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No GravatarNintendo loves mixing up genres, and Arms is their retooled version of a fighting game. A game that can literally make you sweat if played right, this game will test your mettle.

Imagine yourself with arms made of rubber, or at least arms that stretch, that is the crux of this amazing games. Fighters enter an arena and using their amazing arms do battle.

The characters themselves are so varied there is a lot to think about when choosing who you want to play as. Besides the different colors, and what they use as a weapon, you also have to think about their abilities. You see, like any other fighting game, these characters all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Say you choose, Ninjara, while fast you also have a teleport attack which can change how you play. Ribbon Girl can literally jump with music and Master Mummy can heal while blocking. Then you have characters like the newly added Lola Pop who can inflate herself just like a balloon. These characters really all do take some getting used to just because they are all so unique.

Arms is a game that you can certainly play for any amount of time. It is a game that has quite a few game modes for short sessions. Winning fights and these other games net you funds for purchases. The fights you will get into will get harder, and maximizing your success will come a little easier depending on the Arms you have at your disposal.

It is also a treat gathering arms as it takes money and your punches to even gain more. It might not be easy all the time, but collecting Arms is fun. Plus if you collect the same Arm it will increase its power which is quite a cool thing. Arms is a game that really wants you to succeed and doesn’t want you to feel like you are wasting time and in-game money on gathering more Arms.

Arms really is a game that is worth playing. You need to see this game to believe it. It can also be quite the exercise if done using the standard thumbs up grip. Playing for a few hours can cause your muscles to ache the next day which proves it is a solid fighting game. You do feel like you are actually throwing the punches as you really are. It just makes this game that much cooler.

So, pick up your joy cons, pick a fighter and jump into the ring. ARMS is available now on the Nintendo Switch and is an absolutely great fighter with a lot of heart!

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Code given by developers.

Tower of Babel is a game that has you running up a wicked tower and then another and so on. Each tower involves different movements which make game play different.  This game is based really on your ability to speed through the towers as you are timed. The faster you go the higher your place on the leaderboard. This is certainly one of those games that makes you try really hard to complete as fast as you can.

The controls are simple,  as you can slow down by tilting the control stick to the left and pushing it to the right speeds you up, A is to jump and B allows you to slip under things.  All these commands are easy to use yet when you are forced to complete a tower in under a minute in a half things get tricky quickly. This game is unforgiving and will send you back to the bottom of course if you fail. As you climb you collect gems and dodge traps. These traps require pristine action on your part or your character will die. It is a hectic game and one that will certainly fill a need in some players. I am certainly not one of those people.

The game honestly feels like an older game. Something I would have played years ago, maybe in a school computer lab. Now, that isn’t to say this game is terrible, it just really is older school than many games. This game really does just rely on you learning the tower and quickly manuvering your way up to the top and then running back down. Speed is key and that is really where this game lands.I’m sure that there are many people out there that would enjoy this game. But, I am certainly not in that group. It is a nice game, and one that I enjoyed for a bit but I have never been one to care about leaderboards. This game lends itself to be one that inspires competition and speeding through, and while I applaud the creators I will certainly not be putting hours upon hours into this game.

Tower of Babel is out now for the Nintendo Switch! Pick it up and see if you are built for running up and down dangerous towers!

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No GravatarGame code given by developers


Steam World Dig 2 is an amazing game and sequel to the the 2013 hit Steam World Dig. Following the first game directly, this game takes place with Rusty’s friend Dorothy coming to find him. In this game Rusty is now seen as a villainous figure, or at least that is what it seems. Jumping right into this game, you  will need to mine downward and discover a solid mining world to explore where you get more tools as you go on, and find greater treasure.

Selling this treasure is important because that is the only way to get more upgrades and perks. Dorothy is a strong little robot and she really can take out enemies rather speedily with her pickax in tow. Picking up other special weapons and items along the way, she will get stronger and stronger. These weapons will certainly, aid in digging deeper and surviving longer in order to gather more money. All the money you accrue is good as you can use it to upgrade all your gear.

Steam World Dig 2 has plenty earth to explore and you never know what you will come across next. With teleporters to get back to the surface, sometimes you have to know when to return. By returning you do also heal up, which is also necessary. There are also bosses in the game which change up the game flow and can actually be quite devastating.Steam World Dig 2 is certainly just a great game and playing it is always fun. The sheer mystery of heading into the earth with just a pickax to start makes for such a great adventure. With new enemies appearing and more expensive jewels appearing the deeper you go, it is always fun heading deeper.

I would highly reccommend this game to anyone who enjoys platformers. This game is filled with platforming and you definitely will get partially stuck at points. I’m usually terrible at platformers but the ability to adjust the world with different tools makes for easier platforming. A cool thing, at least to me is that wall jumping is super easy. This makes returning to higher areas just a bit easier as you can quickly manuever yourself and head upwards.

Steam World Dig 2 is certainly a game not to be missed, with an amazing story and great characters it will keep you entertained. This world is vast and digging through it is always interesting. Dorothy really is a great character and her little fiery friend make for a great pair. Help her find Rusty and enjoy an amazing subterranean world! Steam World Dig 2 is out now on the Nintendo Switch, so get digging!

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More DLC characters are coming to Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Call from Mighty No. 9 as well as Joule from Azure Striker Gunvolt are available now in Japan for 200 yen. The characters should be available tomorrow in North America and Europe

Will you be getting the DLC?



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As is well known now, DOOM will be coming to Nintendo Switch this holiday. This is a pretty big deal due to the fact that this is a major recent release, more recent than Bethesda’s other big Switch release this year of Skyrim. It is a sign of great third party support for many, and there is a lot of hope for the game to sell well.  While the game will sell based on being amazing, I am looking at this differently than most.

For many gamers, DOOM’s multiplayer was just kind of there. It was perfectly alright but obviously not the main draw compared to the amazing single player. However, it should also be noted that on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, there are numerous multiplayer shooters that fill the desires of gamers. On Nintendo Switch however, there is Splatoon 2, and while Splatoon is great, it is not the same thing at all. We have Morphie’s Law coming as well, but again that is not the traditional multiplayer shooter that most want.

The fact of the matter is, DOOM’s multiplayer has little competition on the Nintendo Switch and therefore, unlike the other systems where it was more of a side dish, it could be a major attraction for the Switch version. DOOM could be THE big multiplayer shooter on the Nintendo Switch ( again, aside from Splatoon, which is a different take), simply due to being the first and having a big name attached to it. This is a big opportunity for DOOM and Bethesda, as there is an untapped market here and they are the first ones with a product.

While many complained about the multiplayer, the truth is that Bethesda and iD Software greatly improved it since launch, and the experience is much better than  it was at first. As well, certain games with a rocky launch on systems like Steam and PS4, such as Double Dragon IV, were better received on Switch when thy launched with all the updates and improvements from the start. DOOM obviously was very well received and sold well, but the multiplayer did not have the best reception at first. On the Switch, this will likely not be the same issue and as such I am very eager to see how the game does on Switch but also how the multiplayer is received and affects the sales. This is especially the case, since DOOM will have the improved multiplayer and all the DLC with it.



The above is the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of ROG or its staff.

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Zerodiv previously brought arcade games Strikers 1945 and Gunbarich to Switch, and has now outlined other arcade ports they will be bringing to the system.

Zerodic will next be bringing the 3D shooter Zero Gunner 2 to Switch, “sooner rather than later”.  They will also be bringing an entry in the Sengoku series and then a game from the Gunbird and Strikers 1945 franchises at some point this year. It is also noteworthy that Zerodiv seems to have plans that go beyond ports, and it seems they have something original in the works as well.


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Octopath Traveler as it is now known as an exclusive title for Nintendo Switch. A rather ambitious old world styled RPG where all the decisions to be made are yours. A beautifully designed HD 2D world is yours to explore and with so much to see it certainly is going to be a huge journey.

The true game has 8 different characters to gather, who all have different abilities. Though the demo only allows you to play as Olberic and Primrose. Olberic’s ability allows you to challenge anyone to a duel. This power is perfect for when someone won’t get out of your way, or you want to uncover someone’s evil inside. Primrose is a dancer and can allure anyone to follow her, so she’s perfect for rescue missions and luring enemies into traps. Both of these characters play differently and really guide their stories in their own ways just like the other 6 will do with them, when the full game launches next year.

In this demo, it starts you at the beginning of either of the character’s stories and you learn a decent amount of information about their past and why they are doing what they are doing. Both of the characters have different motivations but they are both nonetheless very interesting stories.

Olberic is a knight out for justice and Primrose is also as out for justice. They both play differently, and of course will interact with characters differently as well. Olberic’s duel power will certainly be fun to use, as it really does let you gauge how strong people are. As an avid RPG fan, I’ve always been curious how non-hero types were living in certain places. Now, many of them are weak sure, but the guards can often be quite formidable.

This game really does in some ways turn RPG battle on its head, but it does follow rules too. Similar to Bravely Default, you get points for battle. Though in this every action gives you a point, and not every turn. You can slam the foe for up to a times four and as Olberic, I was able to deal massive damage by using abide, and then slamming home a baddie with a four times attack. Of course, this is also strategic so doing that may not always be beneficial.

One thing I did find annoying was, that I died a few times against the boss of the chapter, due to the boss suddenly doing massive damage as I figured out his patterns. Could not skip the scene before the fight. I’d honestly hope for auto scroll, as the voice acting when used is quite brilliant. In a game that has voice acting, auto scroll could be very beneficial.

The music in the game is also pretty good and works with the world itself. The artwork is the standout as the game looks amazing. It’s like playing an old school RPG but in a new cleaner way. I cannot wait to see what the world looks like and am stoked to play more.

Octopath Traveler is certainly a game to look out for and with so much customization of the plot, it will be a game, to get. This game really is something that all RPG fans will enjoy and I am so glad we were given a demo! Go download it now, and lead your hero to victory!

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JackBox is ready to thrill you with one whole party packed into a single game with this collection of games. With five games to play, you can have a great time with anyone you care to get down with. This game might be a Switch game but don’t worry it is all controlled with one console and your guests’ phones or laptops.

First up is the hit game You Don’t Know Jack. This is the hit game that started it all with Hundreds of questions to answer. Up to four players can play this zany trivia game, so jump  head first and see who truly is the Jack Box King!

Second is Fibbage XL with more questions than the original release. A truly fun game, especially since it can be played with up to 8 players with a streaming channel.

Drawful is third and relies on players drawing based on a clue. Once all the drawings are done, players guess and if they are correct they then put an answer in to stump others. It can get pretty chaotic with up to eight players joining in. A cool thing about this game is that you can stream it to up 100 people. If a fake answer is chosen, the drawer gets points, and if the correct answer is chosen both the player and artist get points. The really great thing about this game is skill really isn’t necessary, as it is just a lot of fun.

Lie Swatter is the fourth game and can be played by 1-100 players. You need to figure out which statements are true and which are false. With such a large crowd to play with, it can, of course, get pretty intense. The final round will always come from the same category so you won’t be thrown off your game.

Lastly, comes the game Word Spud which is for up to 8 players. Starting off with one word, you follow logic to enter the next word. The other players’ award points and the game continues. A fun, quick game, one that really can get interesting as the words start to flow.

Jack Box Party Pack 1 is available now for Nintendo Switch, so now is the time! Call up some smart friends or stupid ones, and have a trivia night!

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Thimbleweed Park is certainly a game you might overlook if you haven’t played this type of game before. Thimbleweed Park is a point and click adventure game and it really is something to behold. It is set in the late eighties and as someone born 5 years later I find it to be amusing. Wouldn’t have imagined I’d be playing an 80’s themed Adventure game.

The game follows two agents Ray and Reyes, as they head out to a strange town, and need to solve a murder. Both characters obviously are different from each other as Ray is a seasoned professional and Reyes is her newbie assistant. Along with these two, there are a few other characters who you play as, a game designer, a clown, and an older man.

The game has great voice acting and plays out slowly yet steadily. As you learn more you always want to keep learning. You can pick up many different objects though many will not be used at all. There is just something interesting about picking up random things and finding them to be useful later on.

This the reveal from one of the developers Ron Gilbert.

This game can be as long or short as you want it to be depending on how long the puzzles take. They aren’t all so hard, but sometimes you may need a hint, and thankfully there is an in-game tip line. Maybe, you are stumped and need a little hint, well you can always ask for help.

This game is certainly one, not to be missed, and I hope many people try it out. The voice acting really is stellar, and I haven’t gotten that far in the game thus far, but it is certainly one I will keep playing until I solve this mystery. So turn on some eighties music, and hop into this weird Point and Click Adventure!

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No GravatarThere are two things that are awesome in gaming., namely Pokémon and Fighting games from Bandai Namco. Thus a Pokémon Fighting from Bandai Namco is a dream come true to me. I didn’t get to play Pokken Tournament on Wii U, but with the Nintendo Switch getting an enhanced port, I finally got a chance to play it. But was it good in the end?

The first thing I noticed was that despite the name, Pokken isn’t exactly Pokémon with Tekken gameplay due to the dual phases of the battle. The Field Phase plays more akin to a Naruto or the older Dragon Ball Z fighting games. It takes a while to get used to if you are unfamiliar with it, but the game has a great tutorial that helps explain things well. Duel Phase though, does play more akin to Tekken and thus feels a lot more natural to players more used to traditional fighting games. Learning how to switch between the phases and when to do so, is a major part of the gameplay.

Pokken Tournament DX does offer some great additions to the experience, for those unsure about the Switch port. In addition to new Pokémon, there are new modes such as 3 vs 3, similar to the King of Fighters series, and new more refined online modes. I had a great time playing online and experienced no lag or connectivity issues. In addition, there is some great implementation of HD rumble in the game. It feels subtle but it really does help the experience feel more immersive.

In terms of single player, there is the Ferrum League which serves as the story mode, as well as single fights.  These are a great way to learn about how to play the game for when you go online, and to be honest, playing some single matches against a CPU is a great way to just have fun. There are also daily missions which offer some good variety to the gameplay. It isn’t as much as a game like Mortal Kombat X or Injustice 2, but it is still a good amount of single-player content. This is especially true for someone who just wants a few matches now and then and has no interest in playing online. There may not be a massive amount of single-player content, but what there is, is high quality.

The game actually feels like it takes a bit from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. Considering both games were made by Bandai Namco this makes sense, and it is perfectly reasonable that a Pokémon fighting game would take influence from another fighting game based on Nintendo characters. As such, this is a game that would also appeal very much to Smash Bros players, and those waiting for a Smash game on Switch might want to look at this one while they wait.

Pokken Tournament DX is a fun game, and while I never played the Wii U version myself, I did follow its competitive scene and what people said about it. From everything I’ve experienced, this feels not like an enhanced version but like a truly fleshed out version that feels like what the Wii U version should have been. It isn’t a perfect game though, as parts of the combat just feel off. I can’t explain it, but even in Duel Mode, the game just feels different. And in a way that is good, as it fits the nature of Pokémon. I wouldn’t say that this is an ideal game for fighting game fanatics, but it is definitely one worth checking out. For Pokémon fans, Nintendo fans and also Smash Bros fans, this is a must buy. I highly recommend it!


Disclaimer: A review key was provided by Nintendo.