Diluvion Launches on Windows and Mac
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Gambitious Digital Entertainment sent out the following


Gambitious Digital Entertainment and indie developer Arachnid Games have released the submarine exploration and action game Diluvion today on Windows PC and Mac for $19.99 through Steam, GOG.com and the Humble Store.

A collector’s edition of the game – Diluvion Fleet Edition – is also available today for $24.99. It includes an exclusive playable submarine called the “Manta,” a comprehensive digital art book and a downloadable copy of the game’s evocative original soundtrack.

Deep below the frozen surface of a world devastated by a global flood rests an enormous undersea realm teeming with derelict vessels, unknown terrors and the last remnants of human civilization. As a freelance captain hunting riches and glory, Diluvion lets players pilot their very own submersibles, assembling their crew, managing resources, discovering uncharted harbors, trading loot, collecting bounties and fending off threats human and inhuman in real-time 3D combat to survive. Players can even build their own home bases to shelter their growing fleet of nine unique and upgradable ships over the course of their adventure through this hauntingly beautiful domain.

This sounds like a truly unique game with a lot of interesting ideas. The sheer potential the game presents for experimenting with genres is immense and we hope to have a review of the game up soon. Will you be buying this?

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