Bust Out Your Pokedex – New Pokemon X and Y Details
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Pokemon is entering its 6th generation and shows no signs of slowing down. It is only now that a core Pokemon game is entering full 3D models and environments instead of sprits and it looks fantastic. At E3 Nintendo released some new information for all the Pokemon trainers itching to become a Pokemon Master once again.  There are a few new battle modes: First there are Sky Battles, where Pokemon who can fly will fight in the air during the battle. This will be exclusive to only Pokemon who can fly or have a Levitate ability. There is also now a new encounter called Horde Battle. In this battle, you could encounter a horde of up to 5 Pokemon at once and have to fight them all simultaneously. So for every one attack your Pokemon does, the whole pack will get to attack one after another. These seem like interesting wrinkles to the already proven battle system. You can check out a glimpse of the new battle systems in this trailer.


The game will take place in the Kalos Region based off France. Lumiose City, a city within this region, is based on real life Paris. A few new modes of transportation has been shown off such as roller blading and riding certain Pokemon through the cities. And a brand new Pokemon type has been revealed as the Fairy type. Fairy type Pokemon are super effective against Dragon types. Some old Pokemon will be Fairy types such as Jigglypuff and new Pokemon will appear as this type, such as a new Eevee evolution Sylveon. A new system called Pokemon-Amie lets you bond with your Pokemon to build trust by feeding, petting, and playing with your Pokemon. It sort of looks like Nintendogs and adds a bit to your training strategy.



And perhaps the most excited news for Pokefans has to be the new system called the Player Search System. This allows players to connect to other players more easily with three tiers of player; Passersby, Acquaintances, and Friends. If you play Pokemon near someone else who had the game they will show up in your Passerby list. By interacting with them you can upgrade them to Acquaintances and then if you choose to, add them as Friends. Also by using the Player Search System, or PSS, you can trade and battle with people all over the world instead of having to connect through a cable. More on PSS will be revealed later on. As a long time Pokemon fan, I am most excited about the PSS, streamlining trading and battling with people sounds great. With every piece of news delivered, Pokemon seems to be taking strides in the right direction and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Pokemon X and Y released world wide on October 12.


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