Cool Man,The Simpson Arcade game Launches Today for PSN, XBL: OUT NOW
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Everyone from the early 90’s should know of the awesomeness that is the Simpsons Arcade game and the many quaters or tokens that you needed to beat the game. Konami has linked up with Backbone entertainment (the guys who brought us Bionic Commando and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 with Capcom among others in the last couple of years) to give us another shot to play this classic. This PSN/XBLA game will come with all the bells and whistles attached with the original US game an unlock-able Japanese Rom and other hidden secrets and gems of the game. Check the trailer below.


The game is coming right before the Simpsons 500th episode,and if your are a play-station plus subscriber you will get to play the game for free, so check your PSN update later on today if you have and as always you can get a free trail of plus if you haven’t already to take advantage of the sale but be warned you will have to re-up your subscription to keep the game. XBLA users the game is already out, so in the words of abu hurry up and buy then hit us up on our facebook page and see which of us are playing the game.

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