Final Smash Bros Presentation Recap
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Sadly the time has come. The Hype Train has reached the final stop. The final Super Smash Bros presentation has come and it brought with it some amazing surprises.

  • Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates has been announced as DLC, and He/She will arrive in February. Corrin is a sword user but also a unique character that involves shape shifting and elemental attacks that makes him/her unlike any other Fire Emblem character. This is one to keep your eyes on.  Corrin
  • Sakurai gave us a breakdown on Cloud, who is available now along with the Midgar stage. The material summons were detailed in their use and the various summons show amazing effects, thought the stage will probably be tournament banned. Cloud can charge up his limit break meter and plays like a hybrid of Shulk and Ike. He is offense heavy but does not have the best recovery. WiiU_CloudMidgar_screen_07
  • A chocobo hat is available as DLC for the Miis
  • A Geno Mii costume (Gunner) was announced for the Mii Gunner. This is a great way to acknowledge the character since Geno probably wont be a full character in a Smash game. The Costume and the Chocobo hat mentioned above are available now.
  • The final wave of Miis costumes were announced. tails and Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog (Gunner and Brawler respectively), Takamaru from Nazo No Murasame Jo (Swordfighter), Ashley from Wario Ware (Swordfighter), Bionics costumes ( Brawler), Gil from The Tower of Druaga (swordfighter). Could the love shown for Takamaru in this game, and the recent international VC release of his Famicom game be hinting at something in his future? WiiU_Dec_DLC_screen_08
  • The Roy and Ryu amiibo will release on March 18 2016
  • The final announcement revealed that the Smash Bros Ballot winner was none other than Bayonetta. She is a combo heavy character like Ryu, with a move set based on her action games. She will be released in February. She was the top requested character in Europe and in the top 5 in North America.
  • Alongside Bayonetta, there will be a stage based on the clock tower level that opened the first Bayonetta game. Bayonetta
  • Amiibo of Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta have been confirmed

To all who play Smash, what do YOU think of today’s announcements?

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