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No GravatarNintendo has announced that Devil’s Third Online multiplayer will be shut down at the end of the year.

The game’s multiplayer will be shut down on December 29 at 1 PM local time in Japan. Players will not be able to purchase microtransactions as of June 27, also at 1 PM local time.

Nintendo will also reduce the price of Devil’s Third on the eShop from 7,236 yen to 3,618 yen. Devil’s Third will then become a single player game


Source (Thank you to Nintendo Everything as well)

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kick and fennick

No Gravatarkick and fennick

2D Platformers are very common to see among indie games, and while most try and put their own spin on the genre, not many succeed. Kick and Fennick is one of the few games that genuinely does bring a sense of change to platformers, and it does so with one key change: there is no jump button at all. You instead use the rifle to project yourself into the air. Its a brilliant take on the genre and really does open up new ways to play.

Kick and Fennick is a physics based platformer that in addition to actually being innovative, is incredibly fun. I found myself playing for over 2 hours before I realized I had gotten carried away. The controls take some time to get used to and it can be difficult to adjust to, but once you do get used to them the fun begins. The game has several unique locations such as underwater levels and it remains fun in all of them.

The music in the game is excellent and really fits the sense of adventure the game has. The sound effects in general are all great and really help enhance the game.  In fact, considering how you sue the gun to project yourself in the game, the sound effects really help with pushing that concept. Its weird but it really does sell the gimmick of the game better. Visually the game is great. The graphics are amazing and visual effects in general are awesome.

The game has a story but it is really minimal, but what it has is sufficient. The real draw is the gameplay which can be compared to Portal in terms of its physics engine. Mere words cannot do it justice, as it needs to be played to be understood. There are multiple difficulty settings and game modes and this really helps with the replay value.

All in all, this is a great game. It isn’t perfect but it is one that I can easily recommend.


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No Gravatarb3


Okay, this is one of the more…unique games on the Wii U eshop. It is supposed to be a Metroid Prime inspired game set in a beehive and right before the bee’s version of E3. With a setup like that, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The game is a first person adventure game that clearly does take influence from Metroid Prime, with exploration and combat being a clear sign. But being inspired by a great game does not mean your game will be great. This is unique but not standout if that makes sense. The gameplay mechanics are all solid and there is a definite charm to the game itself, but there is also a sense of lacking in this. It is inspired by Metroid but doesn’t copy it well, and the combat and exploration are ultimately very shallow experiences.

The game has some good humor as you explore and interact with other bees. There are even jokes poking fun at the industry, which is good for a Meta game such as this. The downside to that is the numerous typos that detract from the experience. This humor though does not distract from the fact that the game is very bare. There are only a few enemies and not many bosses. The game feels like an extended demo of a game rather than a full game itself, and that really hurts it in my eyes.

Bottom line is that this game feels painfully average and I honestly cant recommend it. It is cheap and good for a laugh or two but the humor gets old fast and the experience loses itself quickly. I would suggest passing on this as it is just too unique in a bad way for its own good. The developers had some good ideas but they did not blend well. The end result: A game that is both average and too unique and bad on both counts.

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pokemon VC

No GravatarNintendo has announced that more Pokémon games will be coming to the Wii U VC starting on 6/23.

This Thursday, three Pokémon™ Mystery Dungeon titles come to the Wii U™ Virtual Console™ service: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team from the Game Boy Advance™ library of games, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky both originally Nintendo DS™ titles. Rediscover these great games or try them for the first time on your Wii U console, and look for more Pokémon Virtual Console titles coming later this summer.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team & Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

What if you woke up one day, and you were a Pokémon? What if all of a sudden you find yourself in a NEW world, where you can speak and interact with other Pokémon? The adventure begins when you and your partner Pokémon set out on rescue missions in a world ravaged by natural disasters. But, what is your true purpose and destiny in this Pokémon world? That’s the REAL mystery…

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Become a Pokémon and Save the World! In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky game, players become a Pokémon and team up with a partner Pokémon. Together the two set out on an adventure of exploration and discovery, ultimately saving the world from destruction. This game is a great starting point for players to enter the world of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and for returning players to discover even more secrets.

While I doubt that the mainline Pokémon games from the GBA and DS will come to the Wii U VC, I do hope we see more spinoffs such as Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Stadium and more. I haven’t played a lot of the spinoffs so I hope to enjoy these for the first time.



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No GravatarToday’s VC games for Wii U have been revealed thanks to


Super Paper Mario will be released for 19.99 in the US and Drill Dozer for 7.99. Both games were highly acclaimed and should be a lot of fun.

Will you be picking up either game today? Let us know


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maxresdefault zelda

No GravatarThe first true trailer for the upcoming Zelda game for Wii U and NX  has been revealed. The game will be called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game is absolutely gorgeous and has a vast open world. The trailer shows Link interacting with the environment, using items and most of all, features voice acting.

See the trailer below



No Gravatar5


Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice is the second of two Dragon Fantasy games on the Wii U. The first was a great game modelled after Dragon Quest but with several glitches that dragged it down in terms of enjoyment. So how does this one stack up?

The game from start to finish is more expanded than the first game, with combat and exploration revamped and redesigned. The game now takes more after other classic JRPGs as well as Dragon Quest. Its a nice direction to move in, rather than remain trying to do the same thing over and over. It also helps the game pay tribute to more of the great JRPGs that came before this.

Visually the game looks much better than the first game, almost on another level really. The music is also vastly improved over the original game. In fact almost everything across the board is bigger, better and more improved. A better storyline, better combat and gameplay, and better interactions and exploration. It is like the developers looked at the first game and challenged themselves to do it again but on a grander scale and make it better. They largely succeeded except for one issue.

The game has a major shortcoming and it is the same as the first game. There are quite a few glitches in the game and some can force you to restart your play session altogether. You can start talking and suddenly be unable to click off, or unable to interact with the shop or worse off all, find a house you were looking for has now disappeared. None of the buttons will work during some glitches but the music continues. Granted, these are much more rare than in the original game, but they still show up from time to time and it takes away from the fun fact a lot.

I would suggest waiting for a patch but once these are fixed, this game will be very much worth getting.




No GravatarDevelopment Of the 3DS version of  Noitu Love: Devolution is now complete and the developers are targeting an early July release date.

The Wii U version as completed a while ago and was sent to Nintendo already. A simultaneous launch in EU and NA is planned.


Are you excited for this game? Let us now. We sure are excited!

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No GravatarRCMADIAX has announced that Invanoid will be coming to Wii U on June 30th in North America. The title makes one recall classic arcade games like Arkanoid. The title will come to Europe at a later date.


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No GravatarSMM-Set



The Super Mario Maker Wii U Premium Bundle is being discontinued in Japan. The bundle is set to be replaced by the upcoming Splatoon premium bundle. Splatoon is a major hit in Japan so this makes a lot of sense from a sales perspective. Perhaps this will help the Wii U in its last months before the NX hits the market.



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