Emo Dante This Isn’t – DMC Preview
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No GravatarDante Dante Dante, you’ve gone from a pretty white haired demon slayer to a British punk rock demon slayer. He’s not British in the game, I just think that’s a more accurate description of his look than emo. You have a game close to release and a lot of us are wondering what to expect. Having played Devil May Cry 1 – 4, I was part of the initial outcry over the aesthetic change in appearance. But the more Team Ninja put out, the more I was willing to give it a chance, to the point where I became excited. Well, I just got a chance to play the demo for the upcoming DMC and I must say, if you were worried this game would suck, this demo will prove you wrong.

The demo provides you with the demo level in the city that’s trying to kill you, and the boss fight with the giant slug monster who makes the soda everyone is drinking a la Futurama’s Slurm drink. This demo ran smooth, no lags or anything and with a game that promotes fast paced action and combo stringing, that’s what I expect. The fighting felt deep, yet confusing as well. I do feel like I’m playing Devil May Cry, but with the new ability to swap between your base weapon, angel weapon, and devil weapon, I felt a little overwhelmed at first. There were a few times when I wanted to do one thing, only to mistake for another button combination before I figured it out. However, as I kept playing, it became a lot easier to pull over some amazing combinations while fighting. By the end of the level, I felt like a total badass being able to juggle multiple enemies in the air at once and zipping between them as I reach a SSS rating. By then end I was clamoring for more.

The game looks beautiful and there were never any slow downs when I was fighting. I noticed a few times either during loading or right after in a cut scene the sound would drop out. It happened probably three times. I understand that this is a demo but I will definitely be looking for it in the finished product. Other than that I could not complain, even as a long time DMC fan. I got over the whole makeover brouhaha once I started seeing the game play, and this gameplay is a lot of fun. I won’t pass judgment on game simply from the demo but this demo has peaked my interest for this game. You can download the DMC demo on Xbox live and PSN. Will this game soar with the angels, or be dragged down into hell? DMC will be released on Xbox and Playstation 3 January 15, 2013.

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