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TW vs EA

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Video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) won’t threepeat “Worst company in America” this year by Consumerist. They were beat out by Time Warner Cable in the first round.

EA may have won this reader-based competition two years in a row, but did they ever really deserve it? They’re continually put up against companies that actually cheat people in some way, shape, or form and while you may argue that not making a game you wanted available offline or your continued troubles with Origin as having “harmed” you I’d ask you to be honest with yourself for at least one second.

They’ve never really deserved to be called “Worst Company in America” a fact shared by Peter Moore in his letter last year after they won. I loved it. He called out every major wrongdoing by other companies because those things really matter. Next to Ethan Albright’s letter to John Madden, it’s one of the most beautiful rants I’ve ever read.

Maybe that’s why they didn’t win this year. Maybe the internet for once thought about how they’re just a video game publishing company before they voted in this asinine competition. One can only hope that the internet actually put some rational thought into this one, but then again it doesn’t matter. If it did, maybe we wouldn’t see the same faces every year committing atrocities literally affecting the world.

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No GravatarHave you ever wanted to be a geek fashion designer? Her Universe, a company that specializes in sci-fi themed clothing for fangirls, recently announced an open fashion design competition to be held during San Diego Comic Con.

Inspired by recent fashion week trends, such as Rodarte’s collection based on Star Wars, Her Universe decided to team up with Nerdist to create a fashion show centered around “geek couture.” This isn’t just another cosplay competition. Her Universe founder, Ashley Eckstein is looking for designs that can be seen on the runway. Think Project Runway meets Big Bang Theory.

darth_vader weeping_angel loki

In order to enter, contestants must submit a design by April 4th. The top 30 designs will be chosen to be featured in the fashion show during Comic Con. The finalists must actually construct their design and send their own model on the runway. Two winners will be chosen. One will be picked by the judges and the other will be the audience favorite.

So what do you win? The winning designers will score the chance to co-design a fashion collection, alongside Ashley Eckstein for Her Universe, that will be sold at Hot Topic. This is an amazing opportunity for designers who want to join the geek fashion movement. For more information on how to enter, see the official contest rules.


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We are back with our “Ultimate Fan” series of contests here at Real Otaku Gamer. This time we are partnering with Nintendo of America to provide the prizes for the contest. These prizes are subject to change based on availability. We will be giving away some of these limited edition musical chests from The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds.

Second prize will be a Nintendo 3DS prize pack with a Nintendo Bag, sticker books and some AR Card temporary tattoos.

Now, let’s get into the rules, just get all of your Legend of Zelda swag together. We mean gather everything from posters, games, toys, soundtracks and other Legend of Zelda related merchandise. Take a picture or two (if you need to) with you in the picture holding a sign with your name or username you want to use.

Once submitted, your pictures will be validated by our art team, then they will be judged my a team at Real Otaku Gamer. Once we pick the pictures we want to be considered, then they will be sent to Nintendo of America to be judged.

You can send all photos to This contest is limited to US residents only. Sorry to our International fans. You can send in your photos for consideration for the second prize. Make sure to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  The contest entries need to be in by January 20th 2014.

Good Luck to you all! Thanks to Nintendo of America for all of their support. Please leave a comment below.


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Any hardcore comic enthusiast is bound to have Free Comic Book Day permanently engraved in their minds. Since 2002, the event has brought masses flocking to their local comic book stores for free comics. It’s a day celebrated all over the world that might just have a new comic centered event rival it.

Halloween ComicFest is like Free Comic Book Day except it takes course over two days. During Halloween ComicFest retailers that choose to participate in the event give away as many free comics as they want, with comic book publishers providing them with special edition comics for the special occasion. The goals of these events are similar, to raise an interest in comics and comic book shops, because money is always good. However this is where Halloween ComicFest has the upperhand. Halloween as a holiday raises mainstream interest in strange subjects like zombies, witchcraft, monsters, and other classic Halloween staples, which are very common in many popular comics. This makes it more likely that regular joes will participate and thus will introduce comics to more people.

The new event is starting off with a bang, having many comic shops in the US and Canada as well as some stores overseas participating. Currently 20 comics are available with enough varieties to please anyone. And the official website is holding a costume contest (US/Canada only, sorry) with fabulous prizes for those who win.

Halloween ComicFest takes place on October 26 and 27. Check out the official website for more information and to locate comic book shops participating in the event.


No GravatarSonyLogo11Afternoon Fellow Otaku!

Akodo here, Senior Editor/Writer on the site. So who wants a 30 day PlayStation+ trial! I have five to give away from the amazing people over Sony. I need you all to do 3 things for me:

1) Follow us on Twitter @realotakugamer (

2) ‘Like’ Real Otaku Gamer on Facebook (

And 3) Leave a comment below to be entered in the contest.

Its that simple! Five people, will be randomly selected. Must have valid US PlayStation Network ID to claim your prize. Winner will be chosen September 2nd.

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No GravatarReal Otaku Gamer has partnered with Indie Game Stand to bring you our latest contest: The Three Game Indie Giveaway!

We’re giving away codes to Cognition, Escape Goat and Gimbal on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Enter our giveaway here. You can enter multiple times a day, and complete different entry options to gain even more entries.

The contest goes live Monday at midnight, so hurry and get those entries in!

What is IndieGameStand?

In September, IndieGameStand launched as the first pay-what-you-want site to put a new, hand-picked indie game in the spotlight for a full 96 hours. They feature a new indie game every four days.


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*Volunteer Positions* While evaluating the state of the Gaming Journalism scene, I noticed that we at Real Otaku Gamer has a unique approach when covering geek/otaku culture. As the site gets restructured and we go into our 3rd year, we are looking to create opportunities that will help the site become more robust and varied with coverage. Real Otaku Gamer has a global vision, we accept writers from all over the world.

These new job positions are going to help Real Otaku Gamer become more organized and develop a bigger community so we can grow as a brand. These positions are volunteer only as we are a small site. As we grow so will the sponsors and hopefully revenue.


These New Positions are as follows:

1. Community Manager: You will be taking care of the daily running of the site. You will work along side the Editor in Chief and other Admins on the site with promoting the site and helping build a brand. You must have good communication skills.

2.Marketing and PR: You will be responsible for all Public Relations with companies and the community. You must have good communication skills and be able to relate to people of a number of levels. You will also run contests and giveaways.

3.Managing Editor: You will work closely with all staff to make sure the posts we produce, are up to our standards.

4.Social Media Manager: You will be in charge of growing our social networking presence. You will be working close to the senior staff.

5. Assistant to Editor in Chief: You will assist the E.I.C. in the daily running of the site.

6.Advertising and Promotion: contact us for more details.

7.Art Director: contact us for more details.

8.Podcast Producer/Editor: contact us for more details.

9.Video Producer/Editor :contact us for more details.

Now, the next few positions are for the Real Otaku Gamer Specialists. These positions are dedicated for people who want to cover a specific genre/category. This is where your inner Otaku can really shine.

1. PC

2. Mobile/Tablet

3. Tech

4. Anime

5. Manga

6. Comics

7. Nintendo

8. Sony

9. Microsoft

10. Movies/Television

11. Asian Cinema

12.Indie Games

13.Toys/models and Merchandise

14.Convention Coverage

15.Cosplay and Cosplay Culture

To apply for these positions, you must first submit a writing sample and once the sample is approved, submit an small essay telling us why we should pick you for the job you are interested in. An essay is not necessary for all positions. Deadline to have the samples submitted is May 20th, 2013. We must have all essays in my May 17th. Send the Essays and Samples to

If you have any questions about any of the positions and their responsibilities, just email us at or go to the Twitter and Facebook pages. Thanks you for your time.

Andre Tipton

Founder/Editor in Chief

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Our friends at Urgent Fury and Brady Games are hosting two weeks of tournaments for Starhawk on the PlayStation 3.

Introducing the Urgent Fury Dust Tournament.

Dust is a Starhawk® tournament series designed to give teams an enhanced experience competing online in a cheat free and respectful environment. Each team will battle it out online in eight versus eight matches, preparing their teams for an upcoming Scenario Based TacMap Tournament to be held this summer. Prizes and additional sponsors will be announced at a later date. The Tournament starts in August, but you have to be pre qualified before you can jump in. Slots are filling up quickly, so you need to get over to Urgent Fury and get your information in.

Urgent Fury is one of the best Tournament communities on the net today. For seven years they has had a reputation of providing an excellent tournament experience like no other. Using the Scenario Based TacMap Tournament model, They have provided a fair and cheat free tournament experience. These guys know their stuff and we ate Real Otaku Gamer are eager to work with them on our upcoming tournament projects. So go and check the out at and join this and many other tournament they host.



No GravatarSpike TV and Gametrailers recently just had their Video Game Awards show, and with it came a bunch of new and big trailers for games that are expected to come out next year. Some of the reveals came from top studios within the industry, including Blizzard, Bioware, Konami, and Naughty Dog. Down below, you can check out all the trailers that were revealed at the VGAs. Be sure to check by again for our impressions of the Spike VGAs.


Metal Gear Rising Revengence


Mass Effect 3


Diablo 3 Opening Intro


Transformers Fall of Cybertron


The Amazing Spider-Man


Rainbow 6 Patriots


Command And Conqure Generals 2


The Last of Us


Alan Wake American Nightmare


Hitman Absolution


Bioshock Infinite




Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD






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The Real Otaku Gamer Ultimate Fan series continues with the “Are you the ultimate Bethesda fan?” contest.

So here I sit, holding a gun in the air, and aiming down it’s sights. The super mutants ugly mug stares me down. grinning and grinding its teeth. I begin to squeeze the trigger. My mind clear, and resolve unquestioning. But wait! There comes the horde of Daedra. Rolling down the hill. Infinitely different in form, as they are in skill. SHIT! Never fear, your shock spell with frost damage is in hand. As you ready for this battle, that will be calculated and determined in milliseconds, the peripheral of your eye spots another problem. It’s a bandit from the dusty dunes of RAGE!!! I real up for the fallout that is about to be spread. My hands become sweaty and clammy. I realize you didn’t pack enough venison and stimpaks to absorb to blow of this fight. In other words, I just bit off more than you can chew.

Over the past few years Bethesda has become, arguably,  a household name among gamers. When I say RPG these days, it’s easy to think of Oblivion and Fallout. When I say best looking game this generation, your mind may snap to RAGE. When it boils down to what’s come out, and what’s coming out, it’s hard to show any resentment towards Bethesda.

So to show our love, we here at Real Otaku Gamer are throwing a Bethesda game giveaway. We’re giving away a Skyrim, Rage, a few copies of New Vegas, Fallout 3, or The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Also for those of you broke as a joke due gaming madness, we’re giving away several PSN and XBL cards. The prizes are listed as follows.

Grand Prize Winner:1 winner

1 Copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the winners system of choice.

1 Copy of RAGE on winners system of choice.

1 PSN or XBL card

1st Place winners: 2 winners

1 Copy of RAGE or Skyrim on the system of their choice.

2nd Place winners: 3 winners

1 copy of Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, or Fallout: New Vegas on the system of their choice

3rd Place Winners: 4 winners

1 PSN or XBL card


All you have to do is follow the simple rules.


*All you have to do is send a picture of you standing next to your screen. On it    should be the Bethesda game, and the DLC of your choice.With a time stamp to verify, you are who you say you are. And yes, you can send extra pictures in if you’re doing a cos-play. Yes Cos-play is welcome in this contest. We are also an anime site after all.

An example of cos play. Yeah this was kinda johnny on the spot 😛


This should also have a time stamo, but you get the picture of what we need


*All contest entries should be sent to,

Helpful Hints:

* Try to be creative. The most creative ones sent in will be posted here.

* This should go without saying, but it’s the internet, so here goes. No nudity! If you think that’s going to win you brownie points, you’re dead mistaken.If you do, be sure all that’s going to happen is you getting disqualified from the contest, and the staff laughing at your birthday suit.

*A side note to creativity, try and be goofy. Nothing says, “I want this!” more than embarrassing yourself in front of thousands of people.

*A video is always welcome in contrast to a picture. Just be sure to try and make us laugh if you do so. Remember it’s getting posted here.

*Send all entries to Tis email for those who are new to the game. 😀

This contest opens Monday September 19, 2011 and will end November 1, 2011.

Finally we will be giving out DLC codes all week for Fallout: New Vegas and Honest Heart on twitter. So keep your eyes peeled.

Twitters’ you should follow:






Good luck and thanks for following Real Otaku Gamer.



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