Flying Warriors Coming to Wii U 1/26
By Jonathan Balofsky On 25 Jan, 2017 At 12:54 PM | Categorized As News, NINTENDO, ROG News | With 0 Comments

Tomorrow’s Wii U VC game has been revealed as the NES game Flying Warriors.

New heroes are born. Their names, the Flying Warriors!

When the evil red star appears in the sky, the great monster of the Dark Dimension, Demonyx, returns. The five Flying Warriors, led by Rick Stalker, are sent by the Dragon Lord to defeat Demonyx. Fight through four game modes. Choose one of two different fighting styles. One for beginners, and one for those who can master the martial arts. Use items and Mystic Spells in your quest to rescue the Light Dimension from darkness.

This is one that seems interesting but I cannot comment on, due to being completely unfamiliar with it. Will you be buying it tomorrow?



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