Blizzard Classic Games Team “Big Ideas That Will Be Exciting for Warcraft III”
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Blizzard Classic Games Team recently did a survey talking about Wacraft 3 and the plans for it’s future.

Some very interesting things were discussed including balance changes,


Adjusting balance is a delicate process. We’re believe gradual change is the correct approach, because the Warcraft III ecosystem has been unchanged for so many years. We think good balance starts with competitive map pools. We are crafting a diverse selection of maps to encourage various gameplay styles; there will be maps that result in fast, frenetic games and others that allow for deeper, macro oriented play. As the community helps us make refinements and becomes comfortable with the new pools, we will introduce balance changes with a focus on maximum optionality between races.

Before people get too worried though, they also added that they are aware that too many changes can ruin the game.


There are two types of crazy ideas. The first kind: larger control groups, different AI or pathing, and the like would fundamentally break gameplay – and tend to get shouted down by our hardcore players. The second: like convert World Editor from JASS to LUA or add a fifth race are amazing, but would lead to a new game. We have some big ideas that people will be excited about – and we’re excited too – but first we need to get the basics right, and earn the community’s trust to make larger decisions in the future.

Warcraft III’s future seems to be in good hands and the team knows not to mess with the formula too much but does want to improve things. Now if we could only get Warcraft 4.


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