B3 Game Expo For Bees Review (WiiU)
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Okay, this is one of the more…unique games on the Wii U eshop. It is supposed to be a Metroid Prime inspired game set in a beehive and right before the bee’s version of E3. With a setup like that, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The game is a first person adventure game that clearly does take influence from Metroid Prime, with exploration and combat being a clear sign. But being inspired by a great game does not mean your game will be great. This is unique but not standout if that makes sense. The gameplay mechanics are all solid and there is a definite charm to the game itself, but there is also a sense of lacking in this. It is inspired by Metroid but doesn’t copy it well, and the combat and exploration are ultimately very shallow experiences.

The game has some good humor as you explore and interact with other bees. There are even jokes poking fun at the industry, which is good for a Meta game such as this. The downside to that is the numerous typos that detract from the experience. This humor though does not distract from the fact that the game is very bare. There are only a few enemies and not many bosses. The game feels like an extended demo of a game rather than a full game itself, and that really hurts it in my eyes.

Bottom line is that this game feels painfully average and I honestly cant recommend it. It is cheap and good for a laugh or two but the humor gets old fast and the experience loses itself quickly. I would suggest passing on this as it is just too unique in a bad way for its own good. The developers had some good ideas but they did not blend well. The end result: A game that is both average and too unique and bad on both counts.

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