Eureka Seven Anime Review
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No GravatarThere are tons of robot/mecha anime shows out in publication. Many of which try to emulate and borrow ideas from such anime like Mobile Suit Gundam. However, every once in a while, we get an anime that decides to add a new kind of flare to the mix. Whether it be a new kind of robot, different variations of combat, or an entirely new setting never seen before, the over-all consensus is how awesome the anime actually is. This is how I felt when watching the series Eureka Seven, a sci-fi anime from the awesome minds over at BANDAI.

Eureka and Renton in front of the Nirvash

The over-all story of Eureka Seven circles around the character of Renton Thurston, the son of a fallen hero who is believed to have saved the world from destruction. One day, while arguing with his Grandfather, a giant mech crashes into his home, holding a mysterious young girl named Eureka. She is searching for small Compact Drive to bring back to her squad The Gekko State. Renton falls in love with Eureka and after some big and hilarious situations, Renton goes with Eureka and becomes a member of the Gekko State. There is a big over-arching story about alien invasions, political dilemmas, and the growing pains of young love.


The Gekko State Crew

The entire series of Eureka Seven consist of twelve volumes, a total of 50 episodes and 1 theatrical movie. The pacing of the story is good, with new characters and plot points showing up every couple of episodes. The animation and choreography of battle scenes is amazing, with some awesome special effects that are seen when some of the mechs power-up to max. There is a lot of laser beams and explosions that occur over the course of the whole show. The characters themselves interact well and have believable relationships with one-another. Some of the best scenes are the awkward moments that Renton and Eureka have when things start to heat up between the two lovers.


Holland in Battle

There are a few major problems with the series as a whole that should have been addressed. First off, the ending of the series feels a bit rushed and last minute. Most of the characters we come into contact with during the entire run of the show do not get a proper resolution after the main problem is resolved. Characters such as Holland and Talho are expecting a child by the end of the series, and yet we never get to see them after the fighting is over and how their family grows. We do see Renton and Eureka for most of the final episode, however the epilogue for them does not seem like a good enough finish to the series. More needed to be seen and explained as to how the two lovers advance their relationship after the battles between them and their enemies is finished. It would have been great to see a money shot of the entire cast living out their lives as peace is restored on their planet.


Renton and Eureka Boarding Together

The second major problem relies within the theatrical movie, titled Good Night Sleep Tight, Young Lovers. According to some sources, the story presented here is suppose to take place 1000 years before the main story line established in the series, however it uses the exact same characters. What is most troublesome is how all the continuity and relationships established in the series is thrown out and rebuild anew. Characters that were once feuding and/or involved with the main story in one way or another, now no longer exist within the main conflict or have taken a back seat for other characters to shine. Starting fresh off like this feels like a complete lie to fans of the series, since they are essentially the same characters everyone knows and loves. What is even more troubling is how most of the fight scenes in the movie is actually recycled animation straight from the series, with very little scenes being given minor tweaks to suit the continuity of the movie. Most of the names of organizations and groups are changed, except for the Gekko State, and some of the series’ major villains are almost non-existent in the theatrical movie. It would have been a much better idea to have the movie take place sometime after the series ends, it would have been a smarter move and more convenient decision for the movie to continue the continuity of the original series. It feels as if the movie was a wasted opportunity to give Eureka Seven a well deserved send off.


Nirvash and The End in Battle

Despite its shortcomings, Eureka Seven is a great series for fans of sci-fi anime. The action is awesome, the storytelling is great, and the characters are memorable enough to warrant tons of anime fans cosplaying as some of their favorites. There have been a few video games released that are based off the series, proof of just how good this series actually is. Anyone who wants a good ride into the sci-fi genre of anime should definitely watch the series Eureka Seven. However, be mindful of the theatrical movie, as that the story is not the same as established in the anime series. Everyone would be better off skipping the movie entirely and sticking with just the anime series.


Fated Lovers




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    hey, thanks for the review. i pretty much agree to everything you said here. i do wish that they had continued the series. probable my most anime series so far. i watched part of the movie and i am glad that i shut it off only 20 minutes into the movie. Thanks

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