who is the same age as Hat Kid but sports a blonde mustache. Certainly a weird choice but one that seems to work. Is this girlfriend or foe, you’ll learn soon enough.

A Hat in Time is one of those amazing games that fans helped create through Kickstarter. I really do love that fans are now helping to make games in that way, as we really do choose what games to be made. This game certainly is filled with love, and if you are a fan of Gamecube era games, is one you should pick up. While not available on Nintendo Switch, this game is available on Steam, PS4, and XBox One. So go on a quest for hourglasses and help Hat Kid out, she might not need your help, but she will be glad for the company!

*Code was given graciously by the developers of the game*