Excitebots: Trick Racing Coming to Wii U 12/15
By Jonathan Balofsky On 14 Dec, 2016 At 12:42 PM | Categorized As News, NINTENDO, ROG News | With 0 Comments

No Gravatarexcitebot

Tomorrow’s Wii U VC game has been revealed and it is an interesting one, as Excitebots: Trick Racing comes to the eshop. This is one of the most creative racing games, not just on the Wii but in general.


Prepare for a wild ride where anything goes!

Trick Racing redefined! Pilot your Robotic insect or animal racer around the tracks at high speeds while performing stunts. Fly off of massive jumps, crash through bowling pins, spin around high wires, or assemble a poker hand in the craziest races ever.

This is one of the belter racing games to come out last gen and I highly recommend it. Hopefully we can get a new entry on the Switch.


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