DeathSmiles IIX Comes To The US
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Shmup fans rejoice! CAVE has graciously decided to release DeathSmiles IIX for the Xbox 360 in the US! There are a couple of catches: it’s downloadable only and in Japanese only.

It appears CAVE themselves have decide to publish DeathSmiles IIX in the US, but instead of physical media they have decided to make it available on Microsoft’s “Games on Demand” section of the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Starting May 17, for $29.99 (or 2400 Microsoft Points), gamers in the US can now play the sequel to one of my personal favorite games of last year. Hopefully this does well and paves the way for more previously region locked available only in Japan titles such as: DoDonPachi Resurrection or even recently released Akai Katana Shin.

Expect a full review of DeathSmiles IIX soon. Until then, you can check out some screenshots and read past articles about the first game below.

Original DeathSmiles review can be read here.

Top 2010 list can be seen here.

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Official press release:

CAVE Co. Ltd. (located in Tokyo, CEO: Takano Kenichi, Hercules Stock Code: 3760) announces the release of Deathsmiles IIX (previously only released in Japan) to North America on Xbox LIVE, starting Tuesday May 17th, 2011.

About Deathsmiles IIX for Xbox 360
“Deathsmiles II” is the sequel to popular arcade shooter “Deathsmiles”.
Characters from the last game are back and cuter than ever, and new characters have been added as well! Deathsmiles IIX features upgraded 3D graphics and a new scoring system! Defeat enemies with the “Lock-on Laser”, and fill the screen with “suicide bullets” to maximize your high score.

The Xbox 360 version of “Deathsmiles II” was released in Japan on May 27th, 2010.
Adding new features to the home console port, “Deathsmiles IIX” is an upgraded version of the arcade original and was a hot topic among Japanese shooter fans.

Differences from the Arcade Version of “Deathsmiles II”
Full 16:9 display and high-definition graphics. Visuals upgraded from the Arcade Version.

A difficulty selection option is available for each level. Choose the difficulty right for you!

Two characters added in response to fan demand, to a total of 6 characters.

New stages added! Fight your way through the misty maze of Labyrincia and the twisted amusement park of “Hello Land”!

Minigame “Tsukaima Race” added as an Extra Mode

Product Name : Deathsmiles IIX ~ “Makai no Merry Christmas”
Compatible Hardware : Xbox 360
Genre : Shooter
Release date : May 17th, 2011 (TUE) *North American time
Price : $29.99
Language : Japanese
Rating (ESRB): T (Teen)

Please note that ”Deathsmiles IIX” Games on Demand version has not been localized.
The game cannot be purchased with Microsoft Points. *(editor’s note: it has been confirmed that purchase CAN be made with Microsoft Points)*


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