Elder Scrolls Legends -Heroes of Skyrim: An update on cards
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Bethesda sent out the following


We’re incredibly excited to see how popular Heroes of Skyrim has been with all of you. We knew people would love to play with some of their favorite creatures and characters from Skyrim, but this has surpassed our expectations, so we want to take a quick moment to say thank you to all the awesome members of our community who have played Heroes of Skyrim and posted set review videos, pack opening screen shots, card ranking articles and everything else in-between. The game is only getting better, and you’re a huge part of that.

One of the things a digital card game allows us to do is adjust cards on the fly.  We’ve been pretty vocal about tapping into this with Legends and we’re always looking at the meta game and data behind the scenes to see how we can make adjustments for the health of the game. With that in mind, based on the feedback we’re already seeing, we’re currently looking at adjusting the following cards in coming patches.

  • Praetorian Commander
  • Echos of Akatosh
  • Bringer of Nightmares
  • Belligerent Giant

Besides these card adjustments, we’ll also be performing hotfixes soon to address bugs introduced with Heroes of Skyrim like Silence, Wabbajack interactions, reported issues w/ localization and more.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your continued support. Your feedback, and passion are critical to the success of Legends. We’ll see you on the battlefield.

This is great what Bethesda is doing with the game. Heroes of Skyrim is a great addition to Elder Scrolls: Legends and fans can truly appreciate it.



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