Blast To The Past – Super Rad Raygun Review (PC)
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No Gravatarsuper-ray-raygunThe Nintendo Gameboy was a classic in every sense of the word. It had so many great games and inspired so many series, but what if I told you there was a game that went back to the past? A game that combined everything about the 80’s and the Gameboy into one? That game is Super Rad Raygun.  In which a scientist accidentally fuses his lab assistant to the robot he was making to fight the communists and their robots? And the hero robot looks like a Gameboy? Sounds pretty nuts doesn’t it? Well, Let me just say that not only is it bonkers, it is completely crazy awesome.

This is one of the most unique games I have played ever. It plays at first like the classic Mega Man games, but also takes inspiration from other Gameboy games. The visuals look just like an old Gameboy game, not in black and white, but in lime green, and with lots of screen flickering ( you get an achievement based on Screen flickering even). This is a beautiful homage to the portable games of the past, while also being its own thing. The story involves fighting communist robots, and how is that not awesome?  There are enemies that resemble enemies from other games, but now designed to look like stereotypical communists (think big fur hats), for added comedic value.

Gameplay, as stated, takes inspiration primarily from Mega Man but also other Gameboy games. It is hard to explain, but the game has that IT factor, that make some games great. Amazing bosses, power-ups, level design, and more. The music is great and sounds like the classic Gameboy done in a modern style. Its weird, but despite being bathed in nostalgia, the game most definitely stands on its own merits.

This is an amazing game and I cannot recommend it enough. If you are a fan of retro games and indie games, you owe it to yourself to play this gem. If you just love all out insanity in a video game, then you must play this!

Thank you TRU FUN Entertainment and ScrewAttack games/Rooster Teeth Games for this.

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