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Every year it seems to be the same story. The so called “suits” get to promote their brand and remind us why we should own a Microsoft Xbox 360. The most disappointing part of the Microsoft E3 press conference was the lack of a nextgen console announcement and the boring promotion of Windows hardware.  We did get to see some good stuff though.

The press conference started with a superb Halo 4 intro and some equally superb gameplay. Even as a non-Halo fan this really made my day. The title looks very promising and has been one of the most popular twitter topics since yesterday, only to be shattered by the new Southpark game buzz. The overall press conference was actually a bit boring. Microsoft kept plugging their Windows tablets and phones because soon these will be useable as interactive remote controllers. This will be made possible with Microsoft’s new “Smartglass” technology. I really liked the tech, but it really doesn’t add anything  groundbreaking. I mean, who wants to see an interactive map of Westeros or check out the cast list while you are watching Game of Thrones?

These were the most impressive games:

Halo 4: Microsoft’s major announcement was the latest installment of their best-selling exclusive series, and they really didn’t have a choice. Speculation around the time of Halo: Reach’s release was that the series was done.

Gears of War Judgement: Sadly to say we’ve only seen a short trailer, a nice interview with Rod Fergusson from Epic Games and some gameplay. I”m looking forward how this special collaboration will end up. As a Gears fan I will pick this up anyway, I do have high hopes.

Kinect Sports Season Two and Dance Central 2 were the major offerings for Microsoft’s new technology, after both were hits with the product’s launch. “Kinect Fun labs”, “Kinect Disneyland Adventures”, and “Ryse” a first-person action game from Crytek set in the times of the Roman Empire, where the other major offerings for Kinect, as well as what seems to be an on-rails shooter in the Fable franchise called Fable: The Journey. We even got to see a slightly older and less fit Usher dancing around in his skinny jeans, are you serious Microsoft?

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Mass Effect 3 and several EA Sports titles including Madden and Tiger Woods are among the third party titles that will be receiving varying degrees of Kinect support.

Forza Motorsports 4 Horizon finally received a release date, it will be hitting the console on October 11. You guessed it, it will also be Kinect compatible! I dare to say it really looks better than any racing game out there. Pretty excited for this title, even though I”m more of an Arcade racing fan.

I hoped for so much more stuff to be unveiled. Hopefully Gamescom 2012 in Cologne will  make up for this meager presentation. Like I said many times. It”s time for us gamers to take back our beloved industry from the corporate suits. I think they are messing up big time! Gamers want games, E3 is about showing of your games, not all your interactive multimedia ideas and shamelessly plugging your and your sponsors products. Keep an eye out for a recap of the Sony and Nintendo highlights too. The Real Otaku Gamer crew will be following E3 all day long to bring you the latest news!

 The story of Gears of War Judgement revolves around fan favourite CoG Baird. 




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