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Amazon is now selling Wii U and 3DS eShop credit codes with denominations of $10, $20, $35, and $50. These are the standard amounts we have seen for the eshop so far, but there is something else that is interesting. They are also including new codes such as $5, $45, and $70. Could this imply something big is changing for the way Nintendo handles the eshop accounts? We will have to wait and see. It is possible we may even see the $5, $45, and $70 as cards in the future.


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Nintendo has commissioned Peanut Labs, a subsidiary of Research Now to do a survey about awareness of Super Mario Run. Among those asked were female gamers, male gamers ages 18 to 24, and male gamers 25 to 49  with household incomes of $100,000 or more.

What was shown that, among mobile gamers, only 52 percent are familiar with the idea and concept of Super Mario Run for mobile, which isn’t very reassuring.

This survey suggests Nintendo to be more aggressive about how to advertise for Super Mario Run in order to ensure people are aware for launch. It remains to be seen if word of mouth alone will help like was the case with Pokémon Go.



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No GravatarThe SNES classic, Breath of Fire II is coming to the 3DS VC tomorrow



Take up the sword, and prepare for battle!

You are the last member of the Dragon clan, fighting to rid the world of a growing evil. A cast of unusual and exciting companions joins you in your adventures across a wondrous land full of magic and mystery. You’ll find strange mystic items, memorable monsters and exotic locations in your quest to conquer evil. There’s strategy and spellcasting galore in the hours of compelling action and adventure that awaits you!

This game is only playable in 2D.



Will you be buying this tomorrow?



No Gravatarfallout-shelter-wallpaperBethesda sent out the following

The award-winning Fallout Shelter continues to grow larger and larger on both mobile and PC platforms this month with the release of Update 1.9, which delivers all-new Quests including an exciting new location – the Caves – plus fun Thanksgiving celebrations including new stickers for iOS 10 iMessage.

Update 1.9 Content Includes:


  • New Location for Quests – Cave: In addition to abandoned buildings and derelict Vaults, Overseers can send Dwellers on spelunking adventures in a brand-new backdrop that will be immediately familiar to Fallout 4 fans – dark, mysterious caves.


  • New Quests: Update 1.9 introduces even more Quests for the demanding Overseer, including new regular, weekly, and special event Holiday Quests during the Thanksgiving celebration.


  • Holiday Festivities: The holiday celebrations continue in the Vault! In November, the Fallout Shelter Thanksgiving event will unlock limited time Quests, specially themed room visuals, and Thanksgiving outfits available in Lunchboxes. In December, Overseers will also celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with additional limited time quests and special rewards.


  • New iMessage Stickers: Building on the popularity of the Halloween stickers, Update 1.9 will introduce special Thanksgiving-themed stickers for iOS 10 iMessage users. In addition, new stickers based on the Fallout 4 Nuka-World mascots, Bottle and Cappy, are available now.


That is quite the update. Fallout Shelter has been a hit since it launched and just seems to get better and better.

Source: PR Email

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pokemon sun and moon

No GravatarTakashi Mochizuki revealed on twitter that The Pokémon Company has shipped over 10 million units of Pokémon Sun and Moon as the initial shipment.


This unprecedented shipment shows Nintendo has a lot of faith in these games.Pokémon Sun and Moon are going to be one of the biggest releases for Nintendo in recent years and this shows confidence in healthy sales.

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pokemon sun and moon

No GravatarThe Pokémon Company and Nintendo have released a new trailer showing of start Pokémon Z-moves and other amazing new content For Pokémon Sun and Moon. You can check it out below. The reviews are already coming in and Pokémon Sun and Moon seems to be a hit critically.




No Gravatarmario-runSuper Mario Run is Nintendo’s first big mobile game (miitomo being less of a game and more of a social media app), and as such it has been highly anticipated. We now have a release date for the game on iOS devices however. The game will be released on December 15th, and you can play some of its content for free right away. You can also pay a one time fee of $9.99 for a full game unlock to access all the content at once.

Super Mario Run will launch in 151 countries, supports multiple languages and is a times exclusive for the iOS app store. Will you be buying it or checking it out?




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Valkyrie Profile is a legendary RPG series that broke new ground and brought genuine innovation to the genre.  The creators of the series, Tri-Ace have since teamed with Spike Chunsoft and the result? A spiritual successor in the form of Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky, a game that truly earns the title of successor. Rarely has there been an attempt to replicate the success of an earlier franchise, that has succeeded so well.

Exist Archive is played in a side scrolling 2D plane, much like the earlier Valkyrie Profile series, along with metroidvania elements as well. The world is one of the most beautifully detailed video game worlds this generation, with artwork and visuals that truly must be seen to be believed. The music is also excellent, especially by JRPG standards, and I recommend listening to it fully as best as you can. In addition, both Japanese and English voice acting is included, which is great for fans of Japanese voice acting.

The combat system in the game is truly awesome, and all battles can be enjoyed. You use four members in combat and each are mapped to one of the face buttons of the Dualshock 4.  The combat itself requires some thought, since you need to vary between attacking and guarding, especially when you need to save points called Action Points. Action Points are needed to attack and therefore the battles end up as a game of chess. You need to know when to attack and when to save your characters based on your enemies. I like this system and it made each battle fun.

All in all, I think that if there is any downside to Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky on PS4, is that it feels like it is missing something. It definitely has what made Valkyrie Profile great, but doesn’t use that to its full potential. My hope is that the game gets a sequel that allows it to truly live up to its heritage.

I would still recommend Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky and suggest checking it out.


Disclaimer: We were provided with a review copy of the game.



No Gravatarx3Mega Man fans rejoice. Mega Man X3 comes to the 3DS eshop tomorrow.

Join Mega Man X and Zero in a battle to save Dopple Town!

After discovering a virus that is turning intelligent and peaceful robots known as Reploids into rogue Mavericks, the scientist Dr. Doppler successfully creates an antivirus to the phenomenon. The reformed Reploids then move into Dopple Town, a place where humans and Reploids can live together in harmony. But when an outbreak occurs causing the Reploids to turn back into Mavericks, Maverick Hunters Mega Man X and Zero are sent to contain the situation.

Choose either Mega Man X or Zero as you run, jump, dash, scale walls, avoid obstacles, and fight enemies in eight challenging stages. At the end of each stage, defeat the boss to gain a special weapon that will aid you in the upcoming battles. Will you be the cure for this latest outbreak?

This game is only playable in 2D.


This is my personal favourite of the Mega Man x series and I hope you all enjoy it!




No Gravatarpokemon_go_logo




Thanks to Data Miners at the Silph Road, we now know that new data has been added in Pokémon Go. This new data contains all the Pokémon from Gen 2 but not their moveset data yet. Also of note is that Ditto and his move, transform, were added. This data is not yet active and we do not know when it will be.  It seems like a big update is planned for Pokémon Go. Perhaps this can make the game even bigger than it already is?