Calanagear’s Summer Geek List
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Like most other parents, I am always busy. Nonetheless, I love to read and listen to audiobooks, and just happened to have gotten two new credits in my audible account ( now all I need is a bunch of GOG games and I am good to go). One book that I have been dying to get a hold of is Reality is Broken. Written by Dr. Jane McGonigal who is ‘ a world-renowned designer of alternate reality games — or, games that are designed to improve real lives and solve real problems’, the book argues that games are helpful in a myriad of ways, from making us happier to inspiring us. HOW LONG HAVE WE GAMERS BEEN TRYING TO EXPLAIN THIS TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY? Seriously. Thank God this book was written.  And I love that a woman wrote it 🙂



For my horror fix, I’ve downloaded Listening to Ian Magick by Tamworth Grice. You can get it for 99 cents on amazon, so check it out Kindle users!  I also just found a copy of A House With a Clock In Its Walls by John Bellairs. If you haven’t read him before, you should. Bellairs is the king of gothic literature, that makes R L Stine look…well bad. I read Bellairs as a child and his work has influenced my writing and my choice of video games and movies. He stands in a league of his own, and I can’t wait to reread his books.

I have also been drooling over the board game Betrayal at House on the Hill.  One of my favorite games growing up was Shrieks and Creaks, which took me forever to remember the name. I finally ordered it from eBay and adored it; my craving for more board games prompted my husband to find this one for me. Check out the demo!!

Being the Brit and geek that I am, Network DVD is tempting me, like usual. They release super hard to find shows ( like cult kids and horror classics) that no one else has the balls to release. If you are a horror lover, check out King Of The Castle. It’s incredibly strange and wonderful, and they are the only place to release it. I want  Baffled ( featuring Leonard Nimoy) and The Dark Angel ( with Peter O’ Toole).

As far as music is concerned, I am a HUGE fan of soundtracks. You could say I am obsessed, and my collection is incredibly odd and random. I like Argento OSTs ( especially Goblin), and lean towards darker movies and shows. I really, really can’t wait to listen to the complete Dark Shadows Complete Soundtrack Collection. It is amazing. That show was so unique, and way ahead of its time. I want to listen to it while I clean, just to make myself feel like I am cleaning some haunted manor, instead of my home. I need some atmosphere damnit.

If I had the cash, I would splurge on Valtiel and/or A LoveCraft Retrospective  What are your must haves or wants for the summer?



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