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No GravatarHello ladies and gentleman, my name is SFX Major Threat. I am the co-host of the SFXX Podcast and we are delighted to bring to you a podcast with news varying in video games, movies, anime, comics and more. Expect to hear lots of vulgarity and somethings that may be offensive. Don’t worry it’s just comedy but we strongly advise that children do not listen to our show.

So sit back and enjoy our latest episode where we discuss Bioshock Infinite and tons more. Enjoy would you kindly…


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No GravatarAnarchy-Reigns-Jack-PoseRelease your inner “badass” with Platinum games latest title, Anarchy Reigns. This title is a third person brawler that features Jack Cayman from their previous Wii title “Madworld” along with a bevy of off the wall characters in this post apocalyptic setting overrun by goons, ninjas, robot drones, crazy “Death Proof” esque cars, mutants and tons more.


The campaign is split into two different parts referred to as Black Side and White Side. In the Black Side you control Jack in his quest to find Maximilian for his daughter who paid for you to retrieve him. In the White Side you control Leo a BPS soldier who is sent to retrieve his mentor, the aforementioned Maximilian. In a way these two stories intersect with one another whilst trying to make the entire storyline seem relevant. Unfortunately  it doesn’t. In a game where the combat doesn’t take itself to seriously the plot sure tries…sort of. For the most part, I was just confused. It jumps from place to place, introducing several characters without really ever explaining their purpose. The story is so irrelevant that it might as well not have been included. The only thing it does is it gets you adjusted to the combat and features a few fun modes of play that cannot be experienced online. Nevertheless, it’s a boring and uninspired single player romp that is only worth playing through once just to unlock all of the extra characters.



This section is going to be very short and sweet…they suck. There are better looking games on the SEGA Dreamcast and that says a lot. The characters and their special effects seem to be where all the graphical attention went because the level design is atrocious. I thought that I would never ever dislike grey as much as I did before I played this title and boy was I proven wrong.


This department fires on all cylinders with some great sound effects for the brutal and visceral combat accompanied by an awesome soundtrack that is somewhere along the lines of House Rap and Drum & Bass. It’s pretty cool. It reminds me very much of “Madworld” especially since this game is the spiritual successor to it. At any rate, you’ll be remembering several tunes every time you think of the game.



Ahhh…the most important piece of any game. Thankfully this game make a pretty good effort in delivering a satisfying combat system. While there isn’t any advancement in the combat that you have there is a hint of depth along with the delivery in how you handle encounters and dealing damage. Everything is fun since you feel like a massive powerhouse and every punch and kick is delivered with such force, often at times either decapitation or explosion. It’s just satisfying.


Here is where the central focus of the game obviously went into. There are so many modes with so many options of how to play that this is where the majority of the time should be spent. But will you is the question. I more than likely won’t touch it often. It is interesting the first few matches and then frustration builds as you get swarmed with mass amounts of chaos, static camera angles deterring you from fighting your opponents, kill stealing and all other sorts of dumb things that could happen that are more than likely out of your control. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing quite like it and it still has it’s charm. Unfortunately, i’m unsure of how long that will last.

With a less than stellar single player campaign, very poor graphics and somewhat lackluster replayabilty Anarchy reigns is a game that could easily be passed up. The main attraction to this game is that the price point in the US is $29.99 which is a steal. Plus, there aren’t many games with as much charisma as this one. But, it is a venture that some will not be willing to take.


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We are back again!! Again!! Even though we said the wrong episode number. We are old, what do you expect? Sit back and enjoy us rip on the NFL replacement refs and all of our gaming opinions. Our good friend Robert Workman stops buy and classes up the place, or downgrades the place? We need all the help we can get sometimes. Robert is one of our favorite gamers. Anyway, we also discuss kids playing online, and Big Shel moving to Texas. We talk about the new games coming out as well. Enjoy the show!!!

No GravatarOn this new addition of THE BITT, the boys in the tube, I got a chance to sit down and chat up games with Andrea Rene. Andrea is a online personality and producer in the gaming industry, with a lot of interesting and awesome content on CleverGames. Andrea has had the opportunity to attend various conventions and events like E3 and GDC, and has even interviewed various icons and celebrities within the video game industry. Over the course of the interview, we talked about a whole bunch of cool things about her, the game industry as a whole, and what is cooking up over at CleverGames. Check it out. The whole interview is 3 parts total, be sure to watch and listen in on all three.









Thanks Andrea for hanging out and talking games. Check out Andrea Rene over at these sites.


Andrea —-

CleverGames —








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I’m back after along break from pod-casting and music but
DJ KILLZOWN JONES is back and so here is I heard’em say episode 4 featuring
Fergus Mills aka F-milli from the

We talked about how he got into gaming, the southern gaming scene, 2011 games, and 3D gaming as well as 3D entertainment, hip-hop and his position at the and more.

Featured Trax
Devin the Dude ft Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000: What A Job Remix (produced DFX)
Rich Kids-$100 Autograph ft Young Thug and Yung Ralph
Luey V-Drowning: produced by J-Miller
Pastor Troy-Vice Versa
Luey V-Charlie Sheen on’em prod by Laudie on the Track
Team Fresh Boyz- Up and Down-prod by Haz da Future Miracle Producer
T.I. Still aint forgive myself
Pharrel ft Daft Punk-The Game has Changed
I Heard\’em say 4

Please visit

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No GravatarIt’s time again people.


Time for the EPICness that is OTGT. It’s time for only the truth about the video game industry.


This time around, VFM gets a chance to talk about a new bill being brought to light and towards the doors of congress. This bill, dubbed Bill S.978, is a purposed law to crack down on those who stream copyrighted content over the internet, dishing out possible jail time to multiple time offenders for up to 5 years in prison. It sounds good in theory. But how should it be interpreted? Does it affect all the other people who don’t willingly infringe on Copyrights?


All of this and more on this segment of OTGT.



Check out some information on Bill S.978 for yourself on the link below.


Bill S.978 —-

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No GravatarHappy new year ROG fans! Today on the show Gerard Williams, aka HIP HOP Gamer, is interviewed. Follow him at @hiphopgamer on Twitter. We discuss who is HHG, where is he from, how he fell in love with gaming, the movement that he’s started, success in the industry, hip-hop, and more.

Today’s featured Artists :
HHG-The Hip Hop Gamer Show theme
Jerms Black-Da Paper
Luey V-Everything I Luv
Team Fresh Boys-Polo Prod. By Haz Da Future Da Miracle Producer.
Kinfolk Kia Shine ft Cool Courtney-Underdog
G-money ft RemRod -Own Lane
Rick Ross Ft DJ Killzone Jones, Mr Kennedy, HHG and Hakeem The Dream-Mafia Music Mafia II Remix

Happy new year, and as always visit and support the ROG!, and

Please visit and support HIP HOP GAMER at, and

He didnt make the show, but check out SKILLZ. Bring in the new year with the 2010 Rap, and follow him at @SkillzVA on Twitter.


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TO all the fans of Our Show, Thank you very much for the support. You guys and Gals for following us for this year.

The Guys are back again with The Real Gamer Show. This is the last episode of 2010. On today’s show, we talk about the 2010 VGA’s, amongst other topics. We talked about mobile gaming, about Red Dead Redemption winning Game Of The Year, and the irrelevance of certain celebrities. I (otakuman5000) gets a little heated, but the show rolls right along. We hope you enjoy the show and please comment below. We look forward to providing you a better show as we go into 2011. Have a Happy New Year!

Download Episode

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On this episode of  I heard ’em Say, Anthony Frasier aka Kap, the founder of is interviewed.  He is asked about how he got into gaming,
where he grew up and how The Koalition was founded. He also talks about game delays, the hip hop artists of today and more.
Kap also drops more information here on this episode, with the 1st EXCLUSIVE details on something behind the scenes with the
Contact Kap @KingFrasier on Twitter and as always visit and

Featured Music
Luey V- Stab Me In The Back Prod by Tez Banga
Rockwell Knuckles- Government Name (Spontaneous Lover) produced by Trifeckta
Pryme Tyme -Notz In My Jeans
Big K.r.i.t. – They Got us Produced By Big K.R.I.T
Lace The CEO ft Nokieo – The Whole Thang produced by Lace
DJ KILLZOWN JONES – P.N.F. (Pawn’n Noobs Fast) (Rick Ross BMF Freestyle prod. by Lex Luger)
All Original Background Music is produced by Blu Beatz, Ferno and AJ,

If you would like your music to be in the breaks send your best mp3 tracks to for consideration to be featured in the next episode
and if you would like to be interview on a future episode add me on skype-ajeezy09

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On today’s show, we talk about Game Informer’s “30 characters that defined a decade” and the Spike TV’s VGA list. We also talk about some news and the “Gameliens” came and took half of the show away off of Dre’s PC. WE had to rerecord and it turned out nice. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments below.