Black Ops 2 Follow Up: “How Bad Is It?”
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No GravatarBy now most of you avid gamers have seen the results of IGN’s latest versus video concerning ‘HALO4’, and ‘Black Ops 2’. IGN had taken a vote from the online gaming community to determine which game was better in the categories of graphics, campaign, and multiplayer. The online gaming community ended up awarding all three category standings to ‘HALO 4’. It was literally a landslide victory. HALO 4 ended up taking the lead with 100,000+ votes overall while Black Ops 2 only ended up with about 50,000+. I don’t know the results down to the details but those numbers I quoted are near enough to give you an idea of the results.

The reason I’m here today gracing you with my words isn’t, because of IGN’s poll. While it does correspond somewhat to what I’m going to say I prefer that you take what I say as a stand alone follow-up to my previous first impressions article. I have put in many more hours of gameplay time to verify, or debunk the things that I mentioned in the earlier Black Ops 2 article. I believe in posting the truth, and that is what the readers of ‘Real Otaku Gamer’ deserve. With that being said though, the apple does not fall far from the tree in the case of my Black Ops 2 article, and my follow-up article.


In the previous review/article I mentioned that the graphics aren’t that great, and in that accusation I may have been a little off in my judgement. While the outlines of most things in the game are pixelated/fuzzy, they are still fairly decent. The only significant issue I found with the graphics was the EMP effects. When an EMP perk is set off the screen looks more like your television is screwing up than it does an actual special effect. In the previous CoD games the EMP looked like it belonged, but in Black Ops 2 it looks as if the developer was skimping out on costs in the graphic design department. Regardless of these graphical complaints The visuals are the least of my worries when it comes to Black Ops 2.

By now most of you who play Black Ops 2 have witnessed the vulgar emblems, and foul language that litters the online gaming experience. You’ll see all kinds of sexual emblems ranging from beastiality pictures to nude human on human penetrations. Occasionally you’ll even see cuss words spelled out for everyone to see. Sadly most of these perverse works of art are done by the youth of our society. The kids who make this garbage up are also the ones who cuss like the devil when they are in an online lobby. While all of this definitely bothers me my complaint lies more with Treyarch themselves (and the parents of the children).


No matter how hard I try to report these online vulgarities the people of Treyarch just seem to sit by and let the scum of the earth ruin everything. I have reported players several times only to see them continually play match after match in the lobbies I’m in. It is obvious to me that someone at Treyarch is not doing their job. How else would you explain me hearing a grown man cuss like a sailor, talk about demanding a BJ from his girlfriend, and deal dope over the mic for five lobbies/matches straight after being reported numerous times by me? It’s things like this that ruin the CoD experience.

I honestly believe that Treyarch could care less about providing a quality online gaming experience. I think they are so money hungry that the cash they receive from the consumers is all that they see, and care about. A good game developer would care about it’s players, and go out of their way to assure the best gaming experience possible. Treyarch on the other hand realizes they can dupe the gamers into shelling out $60-$100 each release regardless of how well the game was created. Greed is definitely ruining the gaming industry.

When it’s all said, and done the CoD series is doomed to repeat the same mistakes over, and over again. The developers behind the CoD franchise don’t care about some kindergartner who swears like Satan himself, the hackers that dominate online, or even the perverse artists who display their hardcore talents online for the world to see. They do not care about the decent gamers’ enjoyment of the game, or their dislikes. All they care about is the cash that the game brings. I hope, for the sake of the future of gaming that gamers wake the hell up, and realize what is going on before it’s too late. We deserve better from developers, and should demand it if we hope to salvage gaming for future generations.

– Brad (OtakuDante) –

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