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In a move that set the internet on fire, Namco Bandai announced that Noctis, the main protagonist from Final Fantasy XV is coming to Tekken 7 in the third DLC pack in March 2018. You have plenty of time to check out Final Fantasy XV from now until that pack is released.

Here is the Trailer!

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No GravatarToday, Rockstar Games released the trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of the Award-winning Action Thriller. With Switch Exclusive touch screen controls including a Joy-Con mode with gyroscopic, gesture-based controls. The Nintendo Switch version also has HD rumble and new wide and over-the-shoulder camera angles.

This is looking like another great game re-envisioned for the Nintendo Switch.

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Toby Turner (a.k.a. “TobyGames” and “Tobuscus”) is an all-around awesome and hilarious YouTube gamer with about 15 million subscribers and 3.7 billion views spread over his three channels.

Toby was kind to let us pick his brain on a few different topics and we are delighted to share the results with you!

Q: When it comes to doing YouTube videos (or streaming, for that matter), everyone has a different story about how they got into it. I think this would be a good place to start. What got you into the idea of becoming a “YouTube gamer?”

Toby: When I first moved to LA, I pretty much moved in immediately with a woman I met at the first party I went to.  We got along super well, but she was NOT a gamer – and playing video games was a thing I’d do by myself – instead of us spending quality time together – so it had that negative connotation.  When I was first able to monetize gaming videos, I realized if I really committed to making content, I could be like, “Hey, this is my job now. Gotta do it!”  It’s awesome.

Q: In the pioneering days of doing Let’s Plays and other similar content it was a bit easier to get a channel to take off. Now, with the number of people trying to “make it big” it’s considerably harder. What do you think has contributed to your channels being rather successful?

Toby: I think consistency is much more important than quality.  It’s literally a quantity over quality thing!  It’s important to keep the quality as high as you can – which is much easier now, with the editing programs sucking exponentially less than they did when I was starting out.  It blows my mind that I can make edits in Premiere and watch them without having to re-render the entire episode.  It worked like that in Final Cut Pro 7 sometimes, but only if you converted everything to a massive gigantor ProRes file (which would take forever). So I opted to just record a month’s worth of 10 minutes episodes in like 6 hours, and edit them all at once. I timed myself once and I actually edited, titled, and queued 30 episodes to export in 30 minutes.  Feels good.

Q: One of the things that strikes me the most about your channel is the level of humor and positive attitude that you bring to gaming. Have you ever played something that challenged this attitude and made it harder to keep up?

Toby: Hey, thanks!  My positive attitude quickly turns to rage at a certain threshold – like if a level seems impossible, or if the PC bluescreens, but I’d usually just end up posting those episodes, and people seem to really resonate with my frustration.  When I realized that, I started making rants.  Very cathartic.  Does that answer the question?  No?  SOONN OF A *throws headset*

Q: From a technical line of thinking, I know some up-and-coming YouTubers overthink a lot of things, spending perhaps too much time editing videos or producing them at way higher quality than they need to be (e.g. 4K60 for an indie game). Do you have any advice for these types of people, based on your experiences? What do you find that’s worth focusing on versus what ultimately won’t matter?

Toby: I’m a big fan of making my audio not suck.  I spent a lot of time figuring out how to make it sound good without increasing my workload a lot.  I think if you find the right compressor settings for your voice (forums help with that a lot), and you’re able to capture your full range of vocal audio without clipping, then you can just focus on having fun making the content.  I think that’s the most important aspect – if you’re having fun, people pick up on that.  As far as over-editing, on my Tobuscus content, I spend a lot more time on the small details that I don’t think many people necessarily pick up on.  I’m not sure if that helps me, but I like that I can go back and watch my older stuff and still love it because I polished the hell out of it.  All you gotta do is sacrifice your social life!

Q: I love how you’ve divided your “brand” so to speak into your gaming channel, your music channel, and your more personal VLOG channel. However, for those newer and less established in these areas, would you recommend them to follow a similar path or keep their content streamlined into one channel?

Toby: I’m not sure if I would recommend the multiple channel path these days.  It’s cool if the other channel takes like no time at all to maintain (one-take vlogs!).  Now that editing programs are improving, it’d be cool to just focus on one channel, and whether it’s a vlog or song or game episode, just make it awesome.  PewDiePie and Markiplier do a great job with that.

Q: Your IndieGoGo campaign was a pretty solid success. What inspired this upcoming game of yours and what do you see in the future in terms of similar projects?

Toby: The game we’re putting out, hilariously, is actually just the PC version of the game we made with the IndieGoGo.  It just took a lot, lot longer than I ever would’ve wanted.  We’re also going to release it next year on consoles (er.. that’s the plan anyway – fingers crossed!).

Q: If you had to pick one or two games that you think are underappreciated and you wish more people knew about, what would they be?

Toby: Good sweet lord Ultima Online of course.  That was the greatest game I’ve ever played.  Open world MMO, where you could kill anyone and take their stuff.  There were tons of bugs you could exploit, which I think made the game exponentially cooler.  I have so many stories from that game… but they broke it with an expansion I think, and they made it possible to bind items to your character so you’d hang onto them after dying.  Pffhshh!  You could buy these awesome houses and place them wherever you wanted, and people could actually steal your house key out of your backpack if you weren’t careful and rob your house. If you needed help in the game, these awesome looking Game Masters would teleport to you, and they had these amazing unique wizard robes, and they’d roleplay.  I want more of that.

Q: What’s your absolute favorite game (or games) of all time?

Toby: Ultima Online.  Subspace was awesome too, from the 90s.  Their motto was, “Meet people from all over the world, and then kill them.”  You can still play that one, but they got rid of the best zones.  Chaos East represent.

Q: You’re certainly a person of many talents with a lot going on. How do you keep it all together without going crazy or losing interest in any one thing?

Toby: I lose interest in what I’m working on if I don’t sprint through and make it all from start to finish.  As soon as I come up with a joke that I think is hilarious, if I’m not able to make something out of it right away, I usually just put it in a word document and forget about it for the rest of time.  All of my best everything has never been released.

Q: If you had to give advice for up-and-coming comedians, game designers, or YouTubers/streamers, what would you tell them?

Toby: Learn to do everything.  Learn to edit.  Learn Photoshop.  Watch After Effects tutorials at  Stay consistent.  Don’t hire your friends – but do hire people that you think would make a good friend.

Q: Is there anything new and exciting that you see coming in the future for you that you’d love to share with us?

Toby: I’m really excited about making more original songs.  I made a song for a sponsorship this month, called SPONSORED SONG.  I forgot how much I love doing that stuff.  Definitely going to make more Literal Trailers as well – it’s a fun challenge to try to keep them fresh, especially after making what… 40 of them?  Good lord.  Oh, also – I wrote a book in my Tobuscus Adventures world, and I’ve never done that before.  Its sort of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Zombie Apocalypse, for young adults.  I actually like it enough that I can read it all the way through and I don’t feel like I want to change any of it, which I didn’t expect.  Books are long.  Lotta words in books.  I’m looking for a publisher for that now who will allow me to retain my IP rights – hopefully, that’ll come together next year!  Woo.

Here is a TobyGames video for you to check out.

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Three months ago, Atari stunned many fans by announcing during E3 they were making a new piece of hardware. Touting an AMD processor and Radeon graphics technology, it looks like Atari is not messing around here. Here is what they had to say about the console today.

NEW YORK, NY – September 26, 2017 –Atari®, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, today released new information about Ataribox, a product that brings gaming and more to the living room. The launch also signals a return by Atari to creating its own hardware in a broad eco-system of accessories and content.  Since we announced Ataribox three months ago, we have received more than 90,000 registrations on

Ataribox has a unique modern design, influenced by iconic Atari products such as the Atari 2600. Technology wise, it is powered by an AMD customized processor with Radeon Graphics technology. Ataribox will offer games and more: bringing a full PC experience to the TV, it will also include streaming, applications, social, browsing, and music.

Ataribox will run a Linux OS, with a user interface customized for the TV. Ataribox will launch with a large back-catalog of Atari classic games, and current titles from a range of studios.  Additional details on content and partnerships will be released at a later date. Given the open nature of the OS, players will also be able to access and play compatible games from other content platforms.

“With Ataribox, we wanted to create an open system, a killer product where people can game, stream and browse with as much freedom as possible. Atari games and content will be available as well as games and content from other providers,” said Fred Chesnais, Atari Chief Executive Officer. “We also wanted to launch Ataribox with our community, and reward our fans with exclusive early access, special editions, and include them as active participants in the product rollout.”

Ataribox will first be made available via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform this fall, with targeted global launch in Spring 2018. The expected price range will be $249-$299 USD depending on specific editions and memory configurations.

“People are used to the flexibility of a PC, but most connected TV devices have closed systems and content stores. Ataribox is an open system, and while our user interface will be easy to use, people will also be free to access and customize the underlying OS,” said Feargal Mac, Ataribox General Manager. “We’ve chosen to launch Ataribox with Indiegogo given their focus on delivering technology products, and their strong international presence in over 200 countries, allowing us to reach and involve as many Atari fans around the world as possible.”

Sounds like they mean business. Here is the teaser trailer released a few months ago.

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No GravatarSplatoon 2, released later this month is the sequel to 2015’s mega hit on the Wii U. The first released received critical acclaim and praise from gamers all over the world. 2 years later we are remunerated for our patience by the release of Splatoon 2. 

The first game was an online multiplayer experience only with couch co-op available.  Now, Nintendo has listened to the masses on every iteration of social media and forums. The new single player modes in Splatoon 2 are a sight to behold. These levels are extremely well constructed and are a blast to play. 

The story of the single player campaign is Callie from the Squid Sisters in missing and you follow Marie to help defeat the Octarians. In the mode, you can try out different weapons and truly get a sense of the game mechanics. There is a ton of platforming this game mode as well. It is a mashup of traditional Splatoon and a Mario game per se’. This is a very fun mode and a refreshing change of pace for the franchise. 

The gameplay in the single player mode is some of the best yet. The variety of the levels and the way you progress through the levels are such a joy and also a challenge. The developers went all out with capabilities of Nintendo Switch hardware. This is fast paced, well designed with new gameplay elements at every corner. It is an absolute blast to play.

Get ready for Splatoon 2, check out our full review of the game coming soon.

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No GravatarCapcom just released new footage for Monster Hunter World.

This is the Demo from E3 2017, with some of the events in different order. This is what Capcom has to say about the footage.

The video takes a deeper look at how one of the upcoming title’s quests unfolds as players set off on their journey to defeat the giant new monster, Anjanath, in the lush and leafy paradise of the Ancient Forest.

Monster Hunter: World sees players take on the role of a hunter that completes various quests to hunt and slay monsters within a lively living and breathing eco-system full of predators…. and prey. In the video you can see some of the creatures you can expect to come across within the New World, the newly discovered continent where Monster Hunter: World is set, including the Great Jagras which has the ability to swallow its prey whole and one of the Monster Hunter series favorites, Rathalos.

Players are able to utilize survival tools such as the slinger and Scoutfly to aid them in their hunt. By using these skills to their advantage hunters can lure monsters into traps and even pit them against each other in an epic fierce battle. Can our hunter successfully survive the fight and slay the Anjanath? He’ll need to select his weapon choice carefully from 14 different weapon classes and think strategically about how to take the giant foe down. Don’t forget to pack the camouflaging ghillie suit!

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On this episode, we talk to the Host and Creator of The Show Radio, Andrew Alliance. We talk about his beginnings and how the show and how he himself has evolved. Andrew is a personal friend of this author and Real Otaku Gamer. We discuss E3 2017, the industry and his Geek/Gamer history. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with Andrew Alliance. The Audio Version is below.

No GravatarOn this episode of Geeks on the Internet Having a Beverage, we talk to a good friend of Real Otaku Gamer and a personal friend of this author, Melwheezy. He hosts the Geekly podcast which this author has been on a few times. He is a great guy and a knowledgeable gamer. We talked about his geek history and how the show came about and much more. Get to know Melwheezy on this episode. Download the audio version down below.

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Netflix and Konami have released the first trailer for the upcoming animated Castlevania series. The series debuts on July 7 of this year.


The series looks dark and violent and like a Castlevania series should. Check out the trailer below





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King for a Day


Yesterday, Thursday the 27th I was lucky to be one of the 30,000 to attend AMC’s King for a Day event. Armed with a terrible memory and without any way to take notes, I’ll give you a SPOILER FREE look at King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

I stepped into the theater over half an hour early to find a good quarter of the seats full. Before the movie began, hopeful showgoers were being turned away repeatedly as literally, every seat was full. Comfort be damned, I was hyped for a King Arthur movie by Guy Ritchie with Charlie Hunnam in the titular starring role! The fact they gave out some pretty sweet swag didn’t hurt either.




I went in expecting a humorous, action-packed fantasy movie with some great dialogue and I sure wasn’t let down. What I didn’t expect, however, were the epic twists on the source material – without spoiling anything the movie really handled Arthur and Excalibur well. I thought “Legend of the Sword” was a really lame part of the title originally, but now I realize just how fitting it was. Excalibur is perhaps the most well-known weapon that exists, and it is AWESOME here. It also leads to some truly amazing fight scenes, one of which is easily in my top 5 fight scenes of all time. It’s badass, it’s brilliant and it’s epic! I also really loved the depth given to the Arthurian legends, even the stone from “the sword in the stone” is given a really great twist.

Beyond the action and the great editing/humor, the characters were excellent as well. Arthur is a man who has made his own way – “from nothing comes a king” was a very accurate tagline for the film. I would’ve loved some more Goosefat Bill (Aiden Gillen, Littlefinger on Game of Thrones and Paul Serene in Quantum Break) but I’ll survive. Jude Law was an excellent Vortigern, although the movie could’ve snuck a bit more depth into his character pretty easily. The biggest surprise was Astrid Berges-Frisbey whose character – “The Mage” as she’s credited – was awesome! The rest of the cast was excellent as well, but nothing particularly sticks out in my memory a day later.

I typically don’t like reviewing a movie after only one watch, as hype and surprise can cover up a movie that really isn’t great a second time around. Heck, I typically don’t review movies anyway, but I couldn’t resist with such a surprise hit. Fans of fantasy shouldn’t pass this one up for anything, it was glorious. There were only a few scenes that really benefit from the big screen though, so you won’t really miss out waiting til it hits Redbox/Netflix/disc.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out a trailer for the movie below.