Famicom Mini Announced for Japan
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Nintendo announcedthe NES Mini Classic for the west a couple of months ago and now the Famicom Mini has been announced for Japan. Games Include the Mario Bros NES games, Excitebike, Galaga, Gradius, Double Dragon II, Metroid, Mega Man 2, River City Ransom and many more. There will also be several titles for it that were released in Japan only.

Here is the full list

Donkey Kong
Mario Bros.
Balloon Fight
Ice Climber
Yie Ar Kung-Fu
Super Mario Bros.
The Legend of Zelda
Atlantis no Nazo
Ghosts ‘n Goblins
Solomon’s Key
Zelda II – Adventure of Link
Tsuppari Oozumou
Super Mario Bros. 3
Ninja Gaiden
Mega Man 2
River City Ransom
Double Dragon II
Super Contra
Final Fantasy III
Dr. Mario
Downtown Nekketsu March: Let’s Go to the Great Athletic Meet
NES Open Tournament Golf
Super Mario Bros. 2
Kirby’s Adventure
A video trailer is available below


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