Deadlings – “Sometimes Even Death Needs Friends”
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 deadlings title

Brought to the Android & IOS mobile platforms on March 6, 2014 by Artifex Mundi sp. z o.o. and Nimbi Studios 

Meet Mr. Grim (Death) in a desperate attempt to gain friends in his lonely mundane life, he seized an golden opportunity to obtain some friends by utilizing his industrious spirit and capitalize on the zombie outbreak that is ravaging the land. Welcome to Deadlings Inc. Grim acquires a factory to manage and maintain these brain eating hordes of the undead. One by one Mr. G creates zombie types to help mankind all in an attempt to make these zombie legions into productive workers citizens 😉 and to add some new friends into his barren “Facetome” page online.

mr grim

Your mission is to use your undead team of Mr. Grim’s worker buddies to navigate through small yet technical stages filled with floor switches, saw blades, wall trampolines, lasers, locked doors, spiked pits and beyond. In some stages you will use one zombie and others you will switch between multiple zombies each using their select skillsets to help you triumph the levels thrown at you. There are situations where you will also use multiple zombies at once on stage; it is up to you to make sure you do whats possible to get to the exit door. If you mistakenly sacrifice one of your deadmen you have a opportunity to re-animate them and try once more though, you only have a limited amount of attempts to try this option. Deadlings has a rating system in place you will get rated on each stage by the collection of delectable brains you acquire each stage has its own amount of required to obtain a perfect rating. If you are planning to play the Android version like myself and are a trophy lover, Google Play has its own achievement system available of course provided by the lovely folks over at Artifax Mundi/ Nimbi development teams. This does drive the user to beat each stage to its fullest along with trying their best to speed run this bad boy! After the 1st chapter you will unlock the “Nightmare Mode” which will make you journey through Deadlings levels exponentially more difficult and bring out your competitive nature, if you dare.


Deadling Inc. Roster;

Bonesack (Runner)– Running & Jumping is this zombies forte’ & its up to your quick screen taps to make sure he avoids all the obstacles in his way.

Stencher (Floater)– Controlled by his own backside gasses this bloated putrid zombie drifts through the air utilizing your very own skills to help it maneuver through the a gauntlet of aerial saw blades & wall spikes.

Creep (Sticker To Surfaces)– A slimey legless zombie built for the jumping & sticking to the many surface of the levels be careful where you leap because not all surfaces are meant for your landing.

Lazy brain (Remote Controlled Undead)– Controlled by your direct control while the other types are lead by short to medium screen presses this buddy starts and stops by your command.

Deadlings overview

Deadlings is jam packed with over 100 puzzles to run, float, creep & slip through though, at the time of my review there were only 60 stages available for me to conquer. Each of the 4 chapters originally available consists of 15 levels each. The 1st chapter is comprised of “test” puzzles during the progress of this chapter you will be introduced to 3 of the 4 zombie types. 1st you will use the “Runner” then the “Creep” next will be the “Stincher” as you get accustomed to each zombie type you will encounter several different scenarios set up to challenge your hand eye coordination skills. When the 2nd chapter is introduced an additional zombie will be added to your roster the “Lazy brain” after this Deadlings will increasingly get more difficult applying the scenarios thrown at you during the initial chapter you will have a blast.

Deadlings will challenge you with a plethora of challenging level designs while being filled with fun cutscenes & silly zombies like in the title Plants vs. Zombies. You will not be frightened by these zombies (no way!), but Mr. Grim might turn up the heat just for a few chuckles in the end. You will be drawn to Deadlings’ whimsical nature including what was mentioned previously. This game is available on iOS, Windows Store & Amazon Store ($1.99) and Android (Free) platforms. Under the hood, there are also some items for you to purchase to extend your playthroughs. Though with a simple timer, you will unlock more playing time after you expire your allotted turns.

* While I played this fun title on my Samsung Galaxy SIII, I suggest a much larger screen like the Galaxy Note/Mega or any sized tablet especially if you have hot dog fingers like myself though, this game is definitely playable on my device.

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