Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review(PS3)
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For those of you who may not be familiar with the ‘Call of Duty’ franchise, you need not worry. This game can be played/enjoyed without knowing the previous storyline of ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’.

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ is what gamers call an ‘FPS’, or first person shooter. It gives the players an over-the-shoulder camera view of their soldier, so you feel like you’re truly part of the game. As in all FPS games you have an arsenal of weaponry, which includes a variety of assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, LMG (light machine guns), SMG (sub-machine guns), Riot Shield grenades, claymores, other explosives, and a throwing knife. In a sense ‘MW2 (Modern Warfare 2)’ is much like an RPG. You level up as you would in an RPG, but instead you move up in military ranks. As you rank up you unlock weapons, and other things to help you in your game. Another unique feature is the ‘call-signs’. Call-signs are like artistic name tags that allow you to personalize who you are online. Call-signs also come with Emblems which can show your rank, or add an image that further personalizes your online ‘identity’. MW2 has an online ranking system that allows the player to see how the fair up against all of the other MW2 players in the world. The ranking system consists of mainly ‘kill(how many kills you’ve got)’, and ‘Score’. The scoring system is based on points added by ranking up, or killing opponents during an online match. You gain more points for ranking up than you do for killing other opponents. In MW2 there are a hand-full of maps available on the disc to begin with, but recently there has been a map pack available for purchase at the PSN store. There is also another map pack which will be available at the beginning of July 2010. The map packs add more replay value to the already addictive gameplay.

Having already played MW2 for about half of a year now, I have come to learn the ropes of gameplay. I’ll be totally honest, as in many other great games you will find cheaters, hackers, and people who do things to cheapen the quality of gaming. At first I just overlooked the bad side of online play, but with bad players continually finding a way to ruin the fun It’s becoming harder to ignore. I like the overall package of MW2, the RPG aspect of it,  and the online gameplay is awesome if you can find a group of players that aren’t spoiling the game.

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