CES 2014: Atlas Wearables
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During TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield section of CES, a new product was revealed: the Atlas.

During their presentation, Atlas Wearables refers to the other products (Nike+ FuelBand, FitBit, Jawbone, etc.) on the market as “glorified pedometers.”  During the demo, Atlas Wearables shows how their product measures steps, as well as exercises without any manual input.  The Atlas syncs all workouts and information to the Atlas app, as well as other popular fitness and logging apps.  They demonstrated the product as being able to identify the differences between push ups, triangle push ups, and squats.  Atlas Wearables claims that their product can identify other activities like yoga and pilates as well.  There also seems to be a heat map that shows which parts of your body that you are working out.

Atlas Wearables stated that the MSRP will be under $200, but if you contribute to their indiegogo campaign in the amount of $130, you’ll receive 1 Atlas with a delivery estimate of December 2014.

For more information and to contribute to their campaign go to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/atlas-the-first-fitness-tracker-that-actually-tracks-your-workout

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