Chibi-Pa Moto 2011 Video Gallery

No GravatarThis year, I had a chance to go check out Chibi-Pa Moto over in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Since this was my first time ever attending, I had no idea what to expect and was a little uneasy about what I might find. What I did not expect was how overwhelmingly I enjoyed my time there zipping through the convention floor, hanging with the con attendees, interviewing the many guest that showed up, and experiencing Chibi-Pa Moto in all of its EPICness.


Below are the videos of which I shot while spending time at Chibi-Pa Moto. This includes all the interviews and coverage of everything that went down this year at Chibi-Pa, including the Real Otaku Gamer Panels I hosted this year.


Real Otaku Gamer Panel (Excerpt)


Richard Epcar Interview



Julie Maddalena Interview



David Trosko Interview



Robert Axelrod Interview



Pika Bella Chu Interview


S.S Hanami Interview



Aaron Pabon Interview


HD Ninja Interview




A big thanks and shout out to the staff that allowed me to check out the con. You all rocked and made the weekend absolutely EPIC.








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