DJ KILLZOWN JONES Favorite Hip-hop Songs Inspired By Video Games
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Over the last few years, alot of hip-hop artist have been making some of there biggest hits, cult classic tracks and even mixtapes based off of Video game titles.

Tyga: Well Done

Tyga hooked up with Lex Luger to give us a Mortal Kombat inspired track unlike any other and then linked with DJ Drama to give one of the years best mixtapes.

RedMan ft Oh-No: Lay you out

When Capcom Announced Super Street Fighter Turbo HD II, they reached out to the hip-hop community by the way of DJ Qbert to craft a mixtape with all the OG’s in hip-hop. Red-man and Oh-no gave the track a Ken and Ryu style K.O.

Dorrough ft Fat Pimp: Street Figther

The man who brought you Ice Cream Paint job inlist the help of a indie down south legend to make a smooth club street fighter song.

Jace Hall-Mortal Kombat

We posted this video a few months back but it still is a classic brought to us by Jace hall

Hip-Hop Gamer-Mafia II and This is Halo

The HHG along with 2k and bungie brings the heat on the official video to his mafia 2 and Halo Reach theme songs

Halo 3 Rap The Greatest Ever

JT Machinima aka Machinima rap phenom, enough said.

The TruthMVP Uncharted 2 GOTY Theme Song

The TruthMVP went in over UC2’s Machinima mode after the game won GOTY from the Spike VGA awards and numerous other websites and publications, this is one of the most slept on gaming hip-hop tracks of all time.

Ludacris-Press the Start button

Luda brings his A-game to this original track, making references to classic gen to current gen games and not wasting anytime dealing with the haters and the noobs. This has to be arguably the best video game track ever.

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