Deathless Demon’s Souls Run
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On Jan. 6 2014 we received a deathless video play through of Demon’s Souls.  The men at GheyforGames uploaded their video to YouTube which was immediately posted to the /r/demonssouls subreddit by /u/bnvkte.

The video is a sped up version of the recording and is only 1:31:33 seconds long. For a good portion of the video the Stephen, Toni and Gary (the men who run the channel) are giving commentary about their strategy and what they learned through all of their attempts. The commentary is nonstop for the first 19 minutes of the video and they pick up here and there to add other little informative nuggets.

For any of you familiar with the Souls’ games you know this is an impressive feat. Demon’s Souls, the predecessor to Dark Souls, is recognized as the more difficult of the two games. While this may not be the first ever deathless run it is the first one I could find.

As stated in the video the run took advantage of the “broken” magic component of the game. Once again if you’re familiar with the series you know broken in this sense doesn’t mean cheated, but more fair. Below are all the stats provided by GheyforGames for their character build:

VIT: 36
INT: 30 (essentially attunement for you DeS nubs)
END: 14
STR: 16 (just enough to use the dark silver shield, although when it comes down to it the Adjudicators shield might be better?)
DEX: 11
MAG: 30 (This is basically dark souls INT (despite there already being an INT in this game)
LUK: 11 (basically humanity that sticks with you through the game, really only useful with the blueblood sword that scales with luck)

head: silver cornet : max mp boost
body : fluted set : essentially knight/elite knight
arms : silver bracelets : 20% extra souls
legs : magicians set : leather or black leather?

left arm to right arm
(early game)
adjudicators shield – basically the eagle shield that gives you hp regen
kris blade – a useless offhand weapon, but it boosts spell damage if equipped

(late game)
dark silver shield – a medium shield that if it was dark souls would block 100/100/90/20

crescent falchion – basically an enchanted falchion but it gives you mana regen
silver catalyst – spell tool that scales with strength slightly and has weaker maj adjust BUT gives you more mp

regenerator – hp regen
fragrant – mp regen

ring of magical nature – +1 spell memory slot ( bassically +1 attunement slot, INT in this game is tied to your mana pool and how many spells you can equip at the onetime)
thief ring – kinda like the ring of fog really

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