Back To The Hunt! Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review
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MH3U_NA_BoxartHello everyone and welcome to another GovPancakes game review. Today I will be reviewing one of my personal favorites, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate or MH3U for short.

The world of Monster Hunter is full of excitement and danger. The whole series puts you, a regular human against all kinds of monsters that are similar to prehistoric dinosaurs. The main concept of the game is to defeat a monster and you carve parts from it and make new weapons and armor, even items as well.eurogamer-9rwcac

The story for this version starts as you, the new hunter in town, arrives to Moga Village. A village that’s pretty small and on the coast of this island. This place has plenty of resources for you to use on your journey. Item Shop, you can meet up with the traveling ships and trade items, you have a farm you have access to, and also a smithy to make your new weapons. Now the story itself is pretty dull, your just a hunter that is trying to live then the village gets attacked and you of course have to save it. For old MH fans they all know, for new fans don’t look forward to anything deep.

NOW here is the plus to the game. The game play. The gameplay is ASTOUNDING! There are 12 to choose from and they all have their own play style and advantages and weaknesses. There are 9 melee classes, Long Sword (my favorite), Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Lance, GunLance, Switch Axe, Hammer, and the Hunting Horn. Along with three long ranged classes, The Light Bow Gun, Heavy Bow Gun, and the Bow. Though there are plenty choices every weapon can be used to take down every monster.68111714913fb82580215b466379bc21

Weapons, Armor and Items come from gathering, buying or hunting. You can buy items but you can also gather them from certain areas or farm them, so it gives you the option to do both. That is the main excitement of the game. Making whatever you want! Defeating this enormous monster and being able to make a weapon out of it! If a enemy has really high defense the armor you make will have the same. If the enemy can shoot fire you can make a weapon that causes explosions when you contact a enemy!

The quest get kind of repetitive BUT the downside to that is they get more dynamic as you go. You start fighting chump monsters and eventually you get to higher classed monsters who get a serious upgrade after awhile, and you may even have to fight 2 or more at once. Another good thing is throughout the story you gain access to two small helpers who cast buffs or heal you or even fight with you depending on how you set them up. You can also play multiplayer locally on 3DS and WiiU but the WiiU has online as well. So your not alone.

All in all Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an amazing experience that everyone should at least try. If you get a group of people to play with you it is probably one of the best multiplayer experiences ever, but also a good solo game as well. Graphics pretty nice, music is kind of bland except fighting bosses, but the game play is astounding. Amazing experience to the old hunters and the new ones as

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