BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Review
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BlazBlue Continuum Shift is the recent release in the BlazBlue fighting game series. This game series is created mt Arc Systems, the creators of the highly acclaimed Guilty Gear series of Fighting games.  The first title in this new series was called ‘BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger’, and was released for the PS3, and XBOX 360 consoles. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is also released for PS3, and XBOX 360.

Unlike the traditional Street Fighter, or other highly recognized 2D fighters that have appeared over the years, the BlazBlue series adds a more intense quality of gameplay, and visuals to it’s overall package. Basically, in the BlazBlue games you have a roster of characters whose stories all tie in together. Characters like the cute, and somewhat sexy cat girl ‘Taokaka’ grace the game with a humorous tone, while other characters like ‘Ragna the Bloodedge’ add a more serious and dark foreboding tone to the story of the game. In BlazBlue there are also extra bits like a variety of selectable costume colors for each character (some of which can be purchased on the PSN or XBLA). The BlazBlue games are also known for their finishing moves that each character can perform during a match. These finishing moves include a ‘Distortion Finish’, or an ‘Astral Finish’. The Astral Finish is the more powerful of the two, and contains a special animation. ‘Unlimited Characters’ are also hidden as unlockables within each game, but can be purchased through PSN or XBLA as well. An ‘Unlimited Character’ is basically a BlazBlue character that has the ability to perform unlimited special attacks that would usually drain a special guage that each character has. The sad thing about ‘Unlimited Characters’ is that they are hardly used in BlazBlue gameplay. For this reason if you want to get them it would be best to unlock them through the game instead of wasting your PSN credit, or XBLA points on them.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is actually a huge improvement over the previous title. The graphics seem to be greatly improved, as does just about everything in the game. This time Aksys Games went all out and made quality, and worthwhile improvements like the addition of DLC characters that you can purchase from PSN or XBLA. The first of three that I know of that have been scheduled for release is ‘Makoto’, a chipmunk girl with a rather sexy outfit! It is true, as most of you have probably learned, that the DLC characters have a price of $7.99 each … I thought it might be a bit steep, but I went ahead and bought ‘Makoto’ as I’m sure most BlazBlue fans will. I was honestly surprised when I found out the ‘Makoto’ DLC also came with all of her costume colors, as well as her Unlimited Character option … so maybe it’s not so steep after all? there is also supposed to be two more character DLCs coming soon. One will be ‘Valkenhayn’, Rachel’s Werewolf Butler, and ‘Platinum’ a girl with dual personalities!  The ‘BlazBlue: Continuum Shift’ Astral Finishes were amazing. The creator went all out, and made some spectacular finishing animations for each character. If your a beginner, or new to the BlazBlue series Aksys Games has included a ‘Beginner’s Mode’ which basically assigns a special move to each button on the controller. I find myself guilty of using this from time to time just to see the ‘Astral Finish’ cinematics. If you are a 2D fighting game fan I definitely wouldn’t pass this one up. I almost forgot … they also added voice chat to the game so you can chat with your buddies from somewhere else as you play against them. I enjoy being able to talk to my friend from Ireland when we play fighting games, so when he gets his copy of the game this October we’ll definitely be using the voice chat feature.

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