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One of the biggest mobile markets out there is China, and while Niantic, Pokemon Co. and Nintendo would love to have Pokémon Go release there, it doesn’t seem to ever be happening. This is due to the Chinese state censor blocking the game from release in there due to security risks. Specifically, these include “a threat to geographical information security and the threat to transport and the personal safety of consumers.”

While this may seem excessive, it is worth noting that there have been multiple reports of injuries and accidents caused by people playing Pokémon Go while distracted. As well, gaming addiction is actually a major concern in China, with extreme cases having made headlines in the country. Given these facts, it does make sense that the government would have several concerns.


No GravatarNintendo has announced that pre-registration has now opened for Super Mario Run on Android smartphones and tablets and you can sign up here to be ready to play. Hopefully the game will have a better sale rate on Android than it did on iOS where actual purchases were low. See the announcement below



No GravatarNintendo has announced that Super Mario Run has already reached 50 million downloads. They sent out the tweet you can see below, to make the announcement. Super Mario Run has come a long way in a very short time and broken numerous records. Nintendo has been very smart about how they have pursued mobile thus far.




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Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima talked with Kyoto Shimbun in more detail about the company’s mobile plans. He noted that starting in 2017, they would like to bring out two or three mobile games each year. Given the success of Super Mario Run, this is seen as a positive move for them. Speaking of Super Mario Run, he noted the title has thus far achieved 40 million downloads and says that it has met their expectations, but they believe that number could grow to 100 million. He also noted that Nintendo is taking feedback on the game and that it has a high ratio of paying customers. Kimishima stated that smartphones will support the console line of Nintendo and work to expand the player base. The goal being to use the smartphone games to get people talking and look at the Switch when it comes out in March.

This is all good news for Nintendo and it is good to hear that their plan is to use these games to promote their systems.


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Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Run has been downloaded 40 million times in just 4 days. This is an even faster download rate than Pokémon Go and has broken App Store records. It is not clear how many of the downloads led to purchases but there was an estimate by e 3rd party of at least 14 million dollars in revenue ( and this was before 4 days on the market had passed). While it is not known how well the game will continue to do, it seems to have done its task of increasing brand awareness for Nintendo, going into the Switch era.



No GravatarNintendo has released a live action commercial for Super Mario Run. The production values are high on this and if this is the new level of intensity they are bringing to their marketing, then Nintendo has some good days ahead of them with the Switch. Check out the trailer below.


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Nintendo has commissioned Peanut Labs, a subsidiary of Research Now to do a survey about awareness of Super Mario Run. Among those asked were female gamers, male gamers ages 18 to 24, and male gamers 25 to 49  with household incomes of $100,000 or more.

What was shown that, among mobile gamers, only 52 percent are familiar with the idea and concept of Super Mario Run for mobile, which isn’t very reassuring.

This survey suggests Nintendo to be more aggressive about how to advertise for Super Mario Run in order to ensure people are aware for launch. It remains to be seen if word of mouth alone will help like was the case with Pokémon Go.



No Gravatarfallout-shelter-wallpaperBethesda sent out the following

The award-winning Fallout Shelter continues to grow larger and larger on both mobile and PC platforms this month with the release of Update 1.9, which delivers all-new Quests including an exciting new location – the Caves – plus fun Thanksgiving celebrations including new stickers for iOS 10 iMessage.

Update 1.9 Content Includes:


  • New Location for Quests – Cave: In addition to abandoned buildings and derelict Vaults, Overseers can send Dwellers on spelunking adventures in a brand-new backdrop that will be immediately familiar to Fallout 4 fans – dark, mysterious caves.


  • New Quests: Update 1.9 introduces even more Quests for the demanding Overseer, including new regular, weekly, and special event Holiday Quests during the Thanksgiving celebration.


  • Holiday Festivities: The holiday celebrations continue in the Vault! In November, the Fallout Shelter Thanksgiving event will unlock limited time Quests, specially themed room visuals, and Thanksgiving outfits available in Lunchboxes. In December, Overseers will also celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with additional limited time quests and special rewards.


  • New iMessage Stickers: Building on the popularity of the Halloween stickers, Update 1.9 will introduce special Thanksgiving-themed stickers for iOS 10 iMessage users. In addition, new stickers based on the Fallout 4 Nuka-World mascots, Bottle and Cappy, are available now.


That is quite the update. Fallout Shelter has been a hit since it launched and just seems to get better and better.

Source: PR Email

No Gravatarmario-runSuper Mario Run is Nintendo’s first big mobile game (miitomo being less of a game and more of a social media app), and as such it has been highly anticipated. We now have a release date for the game on iOS devices however. The game will be released on December 15th, and you can play some of its content for free right away. You can also pay a one time fee of $9.99 for a full game unlock to access all the content at once.

Super Mario Run will launch in 151 countries, supports multiple languages and is a times exclusive for the iOS app store. Will you be buying it or checking it out?



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Thanks to Data Miners at the Silph Road, we now know that new data has been added in Pokémon Go. This new data contains all the Pokémon from Gen 2 but not their moveset data yet. Also of note is that Ditto and his move, transform, were added. This data is not yet active and we do not know when it will be.  It seems like a big update is planned for Pokémon Go. Perhaps this can make the game even bigger than it already is?