Duck Not Amuck – Splashy Duck Review (WiiU)
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RCMADIAX is one of the most prolific developers for the Wii U, and also one of the more controversial. While RCMADIAX has produced some great games such as Avoider and the amazing Super Robo Mouse, other games produced such as Skeasy, have been not so good. Sadly Splashy Duck falls into the latter category.

The game is extremely simple. You move the duck up and down between two goalposts while avoiding obstacles. Its fun for a few minutes, but loses its charm fast. On top of that, I kept getting a bug that caused the game to freeze up for several moments at a time when I touched the bottom goalpost. There really isn’t much to the game. Its nothing to talk about and that saddens me really. Because Super Robo Mouse did not sell well, RCMADIAX has decided to focus on projects like this and that is a shame. Super Robo Mouse was one of the better indie games on the Wii U eshop and an amazing experience.  I truly wish that game had sold better and have to recommend that people try it out if they haven’t yet.

As for Splashy Duck…I can’t recommend it. It is too simple a game and honestly not a satisfying experience. I hate that because RCMADIAX is capable of much but this does not show it.

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