Deadly Class Issue #1 Review
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Deadly ClassThere’s a must read comic on the scene this month! If you can, you should drop everything and run to your nearest comic book store to pick up this new series from Rick Remender with story, Wes Craig with art, Lee Loughridge with coloring, Rus Wooton with lettering and design, and Sebastian Girner as editor.  Image Comics served as the publisher.

Deadly Class is about a group of teenagers in a high school, but not your typical high school.  In this high school, they learn how to kill and become assassins.  It’s Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts.  Deadly Class follows Marcus Lopez Arguello, a homeless teenager, trying to make his way on the streets of San Francisco after his parents were killed.

I give Deadly Class an A+ as it impresses in story, art, and intrigue.  I recommend this for anyone that may be interested in assassins and an alternative twist on the world with a darker nature.  Deadly Class, however, is rated M for Mature so I do not recommend this for children.

Issue #2 will be out on February 19, 2014.

Deadly Class 2

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