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If I could put myself in a group of gamers, or if there was a way to rank myself as a gamer, I would say that I am a jack of all trades,.  However, there are some genres that I truly enjoy, and that is puzzles.  For me, puzzles are a good way to strengthen the mind, to put our brains to work, and help us have better visual skills and deductive skills. The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind for the Nintendo 3DS is one game that it allowed me to take a breath and just immerse myself on the strange world of the Baron. Before we start, there is something I would like to point out: to better enjoy the game, headphones are needed. I think that you need to experience this story on your own, so I won’t spoil anything story related on my review. I’ll point out the things that I liked about the game, and my complaints, so lets do this.

DDOVAHSM02 copia


The objective of Von Sottendorff is to escape from his mansion, with scattered rooms and a series of challenges that will help him regain his sanity.  In the process you learn about his story, so in each level you have 3 objectives: gather all scattered memories (5 in each level), get a puzzle piece (that is story related), and a key( that opens the lock door on each level).  In order to clear your primary objectives, you have to jump, move around, take a good look at your surroundings, and think before doing your move.  On the first levels (that serve as a tutorial) besides the aforementioned items, you can find paper hats (I think that they are paper boats, but the Baron is crazy right?).  These are your lives as a hint.  Do not leave the level without getting them, since you will need them in later levels. Each level puts the Baron on a series of rooms that can be moved, and this is the core of the experience.  Since in order to find all items in each level, you will have to move each of the rooms.  For example, in one stage the key is “suspended” on the air, there is a hole in the ceiling.  In other room, there is a hole on the ground.  You have to move the rooms accordingly so that the room that has a hole is on top of the room with the key on the air.  In this way, when you fall on the hole you will get the key.  It is simple but fun.

I like the fact that you have to plan ahead.  You have to be on the room (in some cases) in order to solve the puzzle.  Sometimes you have to move to rooms to get to a specific place in order to solve it, so it provides some serious thinking instead of just moving around.  As you progress through the levels, you get access to more actions such as moving levers, boxes, and the Baron’s signature move: the use of the trumpet.  This is where the game gets more interesting, and the puzzles get more creative.  By using the trumpet, you can make invisible platforms appear.  These are used to get to higher places and get items, but there is a catch: you have a limited amount of uses, so you have to think carefully when to use the trumpet.  This adds to the variety of the puzzles.  It can also be used to defend against some hazards such as suits of armor.  It is worth mentioning that you can move the camera with the D-pad, which is extremely helpful since some items are hidden from sight.  A little camera movement can go a long way to make our adventure easier because it helps with the room placement and to get the doors on the rooms to match.

The game offers 8 different worlds with 5 levels each ( 40 levels).  Each one is more unique and harder, but it wouldn’t be a puzzle adventure without challenge.  There are different enemies, so you have a lot to do in order to free the Baron from his madness.  Graphically, it looks okay.  Each areas have tons of details, and you can interact with different objects, even if they are not part of the puzzle itself.  For example, in one level you find a radio, and if you interact with it, you can hear an interesting point to the story.  This type of little touches are what makes the game a good experience, since you have to take into account that each of the details and objects in each level is part of the Baron’s distorted mind and ultimately his life.  Playing with headphones (as mentioned previously) is the way to go.  The game takes full advantage of your headphones by channeling certain audio queues and dialogue to certain areas.  This contributes to the immersive nature of Von Sottendorff, and you can feel the dialogue dancing from your left and right side.  It is a cool feature, and its the first time that I have experience something like this in a video game.  The music is really good and goes right with the background of the Baron.  Whimsical tunes and sounds make it even more worth playing with headphones.

If I could say that Von Sottendorff is perfect, I would lie.  However, the only thing that I did not like is the fixed camera (I mentioned that you can move the camera with the D-pad).  In some levels, the Baron becomes hard to see due to elements such as stairs or platforms.  In these cases, it’s hard to move the camera to a position in which you can see the Baron and the objects in the room.  It is especially frustrating in the rooms with enemies.  For example, there is a level in which you have to jump over a set of stairs, but there is a rat just near the last jump.  The camera angle makes it hard to see it, so you have to move the camera to an acceptable angle in order to sort through the obstacle.  I lost some lives, but it was the only issue at least for me.

Bottom Line: The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Square Mind is one of the puzzle gems that you have to play.  It offers a unique way to tell a story and has a good challenge for the puzzles.  However, they are made in a way that does not overwhelm the player.  The music and the art style are perfect for the game, and the story is really good.  But don’t believe me; you have to try it yourself.  I definitely recommend The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Square Mind to any 3DS owner.


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Circle Entertainment has brought a lot of unique titles to the 3DS eshop so far. My favorites have been Mercenaries Saga 2 and Fairune. Still, anything the publisher brings to the eshop seems to be worth a look at least.

One title I never played that Circle Entertainment brought to the 3DS was The Legend of Dark Witch. I had no idea what it was about and there wasn’t much hype surrounding it. So, when I got a review code for The Legend of Dark Witch 2, I had no idea what to expect but thought that since it was from Circle Entertainment it couldn’t be told bad…right? Here’s what I thought.


Image result for The Legend of Dark Witch 2

The Legend of Dark Witch 2 has a very anime/manga inspired storyline. So how much you enjoy the story depends on how much you like anime/manga. I’m not really a fan of either, so I didn’t like the story that much. I thought the dialogue was corny too. I also have no idea how the story connects up with the first game. Dark Witch 2 doesn’t have the worst story I’ve ever seen though. I’m sure some people will like it.


Image result for The Legend of Dark Witch 2 3DS

There are many similarity’s between The Legend of Dark Witch 2 and Mega Man. Much like the aforementioned game, you’ll run, jump, shoot enemies, and fight bosses that’ll end up giving you their powers. Dark Witch also allows you to pick which boss area you want to go to. That said, there are some differences between the two games.

The Legend of Dark Witch 2 isn’t just a copycat game. Dark Witch is a lot more anime/manga inspired than other action platformers out there. The Japanese influence on the game is more pronounced and you’ll either like that or not. I wasn’t a big fan of the anime influence, but it didn’t ruin the game for me. I had some fun with this game and one of the reasons was because Dark Witch has a lot of customization options.

Image result for The Legend of Dark Witch 2

One of my favorite elements in Dark Witch 2 is how you can go to the in-game shop and upgrade your character’s speed, jump, the various powers you obtain for the enemies, and more. Plus you can buy extras that’ll help you through the levels. And all of these upgrades not only improve your character, but they make the game more fun too. I thought the character’s movement felt very stiff at first, but once I upgraded my character, I found that the stiff movement had been on purpose. Dark Witch’s controls work really well and that becomes very clear once you upgrade your character. The customization for Dark Witch doesn’t stop there though.

Dark Witch 2 also gives you a lot of options for the way the game controls, such as changing button layout, how long you hold a button, changing if you hear the game’s music and voice, and many other options too. I found myself actually using some of these options to help make my experience with the game more enjoyable. The way you can change Dark Witch 2 to your liking is a very cool feature. Though, I have to say, I was disappointed when it came to The Legend of Dark Witch’s use of the 3DS’s unique features.

Image result for The Legend of Dark Witch 2

Dark Witch doesn’t do a good job supporting the 3DS. The game doesn’t have 3D at all (see the graphics section for more about this) and while it does have touch screen support, its not really needed. The game’s button controls are perfect for switching weapons, firing, and anything else you need. The second screen does show your weapons but I wish it had been used for a map or something else instead. Despite these issues, The Legend of Dark Witch 2 is a good game.

Dark Witch is definitely a game for fans of action platformers. You’ll also get even more enjoyment out of it if you like anime/manga. And while the game is short, especially if you play on Very Easy mode, there are plenty of extras to make you want to play the game again. I didn’t love The Legend of Dark Witch, but I think there will be some people who do.


Dark Witch’s graphics are pretty simple, but the backgrounds in each level are visually interesting and so are the game’s enemies. Though I do wish there was a bigger variety in enemies. And I have to say, I was excited to see how the game looked in 3D until I found out there was no 3D.

I think this game would have looked amazing in 3D. It’s a shame the feature wasn’t used. The backgrounds for Dark Witch 2, especially, looked like they would have lent themselves well to this game.

Overall, The Legend of Dark Witch’s graphics are good, but we’ve certainly seen better from Circle Entertainment. Check out Mercenaries Saga 2 and Fairune!


The soundtrack in Dark Witch ranges from annoying to perfectly fine. In the end, I didn’t care for the game’s music that much. I thought the game’s sound effects were pretty good though.

One thing I don’t understand about Dark Witch is why the game had Japanese voice acting only. Why wasn’t the voice acting translated to English too? I realize there are some people who like Japanese voice acting and don’t want it to be changed. I guess if you understand Japanese, that’s fine. But I never really understood why anyone who didn’t understand the language would want it. Thankfully, you can shut the game’s voice acting off completely and it becomes a non-issue. Still, I would’ve liked to have seen English voice acting here.


The Legend of the Dark Witch 2 is good game, especially if you like action platformers and anime/manga. The game provides plenty of customization in controls and sound output. There are also a lot of extras to unlock once you beat the game, which adds a ton of replay. However, I do wish the game had made better use of the 3DS, especially the 3D and second screen. There were a few other things that I wish had been different about the game, but none of its problems are game breaking. I’m sure there will be many people who love The Legend of Dark Witch 2.

If you are a fan of action platformers, then you should definitely give The Legend of Dark Witch 2 a look. The game is currently available on the 3DS eshop.

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No GravatarWell, delving into Citizens of Earth, a new turn-based RPG from Eden Industries and Atlus, I was only expecting it to be a short, basic, easy game that may or may not be fun. It turns out to be a prime example of not judging a book by its cover. What is seemingly a small digital title hides what easily could have been a full retail release, yet it only costs a quarter of the price. Citizens of Earth offers much more than your average AAA games released today.

CoE_Screenshots (9)

Within the first few minutes of starting the game I was already hooked on its charm. Even more so after the next few minutes when a clever parody of a well known coffee chain surfaces, Moonbucks. The first few groups of enemies including Cappuccinerds and Decaffinators already had me laughing to myself, even further as the story continued, with more zany enemies and characters to be discovered. The game is definitely not short on witty puns and references to other fabled video game franchises that will have you cracking up whilst playing. There is no rigidly set way for how you choose to continue on, with many side quests and challenges to complete. One must also pay careful attention to detail, including what is revealed as clues, many times only being revealed once and could leave you wandering the world aimlessly in hopes of finding what is required. Although there is a HUD available for the current section of the map there is no overall world map. Combined with the default zoom level, the intricate and specific ways that many areas need to be accessed add to the overall challenge. There were some minor bugs that made it a bit more confusing, like part of Chapter 3 was showing it still needed to be completed, while chapter 4 had already been finished. The game itself crashed a couple of times but the auto save is very liberal, leaving little to no progress lost.





As the Vice President of the World, your quest begins with investigating all the strange on goings in your hometown. As you progress, you recruit more citizens to help on your journey. They also are responsible for not getting your hands dirty, as the VP, they will fight all you turn based battles while you cheer them on (no the battles aren’t automatic, the VP just becomes an NPC cheerleader during them). In total, there are 40 citizens that offer varying degrees of quests to recruit. Not only does each one have a level that increases with XP earned in battle, they also have unique talents that also increase with talent XP. Some of these talents are required to progress while others are very helpful, such as fast travel, difficulty slider (which offers differing bonuses base on setting), and removing obstacles on the map. Combat is basic turned based, with 3 citizens of your choosing, partaking in battles. As with their talents, each have unique combat skills, an unlock more through experience, the depth and variation of which can greatly alter the outcome. The voice acting is intentionally cheesy, yet puts shame to some other big name video game appearances of late that were rather lackluster. The VP especially, left me constantly reminded of an Adam West type performance.

CoE_Screenshots (6)

Overall, Citizens of Earth is an intricate, detailed, fun filled experience. Those that may scoff at it for its appearance of a small or indie game are truly missing out. Some have said it’s a knock off or a lower version of games of old, yet it is nothing of the sort. Of course there are similarities based upon the game’s inspiration, but it has enough merit to stand on its own. I enjoyed all 43 hours and 3 minutes that it took to achieve 100% completion and now that I have a full idea on the layout and progression, I look forward to a second play through. Those looking for a throwback, turn based RPG cannot go wrong with Citizens of Earth, especially at $15.99 (or less with PS Plus and Steam sales). So hop to it and save the world today.


CoE_Screenshots (6)

CoE_Screenshots (115)

smoking mirror 2 title

No GravatarIt’s been a while since I’ve played point and click adventure games; they were a childhood staple for me. Most kids had either a Gameboy or a console, both if they were lucky, for me it was adventure and educational computer games. I grew up in a strict household where if we were having fun we better be doing something that wasn’t making our brain rot so that’s how I ended up playing lots of point and click games. From what I remember most of those games probably wouldn’t be much fun for me today, but those mystery and puzzle games had always been fun to figure out. Apart from Nancy Drew I hadn’t really ventured in the point and click adventure game genre since but Broken Sword 2 has refreshed my curiosity.

smoking mirror 2 title

Definitely not for kids it’s the second game in the Broken Sword series which revolve around the adventures of George Stobbart and Nico Collard. The remastered game is available in both PC and mobile devices in download format. In this installment Nico goes with George to investigate a carved Mayan stone she came across while investigating a drug ring. When she goes to a professor’s house to get more info George is knocked out and she is immediately abducted. The game has you step in the shoes of both Nico and George to unravel a strange conspiracy that puts their lives in danger and might have the fate of the world rest in its balance.

The controls are easy to figure out in both mobile and computer with options to look, talk, pick up, and interact depending on the nature of the thing you’re clicking on. With simple controls you’re free to examine and figure your way through the game. One of the things that has always been frustrating for me was the common stuck feeling I always got when playing through these types of games, but Broken Sword 2 has hints to help you through the game when you need a nudge. My favorite thing about the hint feature is the games give you escalating hints that go from slight nudges to detailed instructions on what to do the more hints you ask for, which allows you to still get the satisfaction of figuring things out and not have to consult walkthroughs if you hit a brick wall.

This game is hard enough to not be a one sitting game, requiring me to stop playing halfway through so I don’t finish by the time the sun rises again. According to Steam I played for 8 hours, your experience may vary.


Perhaps what made my game drag out so much was the witty dialogue and excellent voice acting, which had me pick every talking option with the other characters. If you’re like me in that aspect you’ll enjoy some of the jokes throughout the game, one of my favorite involves a tequila worm I picked up, and you have the option of showing it to most characters you encounter in the game with Stobbart himself seeming to notice his strange attraction to the worm as the game progresses. Everything else is top notch too. This game came out in the 90’s so there’s only so much you can remaster until it loses its old fashioned charm, and to me it seems tweaked enough to still feel like a game from the era but enough retouching to make the game look like a really good version of its old self. The cut scenes are some of the most gratifying things you get out of the game and push you to see how the story ends. The new game even comes with a prequel comic, a great bonus for such a satisfying game.

Smoking Mirror 2 bonus comic

So what I’m saying is you should definitely check out the remastered version of Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror, it’s a great game. If you want to watch the trailer be mindful that it might contain some spoilers.


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PAX welcome

PAX East 2014 was my fourth PAX but my first time going as Media.  As always, PAX East was a great experience! Every year PAX East is held in Boston, so I enjoy being able to see another part of the East Coast while checking out all the video games.

This year I got to see many different video games, the most notable of which included This War of Mine from 11 Bit Studios, Sniper Elite 3 and Defense Grid 2 from 505 Games and Hidden Path Entertainment, and Framed from Loveshack Entertainment.  All of these games were very different from one another but brought a lot to the table to create an enjoyable experience. This War of Mine allows you to gain insight into the struggle of a war torn country from a very individual level of trying to survive day to day.  Sniper Elite 3 brought a new and fun entry into shooters with absolutely amazing and awe-worthy graphics.  Defense Grid 2 was an amazingly fun tower defense game that doesn’t fail to keep you on your toes.  Framed was a very unique entry with a puzzle style journey through a mystery.  I plan to get all of these games the minute they’re available and I highly recommend each and every one of them.

Of course, there was far more to see during PAX East as the expanse of the show floor and panels is ginormous! 2014 was definitely the year of the indie games for PAX East.  The presence of AAA games seemed to be a bit light and I was quite worried when I saw the schedule, but PAX East did not disappoint.


An organization I would definitely like to highlight is Operation Supply Drop. As an Army brat (my parents served in the Army for a long time) and having a lot of friends in the military, it definitely makes me happy to see an organization that makes it their mission to help out the troops.  Operation Supply Drop does just that and more. I met with Captain Stephen Machuga of the US Army and Charity Founder. Captain Machuga, as well as everyone at OSD’s booth exhuded passion and enthusiasm about their mission to bring “video games to soldiers in combat zones and military hospitals.”  Being in a combat zone, in military hospitals, and other areas where soldiers serve can be extremely stressful so OSD does their best to make “fun where there is none!” There was never a dull moment at the booth while there or passing and I’ve seen so much enthusiasm from the gaming community to help their cause.  It’ll be very interesting to see how OSD expands and grows further to be such a great presence for our troops.  For more information about their cause and how to help out, check out their website at, their Twitter @OpSupplyDrop, and their Facebook page at

I also got to check out numerous booths on the show floor which is always exciting. GUNNAR Optiks never disappoints with their selection of gaming eyewear. I even snagged myself a pair from their Intercept line in Ink (purple). I always get a pair of GUNNARs every time I go to PAX East and absolutely love them. Whether I’m gaming or staring at a computer screen, GUNNARs help reduce the strain in my eyes. I’ve also found that their line of sunglasses are absolutely wonderful and are far better than all of the other sunglasses that I own.

GUNNARs Intercept Ink

Me with Gunnars

As always, PAX East was a great experience and I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance.  It’s worth the fun and craziness and the video game culture galore!  Everyone is excited and happy to be there with so many things to do with such a short amount of time!

Although I may not attend next year, you may be able to catch me at PAX South and PAX Prime next year. I, also, plan to be at Otakon this summer and Baltimore Comic Con this fall.

Did you go? What did you think of PAX East? Is there anything from my experience at PAX East that you’d like to hear more about? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @LadyLoveMonster!


No GravatarInspired by Adventure Time, Minecraft, and Legend of Zelda, May’s Loot Crate has to be my favorite so far! Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box filled with nerdy goodies – toys, stickers, t-shirts, etc. It’s like getting nerd Christmas every month! This month featured a Legend of Zelda t-shirt. If you look closely, it’s Link made out of words. My very favorite item in this Loot Crate was the Adventure Time tin. Not only do you get an awesome character tin, but you get a blind bag figure inside. My tin was Fionna and I got BMO inside! This was my favorite because those are two of my favorite Adventure Time characters.


A very close second for favorite item is the Legend of Zelda key chain. It doubles as a bottle opener and it has a picture of the famous scene, “It’s dangerous to go alone…” I always love when Loot Crates come with practical items. Another item worth mentioning was a Minecraft blind bag “hanger,” which I guess works as a key chain because the ring on it is sturdy enough for one. I got a skeleton.

Other items in this month’s Crate are tons and tons of stickers from Polaris and Maker studios, as well as a soundtrack for the talk show The Friend Zone.


One strange thing about this month’s Loot Crate, however, is that it didn’t come with the usual monthly magazine that explains what came in it and the occasional article. Maybe it was just a mistake and they forgot to put it in my Crate?

Either way, I would consider May’s Loot Crate to be my all-time favorite so far. If you like what you see, Loot Crate is $20 per month, including shipping. Go to to sign up and be sure to follow Loot Crate on Facebook for discounts and contests.

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I’m a big mystery fan, even though I’m not good at actually solving mysteries. Well, I’m not terrible at it. There are times I get it all figured out before Poirot makes the announcement, but not often. But I’m a nerd. Growing up I read all the time, especially mystery novels, and because I love them I am a sucker for trying to solve a new one. That’s why when I saw the game “Home” on Kim of the YOGSCAST’s channel, I just had to try it.


Home is a horror-adventure game. It’s a pixel style game, and is a murder mystery, but not like you’re expecting. Initially I would have passed this game over because of the pixel style and the side-scrolling viewpoint, but I’m glad I didn’t.

The game starts with the player waking up in a dark room. He doesn’t know where he is, why he’s there, or how he got his flashlight, but he sets out to answer all these questions and more. You take the main character through an old house, underground tunnels, the sewer system, an old train station, an abandoned factory, and a local grocery store before finally making it back home. While doing all of this you uncover “clues”. I put that in quotes because these items and bits of information your find are not really clues until you get to the end of the game.


Why is that important? Because you are the one who decides what the truth is. You collect all kinds of information in this short game, but does any of it matter? That’s up to you. This game is…interesting in that way. I’ve played through it twice and I’m still not sure I got it. Notes were taken, and I never do that. Of course, I feel like there is an over abundance of information. It could be on purpose, just to make you all the more confused, but I can’t say for sure.

Home is short. It requests an hour and a half of your time, and could take up to a couple of hours, but it isn’t extensive. It’s only three dollars on Steam, and iOS, but it is re-playable. Missing clues leads to different dialogue, different options in the end game. So, going back to see what you missed is worthwhile.


If you like mystery, a little bit of horror, and pixel style games, I recommend to you “Home”. It’s a good bit of fun, and not too expensive or time consuming.

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One of the best ways to know how well a story is written is when it drags you in and become emotionally attached to a character or plot within it. Nihilumbra has that story and character as the tutorial just had me in tears as I had flashbacks in all the most negative ways. The more and more I played the more and more I was dragged into the depths of depression as I tried all that I could to to enjoy the game. I completed as much as I could after the tutorial but I couldn’t go any further. I closed the game and tried to calm my nerves. Coffee, cigarettes, talking to family, all of this couldn’t get me out of this funk I’m in, so I’m carrying on as I write this review.

The Good:

The story, the story, the story. What else can be said about a silent protagonist that escapes “The Void” only to be tracked down by monsters that want to make the hero a part of “The Void” yet again? Nothing, but what really makes the story come to life is the narrator.  The disembodied voice, helps out when needed but in between moments of usefulness, he decides to rip into you verbally. It adds a new wrinkle in the game, as you have assistance, yet you have this sense of someone giving you the middle finger while your the only one there.

The artwork done on the game is by far the best I’ve ever seen. With the unique monsters and the lead character itself (Him, Her?! The hell if I know.) looking like nothing I’ve never seen before.

The game gives you colors as your power ups. Blue makes the ground covered in ice, as green allows you to bounce higher after leaping off a high perch. These powers are so balanced that there’s not one that’s overpowered, and you will catch yourself using all the powers through the game.  You use the mouse scroll wheel to quickly switch between the acquired powers and you move with WASD keys so for those FPS players that want a game that they don’t have to relearn the controles, this is for you!

The Bad and The Ugly:

This game is the first form of entertainment that actually made me cry, due to the story hitting too close to home. I might be reaching far, but the best part of the game might also be a downfall about it. I might not have been in the right mindset to take on such a emotional role, but it had to be done.

The minor thing that was such  was that when the voice over started and you went on to the next screen, you would have to kill yourself somehow to go back and listen to it all over again.

Overall it was a awesome game, but I wouldn’t recommend it to gamers who had a tough, personal issue in the past.

Nihilumbra is now available on PC, Linux, and Mac, buy directly from official website to get both a Desura and Steam key for the game. You can also play on the go by downloading it on any of your iOS devices. This review is based off the gaming experience on PC so gameplay might be different on your mobile devices.

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Listening to Senbonzakura with Miku

No GravatarHardcore Hatsune Miku fanboys and fangirls feel loneliness no more because the great and benevolent makers of… well essentially a waifu app with Miku, released a translation of their popular game unto the English market. But before spending your hard earned $3.99 on this app you must be asking yourselves is it any good?

Tutorial begining screen

Essentially the app claims it will allow you to “enjoy music more with Miku” and I say they’ve delivered pretty well on that promise. This is not a gaming app and has limited interactivity, so I only recommend this to hardcore Vocaloid fans. I shall explain it in greater detail after the pretty pictures.

End of tutorial screen

Forever and ever and ever…..

Listening to Senbonzakura with Miku

Just listening to Senbonzakura while Miku jams along makes this app worth every penny.

Essentially this is another type of music player. You pick what songs you want to listen to and when you press play you can get to listen to your favorite songs with Miku. Now let’s make it clear she doesn’t dance or sing along, she moves to the rhythm with some head bopping and other stuff to break the routine. The element that makes this app more than just a buddy to listen to music with is the interaction element.

You interact with Miku by gaining points you get from listening to music with her. When you spend a point you can ask her a question, get asked a question, and if you’re lucky get a high five. What’s truly a shame is some of the questions are repeated over and over again to the point you answer or ask other stuff out of boredom, she’s lucky all her reactions are cute.

Interesting answers


The Engrish isn’t strong with this translation, but it is present. The game is also riddled with glitches I randomly happen to stumble upon and definitely needs some fixing here and there. My main pet peeve is the bar with the time and battery life is present on top unlike other apps, and the game has a clock so it isn’t like I need it.

Item to collect: smartphone

At least she’s rich enough to get me nice things ^_^


The best part of this game though is the items she gives you when you fill the interaction bubble. It’s always interesting to see what the latest item she gave me is and I’m looking forward to getting every single one of them.

It’s a nice simple app to keep you company. Play too long with it and you will be bored, so just use it to fill in those calm moments when you listen to music to add flavor to your daily routine. If you need some more fanservice, there are 3 additional outfit and head sets, although I don’t think they’re worth their cost ($3.99 same as the game). You can get the game on iTunes now!


No GravatarShiny! Or maybe not so shiny, according to a lot of fans.

The news was announced today at San Diego Comic Con. Firefly, a cult classic directed by Joss Whedon was aired on Fox for only 14 episodes, along with the movie Serenity, but it has a massive following. The Browncoats, as fans call themselves, have been raging and crying for something to fill in the Serenity crew gap, so QMx Interactive, Fox Digital Entertainment, and Spark Plug Games have put Firefly Online together to try to attempt to quell the fire. But will it be enough?

Most likely not. For one, fans are still (and rightly so) carrying a grudge against Fox for canceling Firefly in the first place. Joss Whedon refused to give in to Fox’s demands to change some scenarios and character personalities, and thus, Firefly was gone as quickly as it swooped in.

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”

Secondly, it will initially come to iOS and Android devices once it releases in Summer of 2014. Although I’ll admit that there are a number of great games for these operating systems, Firefly Online will burst with popularity and quickly die out because MMORPG’s are not really meant for tablets or smartphones; they’re really meant to be experienced on a PC.

Thirdly, Spark Plug games have some big shoes to fill. Titles by Spark Plug include Plight of the Zombie, Puzzle Quest, and Dairy Queen Tycoon. Their track record doesn’t show that they could pull off something this huge, since their games are more fun and simple based. Also, their graphics are very cartoon-ish, so to try to take on this mission to satisfy hundreds of thousands of fans is pretty daunting.

Looking at the trailer, it doesn’t look promising. And I’m sorry to completely lose hope because if you follow me on twitter or facebook, you saw my all caps tweet about how excited I was. Digging deeper, I became more disappointed the more I read. At best, it looks like a game to keep yourself occupied when you’re waiting for your friend at Starbucks or between college classes. I want this game to be gripping, competitive, and upstanding of the Firefly and Joss Whedon name.

Could it be great? Sure it can. The trailer didn’t reveal anything more than the main objective of the game, which is to find a crew, get a job, and keep flying. I suspect that it will be a time-passer on the iOS and Android devices, but maybe it will become something better when and if it hits PC.

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