CNN Uses Fallout 4 Image In Story About Russian Hacking
By Jonathan Balofsky On 2 Jan, 2017 At 03:33 PM | Categorized As News, News, PC Games, PlayStation, ROG News, Xbox 360/Xbox One | With 0 Comments

No GravatarCNN recently ran a story on hacking when it comes to the Russians and the US election, but what is interesting is the image they used. CNN used a screenshot from a hacking scene in Fallout 4, when they did their story. This is not unusual for media companies to do, and in the past media outlets frequently used The matrix as an example of hacking. This is because real life hacking can be too difficult for the average news watcher to understand, but hacking as seen in these movies and video games is a lot easier.

That being said, I doubt Bethesda will be happy, but considering how prevalent hacking is becoming, we might see this a lot more in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if games like Deus Ex are also used in the future.


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