Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Full Length Trailer Revealed!

Nazi Zombies has always been the main reason to buy Call of Duty (in my opinion), and is Treyarch’s pride and joy when it comes to the COD franchise. Now, Nazi Zombies fans can look forward to a continuation to their beloved series in the shape of Zombies.



The difference between these zombies and the old zombies is these zombies are not Nazis. Or are they?

Judging from the trailer, it’s gonna be pretty badass. The trailer appears to have some actual gameplay footage in addition to cinematics, which you should keep a careful eye out for, and from what I see, I can definitely say……

  1. Sorry guys, as much as we all love the crazy German, drunk Russian, generic American soldier, and strange Japanese guy, it appears we won’t be playing with them this time around. The trailer clearly has them nowhere in sight (I checked because Treyarch just loves easter eggs) and new characters are taking their place. All I know is it’s a three men, one female team that consists of fairly average people. The game seems to take place either today or in a post apocalyptic future.
  2. It’ll be one map made up of several distant places you’ll be able to access via travel on a bus. I’m also excited because, the game seems to promise fighting hordes en route. Don’t question it, just enjoy it.
  3. You have the old power ups the old games had still there, and you’re gonna need them considering how unruly the hordes look. Not sure about Perk-A-Cola machines though.
  4. The rumors that the game would take place in Nuketown are not completely false since it’s a location. But, you can only have some of that Nuketown action by pre-ordering the game.

So without further ado, I present to you the complete official trailer for Zombies.

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