Blood and Demos Galore – Resident Evil 6 Preview
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No GravatarMany of you might have seen the Resident Evil 6 demo Capcom showed at the Microsoft press conference showing off Leon and his partner Helena fighting their way through zombie filled streets. The demo showed off a bit of the new gameplay and mechanics as well as the action and set pieces we will see in the upcoming game. Well if that wasn’t enough for you, Capcom also had three other completely different demos they showed off on the floor.  These three demos took us more in depth and portrayed the different styles of gameplay each campaign will give you.

Each demo showed off one of the three campaigns; Leon and Helena, Chris and Piers, and Jake and Sherry. Starting with a completely different level than what was showed at the press conference for Leon, he finds his way into a school trying to help a father locate her daughter. Everybody knows that nothing good can come from this. This demo shows off what Capcom has been saying in that Leon will deal with traditional zombies and have a darker, scarier feel to it. Capcom is really trying to find the right balance of horror and action and so far they seem to be doing a pretty decent job. However the final verdict will have to wait until October.

The second demo is with Chris and shows off a bit of the co-op game play. While it was just from Chris’ point of view, it does have Piers separate from Chris and go off on his own for a bit. Judging by the demo, the partner’s A.I. seems a lot more useful this time around. Here’s hoping that is true and that more variety will be offered for co-op. An interesting thing Capcom mentioned during the demos is that there are points in the completed game where characters will meet up. When that happens it is possible to have 4 player co-op. I think it’s actually a neat idea to meet up with players online instead of just the A.I. when tackling big events. If you really plan it out, you can make sure it’s your friends who you team up with if you really want to. One thing they mentioned that really caught my attention was drop in drop out co-op. One of the worst things about Resident Evil 5 was trying to play with someone. Now they are streamlining it and making it easier for everybody. Hooray!!!

Lastly, Jake steps up to the plate with his demo. Jake, son of long time Resident Evil villain Wesker, plays a little differently from Chris and Leon. James has more of an emphasis on Close Quarters Combat or CQC. While on the surface he plays like the others, he is also more capable of pounding his opponents to death. Only a little bit of this was shown in the demo so it’s hard to say at this point how much use that’ll be in the finished game. However it is an interesting addition and I look forward to trying it out.

So through these three demos and the Capcom commentary what do we know? For one, it seems Capcom really listened to what gamers wanted from the movement. Players can now move and shoot at the same time. Seems silly when you say it out loud but it’s something Resident Evil has not committed to before other than Operation Raccoon City. It seems like Capcom didn’t want any complaints when it comes to movements; we can now dive at any time, dive to the ground and shoot from the ground, roll when we are on the ground, and crawl. We also have some more dynamic counters and melee kills. I really like how Leon will smash a zombie into a wall if he is close enough to it or push one over a ledge. Subtle changes like this add a lot to the overall package.

We still have a couple of months to wait but Resident Evil 6 is looking phenomenal. We won’t know if it’ll meet our expectations but I for one cannot wait. Resident Evil 6 will be released on October 2. Stay tuned for our full review when the game is released.

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  1. my favorite game when is was a kid ! resident evil 1,2,3,4 ….

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